Florida Attorney General Seeks to Defend State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The attorney general of Florida, Pamela Bondi, has filed motions to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban in two cases before the courts that seek to challenge it. The cases were brought by same-sex couples who are suing county clerks who would not issue marriage licences to them.

BondiFrom the Miami-Herald:

Allen Winsor, the state’s solicitor general, states in the motions filed in local courts that Florida has a legitimate interest in intervening in the cases since they represent a challenge to the 2008 state constitutional amendment that banned gay marriage.

Bondi is already defending the state in a federal lawsuit filed in north Florida. That legal challenge maintains the state is discriminating against gay couples by not recognizing same-sex marriages performed in states where they are legal.

The clerks in both counties, however, are not actively defending their case. 

In May of this year, Bondi asked a federal court judge to dismiss a case brought by eight same-sex married couples who wanted their out-of-state marriages recognized in the state. Bondi said that allowing same-sex marriage would "impose significant public harm." She later defended herself after her comments generated an uproar, saying "I'm simply doing my job."


  1. Terry says

    In Florida you can legally kill someone because you feel threatened but can’t marry someone you love. Of course the problem is the latter and so they will spend hundred’s of thousands arguing a position that has been rejected by the courts repeatedly. And the dumbass voters of that state are fine with that.

  2. AllBeefPatty says

    Based on that photo, I am rather certain that Pamela got the job of attorney general because she gives good head.

    Florida is the drecks.

  3. Paul B. says

    This woman’s personal life reads like a daytime soap…it’s everything you would think might encourage her to keep her profile low. But, no…not Pam Bondi…married three times, was living in sin with a rich daddy, old enough to be her father…no kids at 48…is she fertile or not? There’s more, but why bother. Apparently she has the right to make her life whatever she wants it to be and we don’t.

  4. bkmn says

    Whenever either Florida or Texas has same sex marriage the battle is essentially over and the haters will work to enact “religious freedom” laws to allow holier than thou business owners to discriminate against LGBT folk.

    Pam Bondi will not be on the winning side of this case though.

  5. Phil says

    Like so much moralizing these days, it’s all about making rules for others but not abiding by them yourself. This is from her Wikipedia entry:

    “Bondi was married to Garret Barnes from 1990 to 1992, and to Scott Fitzgerald from 1997 to 2002. She is currently engaged to ophthalmologist Greg Henderson; they held an unofficial (non-binding) ceremony in the Cayman Islands on May 26, 2012.”

  6. ThomT says

    “impose significant public harm.” It will be interesting to see how this argument will play out. So far there hasn’t be a case won using “public harm” as their defense. If this is supposed to be her “career building moment” I think she’s going to be very disappointed.

    Florida must have barrels full of extra money if they are willing to defend this sure loser of a case. Their most prudent move would be to sit back and watch how things play out in the states that are already doing battle because so far nobody has successfully defended their ban on marriage equality.

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