1. Jacob says

    So what were you guys saying about Tim Cook not standing up to be counted? Great Job Tim on silencing the haters but I really hope you would have still marched in the pride parade even if CNBC would not have “outed you”. You are now the first and only openly gay CEO of any major cooperation. Thank you for being a trailblazer and I sincerely hope that all the cash and business that apple brings in will go to everything pro lgbt rights. We need to push forward Tim, you’re now a role model, my role model.

  2. says

    The Apple group of employees took up an entire block! They came from as far away as Texas and yes, Tim Cook was there waving and proud to be gay. I haven’t edited the video and put it on my YouTube channel yet but it was an amazing parade. Not a lot of nudity, more gay families then I’ve ever seen and one of the best moments came when the SF Police contingent came down Market Street. Hundreds of uniformed gay cops with their husbands and wives. Gavin Newsom was marching with his wife and two little kids and he got standing ovations and huge roars from the 3/4 million people. The party continues until 8pm tonight in Civic Center Plaza. Shoulder to shoulder handsome hunky men and they were everywhere! :-) Click my name to view the start of yesterday’s Gay Pride Festival and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my upcoming video on the entire parade! An absolute sea of people!

  3. Brian W. says


    How did Tim Cook “silence the haters”? He simply marched in the parade with his fellow employees. Straight people march in pride parades too.

    Did he ever verbally say that he was gay or reference a male significant other?

  4. Marcus says

    I can’t believe this completely unnecessary story.

    When was Tim closeted again?

    I’m glad he showed up and silenced all this baloney.

    Happy Pride, losers.

  5. says

    EARTH TO APPLE QUEENS: pull your heads out of your asses. Cook continues to be a publicly closeted coward despite having more money than God and totally safe in his job and living on the border of the gayest city of earth and in the gay-friendliest state. WHAT is he waiting for: a burning bush of Harvey Milk stamps????

  6. Brandon H says

    Closeted?! WTF are you smoking Michael? I don’t think it gets much more out than marching at pride! I think he’s trying to handle his sexuality in a matter-of-fact way that most people handle it. He’s acknowledging it, he is is proud of it, but we are not all activists.

    Harvey Milk would be just fine with him. And it’s a MUCH different time.

  7. says

    Ok, the SF Gay Parade video is up – at least part 1. Part 2 will be available tomorrow. Take a look at the Apple contingent. HUGE. There were so many gay Apple employees they took up and entire block! There is no place like San Francisco! Wish you were here! Click my name for direct link to today’s Part 1 video.

  8. MaryM says

    Tim Cook is gay.

    Why does he feel unable to admit this publicly.

    I don’t trust him – closet cases are the most dangerous enemy we have.

    And seeing as Apple usess sweatshop, slave-labour in China to make its product, it is clear that Tim Cook doesn’t care about human rights.

  9. crispy says

    “it is clear that Tim Cook doesn’t care about human rights.”

    That’s rich coming from someone who never misses an opportunity to bash trans people on this site. Hypocrite much?

  10. Rick says

    You know, it’s all fine and good that he marched with his company’s employees, but CEOs and politicians and others who are NOT gay do this all the time in Pride parades….and they also endorse gay-friendly legislation all the time.

    So if this is just presented as Cook being “supportive” of Apple’s gay employees, rather than acknowledging that he is gay, himself, then it really did not change anything about his closetedness.

    In fact, this would have been a great opportunity for him to come out, but apparently he still did not.

    And NO, the general public does NOT know that Tim Cook is gay–the only place I have ever seen it suggested or discussed is in the gay media, which the vast majority of the population is oblivious to.

    So Cook’s behavior continues to baffle.

  11. crispy says

    “the only place I have ever seen it suggested or discussed is in the gay media”

    Wrong again. CNBC (mentioned in this very article! durp) is not gay media. Cook’s sexuality is also widely discussed on Apple and tech blogs.

    Also, please name one CEO who has marched in a gay pride parade (Politicians are not a fair comparison as they are pandering for votes.) You won’t be able to name one because, like everything else you post on this site, you are pulling it out of your ass or, more likely, lying.

  12. simon says

    Marym doesn’t understand the reality in third world countries. There are thousands of factories in China. The working conditions and worker benefits and protection are not the same as in the US. That’s why you can buy those cheap made in China products in Walmart.
    There are still a lot of migrant workers from the heartland of China flocking to the coastal factories to escape poverty. Many of them line up for a job in Apple factories simply because they are still better compared to the other factories.

  13. Rick says


    Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, marched in the same San Francisco Pride parade last year that Tim Cook marched in this year. Look it up.

    As for the CNBC segment, the reporter who suggested that Cook is gay is GAY, himself, and his claim was met with dead silence by all the non-gay participants in the discussion.

    Posts on tech blogs do not constitute “media” any more than this blog does….and chances are that just about all those people posting that Cook is gay on those tech blogs–anonymously, of course–are also gay, themselves, just as the one reporter who did on the CNBC show.

    So the “Tim Cook is gay” claim remains largely restricted to gay media, as I said, and is NOT known at all among the general public…..and his simply marching in the SF Pride parade with gay Apple employees will not change that.

  14. Merv says

    There are lots of Apple employees marching because there are lots of Apple employees. It’s the same for Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (in their respective cities).

  15. crispy says

    Fine. Name a second CEO who has marched in gay pride. It takes far more than 2, including one who is a hoodie-wearing millennial who is hardly representative of CEOs, to support your statement that CEOs “do this all the time.”

    Your understanding of “media” in 2014 is severely impaled. It doesn’t matter whether you consider tech blogs like Valleywag and GigaOm to be “media” … the point is that their audiences are not exclusively or even primarily gay, yet they’re aware of and discussing the fact that Tim Cook is gay.

    My boss, a straight female (sorry, I know how much you hate those), knows Tim Cook is gay because they’re both alumni of the same school, Auburn University, and it’s well known there.

  16. Rick says

    Nope, wrong about Auburn just like you were wrong about the other things.

    When the story first broke on Gawker (if you can call it a real story, when it was actually just an unconfirmed rumor–which it remains to this day), I posted a link to it on an Auburn sports message board to see what kind of reaction it would get…..and not a single individual indicated that they were aware of the rumor that he was gay.

    But rather than quibble, why not ask yourself whether, if it really is so widely known that he is gay, he continues to refuse to say so? After all, he could just mention it in passing in any of the many interviews he does….just like Anderson Cooper did…..but he steadfastly refuses to.

    And the longer he does, the more ridiculous his refusal to do so appears……

  17. crispy says

    Wait, you think a “sports message board” is a representative sample of the Auburn University faculty and student body? HAH!

    I guess you aren’t aware that the majority of sports fans in Alabama who support either Auburn or University of Alabama didn’t actually attend either college.

    Also, still waiting for that 2nd CEO who has marched in gay pride.

  18. james street james says

    Tim Cook does not need to say he is gay anymore than straight CEO’s need to say they are straight.

    A lot of this discussion is as ridiculous as arguing about how many angels can dance on a pinhead. It sounds like there are posters here who would know more about that, that is, being pinheads, than they know about Tim Cook, Apple or pride parades.

  19. HAHAHAHA says

    I guess a sports message board is where Rick would go since it is full of those manly men, not those effeminate males he despises so much.

  20. HAHAHAHA says

    Oh RICK, you still haven’t answered the questions posed to you in the last Tim Cook story comments. So, sit down and shut up already.

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