1. sparklekittens says

    Well done Allstate. I will be looking into getting my policies transferred over to you. It’s great to see the support and even better to see two guys holding hands in a commercial. Progress Baby!

  2. Arbogast says

    Someone please forward this beautiful commercial to the million moms. I look forward to the day when the moms are unable to step inside a mall without patronizing a business that promotes acceptance.

  3. Jim says

    OK. It’s the thought that counts. I really don’t see what having a giant right hand–which kind of by definition makes you a freak of nature–has to do with something as natural, normal, and good as being gay. The freaks are the people who hate us. There’s some sort well-intentioned symbolism going on here, so let it pass. Thanks for trying, Allstate.

  4. will says

    It was fine. I wouldn’t say gorgeous and emotional. If this were a straight couple it would be almost trite. I think we gay men as so hungry for positive “life-affirming” images of ourselves that we call anything in that direction an emotional powerhouse and dig out all the superlatives.

  5. says

    As you said Andy, it was well worth a minute and a half of our time to see something which a few short years ago was simply unthinkable.

    Evil to anyone who thinks evil of this.

    @ JIM : aren’t you being a bit literal ?

  6. Robert says

    Jim, I don’t think the giant hand was meant to imply freakdom. It was meant to imply visibility. It was a coming our statement. As gay folks, people often can’t tell we’re gay unless we wear it on our sleeves. As you must have noticed, when the animation morphed into live footage, the guys’ hands were in proportion.

  7. TampaZeke says

    Does Allstate give “married” rates to married gay couples; particularly gay male couples? I surprised at how many couples score 100% on HRC’s equality index because they offer equal benefits to their employees even though they DON’T offer equal benefits to their customers. I don’t know if Allstate falls into this category, but it’s worth looking into.

  8. Steve Talbert says

    great. love the little fag who can’t play American baseball and then meets up with his future ex lover at an art museum.

    Part II will be the bashing that occurs in the park around the corner and discounts on life insurance and long term disability… LOL

  9. Hank says

    The hands are an incredibly lovely metaphor here. Works perfectly and ties in with Allstate’s corporate branding “The Good Hands People.” This is a really brilliant bit of niche advertising.

    Only minor negative is the use of LGBT. There is no such thing as LGBT and there are no transgenders in this ad.

  10. NoH8 says

    Nice ad, and thanks to Allstate for its campaign, but I noticed my insurance company (State Farm)has a 95 rating at HRC’s Equality Index and Allstate isn’t even listed? I appreciate the ad but won’t be switching companies just because of it.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ NOH8 – Allstate is listed at 85. Now I can’t find my insurer which is Farmers. However, they treated my husband and me as married since 2004.

  12. Bob K says

    @TAMPAZEKE et al — If you are legally married, Allstate and any other national business will treat you as married. However, some of their independent agents in some States may not be hospitable to you. If that happens, rat them out to the national headquarters.

  13. Andrew says

    The hands thing was weird and it made me feel uncomfortable. It’s not the recognition or respect I’m looking for. I’m not a freak, and, actually, strangers like me. Just feels like it’s trying way, way, way too hard.

  14. PlaidCat says

    I couldn’t get past the hands being severely deformed to reach the intended metaphor. The hands were distracting and grotesque. The only metaphor I could come to was that just as this guy’s hand was malformed and caused shame, so to is being gay a deformity and shameful.

    Did Allstate shop this to a focus group first? Because yeesh.

  15. Good News says

    John 8:36
    If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

    Through the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ, it is not impossible to conquer one’s bondage to homosexuality. The Lord loves you, and wills for you to be holy!


    YOUTUBE CHANNEL – Ex-homosexual Testimonies in Jesus Christ

    Former Gay Activist Marries Woman; Addresses Critics Who Condemn His New Heterosexual Lifestyle

    Amy – When Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church Seeking Trouble


    How to Minister to Someone Who Struggles With Same Sex Attraction

    Beyond the Shades of Gray: Because Homosexuality is a Symptom, Not a Solution (full, free e-book by Dean Bailey)

    Facebook page: Ex-Homosexual Through Jesus Christ

    Isaiah 12:2
    Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.

  16. NoH8 says

    @Mike in the Tundra — You are correct. Don’t know how I overlooked Allstate’s 85 listing in the HRC index. Thanks for setting me, uh, straight!

  17. BrokebackBob says

    Allstate’s advertising folks are trying to use the big hand thing as a way of saying “different” but it might come off to some as “freak”, but I am reminded of myself who is monosighted as I lost the use of my right eye to a disease when I was around 6 years old. The eye doesn’t always track the left one because it sees no light and so has drifted outward when at rest. I was very different to my school mates and they made cruel fun of me, calling me “Deadeye”. It affected me for the rest of my life. But, once I met another person like myself, who had lost his left eye in a similar way, I realized I wasn’t the only one and that my loss was not my fault. I am still friends with this person who experienced the same bullying and name-calling as I did. I think that is what Allstate is trying to say and they are to be commended for trying and for the most part succeeding in communicating the basic plight of anyone who is perceived as “different” or a “freak”. One thing I don’t understand though is how this is going to get any airtime due to it’s length considering the attention span of so many today is measured in nanoseconds. I hope though that Allstate was inspired by the Nabisco’s Honey Maid commercial.

  18. St.Eve says

    “Allstate, you’re in good hands”, The name of the song by Eli “Safe In My Hands”, the big hands in the video, all correlate perfectly. Great clip for a fantastic song!

  19. JackFknTwist says

    @ GOOD NEWS :

    The only good news would be if you STFU and took your literalism and your mealy mouthed comments to some psychiatrist specializing in identity reaffirmation anal complex.

    [it must exist……just like god.]

  20. I wont grow up says

    Wow! It takes courage for a major company to make a statement like that, beautiful.

    The thing about the big hand is about being different, not being a freak, and finding someone just like you.

  21. pejsek says

    My bf and I just laughed out loud watching this bizarre ad. I just don’t see how a grotesquely enlarged hand makes a good metaphor for gayness, even if it does (sort of? maybe?) fit in with the company’s overall branding. Let us, however, give Allstate a very big hand here for trying!

  22. says

    Um, Good Hands, as several people have pointed out, is their corporate logo/branding, so it’s not that strange that they would use hands as a metaphor. The hands aren’t meant as a direct representation of gayness unless you can only see the ad in a freakishly literal way.

  23. Enchantra says

    It’s a nice commercial, but Allstate still sucks. I was with them for years and my rates never went down. You know how they tell you that when you get older and have a clean driving record your rates will go down? Wrong. Eventually, Allstate was charging sos much for minimal coverage that when I went with State Farm my coverage tripled and the rate was lower.

  24. Anon says

    Is Enchantra lying, trying to take away the gay market share Allstate is trying to acquire with inclusiveness? Maybe.

    Can we trust the word of someone who’s comments are sometimes so blindingly offensive that they get accused of being one of Rick’s aliases? I THINK NOT.

  25. Markt says

    I don’t understand the good try and freakish commentary at all. Are you from competing ad agencies? A gay person who has never felt freakish is not actually living in the real world but only in their head. Gays are imprisoned and even killed freely all around the world – we don’t even have equal rights in the west. No one has ever made you feel freakish? If that’s so it’s actually a problem because it can’t be true.

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