1. qj201 says

    @Kevin. Yes, Adore competed as “Danny”

    Whereas, Shane didn’t get through, but Courtney Act made it to the top 3 in Australian Idol.

    thanks for hating!

  2. Jameson says

    This just doesn’t work. At All. All of Adore’s music seems directionless and rushed.

    Oh I forgot, she’s from Drag Race so we’re supposed to love it?

  3. Matt says

    I like the concept, but not the song so much.
    Adore was so likable and fun on Drag Race. Loved him on there.

    How about a song that isn’t quite so dark like this one, or so trashy like the last one?

    After all, he says non-stop that he wants to go “mainstream.” Songs like this will never get him there.

  4. t.rhea says

    The propose of a song is to drive emotion and bring up discussion, this song clearly is. Danny/Adore is singing about an experience that they had gone through.

    People can choose to like a song and they can not as well. I personally like this song. I brought the album when I saw that it was out. I drive from work singing along with this song.

    As a performer myself, I say, Danny/ Adore keep singing whether in drag or not. It’s preforming that make a perform feel free. As a person that enjoys music, continue putting out your music.

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