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Houston Pastor Who Warned City Council of Trans Predators Sexually Harassed Women: VIDEO


A Houston pastor and city employee who testified before City Council during debate over the recently passed LGBT non-discrimination bill, warning that it would expose children to transgender predators in public restrooms, was suspended by the city over sexual harassment charges, 92 FM reports:

A_parkerJust a few weeks ago, Pastor Baker addressed Mayor Annise Parker as he spoke against Houston’s equal rights ordinance during public comment.

“I say to you, what if I came into the bathroom while you were sitting on the toilet? Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?” Baker asked.

But city records show Baker was placed on indefinite suspension from the city, after the Office of the Inspector General reportedly found Baker had sexually harassed subordinate female employees.

The document says a woman complained on June 27, 2013, and the investigation found Baker solicited sexual acts, made crude comments about female anatomy and hugged subordinate female employees.

92 fm has audio of the exchange with Parker, which caused audible gasps from the public after Parker snapped back at him because she had read the report, the contents of which had not yet been disclosed.

Baker, a member of the Houston Area Pastors Council, also made comments to news station KHOU after an earlier April 30 hearing. Said Baker at that time:

“The imagery that I have in my mind is a grown man going into a restroom with a 6 year old girl standing beside of her using the restroom."


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10th Circuit Grants Temporary Stay of Ruling Ordering Utah to Recognize Gay Marriages

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has extended a stay of a Utah ruling ordering the state to recognize gay marriages performed after the same-sex marriage ban was struck down, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

UtahLess than 24 hours after Utah announced its intent to fight a federal judge’s ruling that ordered the state to honor and recognize all same-sex marriages performed in Utah, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals halted any movement toward marriage recognition beyond the three weeks initially imposed last month by U.S. District Judge Dale A. Kimball.

The court will decide whether a more permanent stay — that would be in effect until the Evans v. Utah appeal is resolved — is merited in this case.

If a stay is imposed, the more than 1,000 gay and lesbian couples whose marriages were issued and solemnized in Utah will continue living in the "legal limbo" of not knowing whether their marriages are, or will be, recognized under Utah law.

If the appeals court denies the state’s request, married same-sex couples may begin applying for spousal benefits once the temporary stay expires on June 12.

To receive a permanent stay, the state will have to convince the appellate court they need the stay to maintain order and have a high chance of likelihood on appeal.

Whew. Stay tuned.

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Hugh Jackman Can't Stop Bouncing and It's Causing a Few Problems: VIDEO


Hugh Jackman can't stop bouncing in this strange, lo-def teaser for the Tony Awards, which air on Sunday night with Jackman as host.


In related news, have you seen our critic Naveen Kumar's predictions?

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New York Removes Surgical Requirement for Changing Gender on Birth Certificates

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office announced today that no longer would transgender people have to prove reassignment surgery to make a gender change on their birth certificate, Reuters reports:

CuomoUnder the policy, a transgender person will still need to provide a notarized affidavit from the doctor treating them for what the American Psychiatric Association calls gender dysphoria, previously known as gender identity disorder, in order to get their birth certificate modified.

But under the policy the doctor will no longer need to affirm that their patient has had surgery, only that they are receiving "appropriate treatment."

The Empire State Pride Agenda applauded the move:

“This is tremendous news for New York and especially for the transgender community, and a great step forward to ensuring many transgender New Yorkers no longer need to undergo a process they not wish to in order to receive an identity document that truly reflects who they are,“ said Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer. “This is an issue we’ve been advocating for the past several years and are grateful for Governor Cuomo’s leadership and the Department of Health for moving us closer to equality and justice for all New Yorkers.”

“Under Governor Cuomo's leadership, New York is reclaiming its rightful place as the progressive capital of the nation and made significant progress to advance the rights of all New Yorkers, including members of the transgender community. Much work remains and this administration is committed to promoting laws and policies that are fair and just for all,” said Alphonso David, Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights for New York State.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1593

MYKKI BLANCO: "She Gutta".

WIMPY GOAT: Gives it all he's got.

BOILING COCA-COLA: This is what you're putting in your body when you drink the sugary beverage.

SONGS OF GAYS: A choral interlude.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Bradley Cooper, Blue Pills, Bisexuality, Gay Bikers

 roadViagra may increase risk of melanoma by as much as 84 percent.

Needlepoint roadTurns out Macklemore is pretty damn good at needlepoint.

 roadBradley Cooper spotted in some very short, very tight, shorts.

 roadIs it time to ditch ENDA? "Despite new calls to ditch support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act over objections to a religious exemption in the bill, major national LGBT groups say they continue to support the legislation."

 roadGeorge Takei hopes Gay Pride comes to Japan: "Takei said he has noticed a movement beginning in Japan, though the country of his ancestry still has a long way to go. He said Japanese people need to fight for their own rights and they need to be angry, too."

 roadNeil Patrick Harris joins his fellow Tony nominees at the Empire State Building.

Walsh roadKenneth Walsh of Kenneth in the 212 is doing a book signing in NYC this Saturday.

 roadFirst openly gay justice appointed to Puerto Rico Supreme Court.

 roadMinneapolis hosts conference on bisexuality. "The conference is the only nationwide gathering exclusively dedicated to empowering individuals who identify with fluid sexualities."

 roadLawsuit alleging anti-gay bias at ExxonMobil may be terminated for jurisdictional reasons: "According to the Department of Human Rights, the department will be served with notice of the request for review in a few days. After that, the department will have 30 days to respond to the request for review. The party requesting review, Freedom to Work, will then have 15 days to reply to the department’s response."

 roadThe rumors of Robert Pattinson playing Indiana Jones are not true.

 roadPeter Dinklage rocked a wicked mullet in high school.

Bikers roadSatyrs: Exhibit on oldest gay motorcycle club on display at USC.

 roadEd O'Neill said Amanda Bearse struck him from her wedding list after he told her that two women marching down the aisle in tuxedos was "f--king funny".

 roadIndia's census counts transgender people for first time: "There is finally an official count of the third gender in the country — 4.9 lakh."

 roadSlovakian parliament approves constitutional ban on gay marriage: "Lawmakers in Bratislava, Slovakia voted 102 to 18 with three abstentions for the amendment that defines a marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. The bill was jointly proposed by the ruling socialist Smer party and the Christian Democrats, its largest opposition rival, and backed by seven lawmakers from other parties."

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