Ariana Grande’s Gay Brother Frankie To Appear on ‘Big Brother': VIDEO

Frankie grande to appear on big brother

Ariana Granda‘s gay half-brother Frankie is set to appear in series sixteen of CBS‘ Big Brother.

YouTube personality Frankie told People that he was inspired to audition for Big Brother because he always thought he should have his own reality show.

With a prize of $500,000, Frankie said that he would prefer competing contestants to not know about his 185,000 subscribers on YouTube as it might put an unnecessary target on his back.

Watch Frankie’s intro video along with the clip of all the housemates we posted in the Guide to the Tube yesterday, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Alessar says

    That Cody guy … is an underwear model. (If you go to homotrophy, he’s in one of the most recent posts). One of my straight friends pointed him out to me, of all things.

  2. pablo says

    CBS usually does a terrible job with casting minorities, and though Frankie is flamboyant, it really doesn’t come off as an act or something done to seek attention. He’s pretty cute. Hopefully he goes far.

  3. Profe Sancho Panza says

    “YouTube personality Frankie told People that he was inspired to audition for Big Brother because he always thought he should have his own reality show.”


  4. MATTYROCKS says

    Big Brother- every year it is the SAME mold of people in that house:

    A not so bright pretty girl who wants to be an actress
    The jock who is a bit of a weasel who ends up flirting/romancing the pretty girl
    The dorkish guy who ends up in an alliance with the jock
    The backstabbing good looking guy who plays everyone
    The old guy who usually gets voted off right away
    The sassy black lady
    The over-the-top gay guy
    The gothy, misfit girl

    Every year. Boring.

  5. Frowny Face says

    What about the fact that he comes from an extremely wealthy family? This guy doesn’t need the prize money. He’s already a loaded trust fun kid.

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