Former NOM Official Calls for Catholic Church to Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi

Former NOM Communications Director Thomas Peters is suggesting that the Catholic Church should excommunicate Nancy Pelosi for urging San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to drop out of NOM's hateful March for Marriage. Cordileone, as we mentioned earlier, says he's going.

PetersWrites Peters on

I can think of about a thousand things that Nancy Pelosi and Archbishop Cordileone should have a chat about. Her lecturing her archbishop on the church’s teaching ain’t one of them.

The gall of this woman is unbelievable. And what she and dozens of politicians are doing by publicly demanding that the archbishop withdraw from the event should anger us. Because if the church is our family, we need to respond when our family is under attack.

Massa_pelosiPeters calls Pelosi a false Catholic and says the church should get rid of her:

Pelosi can still do damage and cause scandal because she can still claim to be Catholic. To the average bystander, and to lots of Catholics, Pelosi is as Catholic as you or me. She goes to Mass. She receives Communion. She refers to herself as Catholic and talks about her faith in the public square. Sure, some bishops don’t always have nice things to say about her, but they never do anything about it. Pelosi herself seems to believe that she is still safely within the fold.

If words can’t reach Pelosi, maybe excommunication would.

Such a dramatic act would not only serve as the necessary wake-up call to Pelosi, it would also help protect the rest of us.

GLAAD's CAP has a lovely list of all the nice things Peters has said about gay people.


  1. Burt says

    I didn’t think NOM was anti-anything..according to Don Cardinale there in SF.. oh, wait! This guy is a FORMER NOM official. I guess that makes it OK?

  2. says

    You know, when our former Prime Minister Paul Martin supported marriage for gay couples across Canada, he did so because he said (as anyone with a brain should understand) that his life as a Catholic should have no affect on the lives of all Canadians.

    He too was threatened with excommunication. I wrote to him at the time, to thank him for doing the right thing, and extended a welcome to the United Church of Canada, should he in fact be excommunicated.

    It’s funny – I grew going to a church in north toronto, united church, and nearly all the people in it were raised in a different denomination. and left said denomination, to join something that was more positive. i can’t recall a single “hellfire”, sin-focused sermon. ever. we even had non-Christian-identifying folks in the congregation – who simply enjoyed the sense of community and an applicable spiritual outlet in this modern world.

    so, being excommunicated ain’t that bad. think of it as cancer choosing to rid itself from your life.

  3. Brad says

    Excommunicate her for what? Being a democrat? Religious officials aren’t supposed to promote political parties. So excommunicating her for her political beliefs wouldn’t be a good idea.

  4. Esther Blodgett says

    Note to Mister Peters:
    Lyndon Johnson once said about J. Edgar Hoover that he’d rather have him in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

    Think about that when you advocate excommunicating anyone.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ PC – I have a similar spinal cord injury, so f*ck off!

    As for Peters, he is judging Pelosi. according to Revelation he will be judged harsher than everyone else. He’s a Christianist, so he should be worried.

  6. says

    PC – i know. i hate that i actually have the same response. i’ll not just be marching at pride this year. i’ll be dancing. prancing. pirouetting.

    i guess god just loves me more than him 😀

  7. phluidik says

    Erm. The confidential marriage license is just one where the two adults involved don’t want (for whatever reason; say one person’s parents would go nuclear if they found out) news of their marriage being broadcast. You don’t need a blood test for the public one, either. Having been married in CA recently, honestly it’s just a checkbox option during the process. I’m not clear on how that’s Romney’s doing either seeing as how it has been around in CA since the 1800’s.

  8. Mike in the Tundra says

    For Mawm – f*ck you too. I wish some of you guys could spend a month or two in a chair. We (LGBs) ask for acceptance, but then you guys make the disabled marginalized. I’m also Latino, so I guess you can now mention ethnicity as well. Let’s hate everyone except ourselves. Right guys?

  9. robroy says

    If he also wants to ex-communicate all the Catholic politicians who advocated for the Iraq War, for the death penalty, against anti-poverty measures and against health care he would have a valid argument. But he doesn’t- he only wants to punish those who support gay marriage. Its funny how much of a useful tool the Catholic Church has become for Republicans and Christian conservative when one generation ago most would have looked own their noses at Catholics. Or called it the Church of Rome.

  10. Am I A Bad Person? says

    In the same spirit that Tommy PeePee is calling on the Catholic church to ex-communicate Nancy Pelosi, I am calling on God to administering another spinal cord b!tch-slapping to Tommy. Apparently Tommy didn’t take the hint the first time around, God, so you need to discipline him again so that he learns to play nicer.

    It’s a beautiful poetry to think of him sitting there with an impacted colon when everyone already knows he’s full of sh!t.

    Or to imagine him sitting there in his chair, wondering who is pleasuring his wife, because he KNOWS he’s not doing it. I’d feel sorry for that poor young girl, whom he has made the sexual equivalent of a nun, except she seems to be such a willing accomplice in Tommy PeePee’s life work of disseminating hatred.

    Or to think how he has already denigrated his own “marriage” by pronouncing that only unions capable of producing a child are legitimate,when he will never have a normal erection again.

    Am I a bad person for delighting in such details?

  11. StillmarriedinCA says

    If they ex-communicated every person who has violated Catholic teaching–something like 98 percent of American Catholics have used birth control–it would be awesome. Go to it!

  12. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Am I a bad person – I think you are. I refuse to accept that my disability is a punishment from God. Also, although I no longer need the chair, I still use a cane. No place along the line did I have an erection problem.

    For the first time, I feel terrible about being gay. I want nothing to do with a minority that attempts to marginalize another minority.

  13. says

    Mike – apologies. Yet, I’m also an Atheist. So I wasn’t even being *remotely* serious. This isn’t about “marginalizing” the disabled, it’s specifically about a bigot-in-a-chair who, rather than using his experiences as a newly-disabled person to have some insights in life and faith has chosen to keep on rolling with ignorant hateful bigots. Pun intended.

  14. Am I A Bad Person? says

    @Tundra: My comments are directed solely toward Thomas Peters, who logically HAS TO believe that God had a direct hand in his situation. If you’re not a believer, great. I’m not either. But again, any malignancy is reflected solely toward Thomas Peters, for the infinite hatred he has shown LGBTs, and for the insane hypocrisy he exercises just by waking up every morning.

  15. oncemorewithfeeling says

    @Mike: I fully agree that taunting any disabled person about their disability is horrific and inexcusable. When you’re taunting one, you’re taunting all. It’s like the endless comments about how fat Maggie Gallagher is — yeah, the fact that she’s fat is the important thing that’s objectionable about her and worthy of ridicule. Seriously, if that’s one’s level of discourse, please don’t even bother.

    However, you ask for acceptance and inclusion and decry the marginalizing of other minorities, yet you apparently deliberately leave the “T” out of “LGBT”.

    Your hypocrisy doesn’t negate your point, but it makes you look exactly like those you’re criticizing.

  16. Bernie says

    As cute and gay looking Mr. Peters is, his words about the gay community are deadly, mean and hateful. His comment about Nancy Pelosi and the Catholic church are not only irrelevant, mean, stupid, but NONE of his business… Who is Mr. Peters to judge for the Catholic church what should constitute an ex-communication for someone??!??!?!

  17. SFshawn says

    @Am I a bad person? No.
    I appreciate your directness.
    Just because someone is “disabled” doesn’t give them a ‘free pass’ to be a hateful,homophobic BIGOT!
    He looks like every other closet case to me…too much protesting….

  18. Not A Bad Person, Just A Realist says

    @Mike in the Tundra: “For the first time, I feel terrible about being gay. I want nothing to do with a minority that attempts to marginalize another minority.”

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t logical, unless the fact that Thomas Peters is handicapped similarly make you feel terrible about being handicapped. Because Thomas Peters is doing everything in his power to marginalize LGBTs.

    And even then, it isn’t logical. Why should the actions of an individual with whom you may happen to share an attribute make you feel terrible?

    I suffered a spinal cord injury and have been in a wheelchair for 7 years. Also happen to be homosexual. I’m not bothered AT ALL by someone’s pointing out Thomas Peters’ personal hypocrisy. He needs a good face-slapping! And the comments I’ve read here are not against handicapped people as a class, but target Peters specifically. Peters, on the other hand, targets ALL gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders when he attempts to limit their rights. He also targets ALL LGBT supporters when he calls for the excommunication.

    No one is saying that Peters shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or that he should be taxed more, or that he shouldn’t be allowed to be married, or raise a family. No one, that is, except Thomas Peters himself! And you won’t see him running to get a divorce simply because he is sexually incapacitated.

    I see other handicapped people using their handicap as an excuse all the time, and channeling all manner of offense and resentment through their handicap. (Sometimes, on internet forums I suspect some people aren’t even as handicapped as they claim,if at all; they simply use their handicap as an amulet to put other people on the defensive.) In Thomas Peters’ case, you have to give him credit for consistency–he was attempting to marginalize LGBTs long before he suffered his spinal cord injury.

    But you would be the first person I’ve ever heard of admitting to feeling terrible about being handicapped because some closeted numbnut like Thomas Peters hated on gays and lesbians. But consistency demands it.

  19. Vince says

    Why would anyone want to be part of a church that had a global conspiracy to cover up the rape of children??? A church that shamed, silenced, and hurt those who came forward with their abuse?

    Does not compute.

  20. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Not a bad person

    This is what I said: “For the first time, I feel terrible about being gay.”

    This is what you said, “But you would be the first person I’ve ever heard of admitting to feeling terrible about being handicapped because some closeted numbnut like Thomas Peters hated on gays and lesbians.”

    I’m not certain how those two have anything to do with one another. I felt bad about being gay because of the stuff that my brothers were posting. I dealt really well with being handicapped, although I fault like a devil to walk again. Thanks to my physical therapist.

    I was called to task for dropping the T from LGBT. That’s because they seem to not want to be connected to the rich, white, gay guys., The onl one of those that describes me is gay.

  21. anon says

    The RCC never ex-communicates politicians for fear of generating a backlash, but the process even for normal people is so slow, bureaucratic and laborious that there’s little incentive to begin the process. However, many, many politicians do qualify for ex-c, so why doesn’t the RCC make an example of one or two? I think that would be their best option. Otherwise, they look hypocritical on matters of doctrine.

  22. Gay Guy says

    Well, if the R.C. Church would do such a thing (I doubt that they would), it could lose its tax-exempt status.

    Even if they don’t lose their tax-exempt status, they can lose even more members than they already did. Of course, she isn’t asking them to change their teaching, just to be a little more tolerant of those who disagree. Isn’t that what the Pope asked for too?

  23. simon says

    Gay guy:
    If they do that, they are digging their own graves. They are going to alienate their most influential and successful members. What are left are just some rednecks in the south.

  24. For Dusty says

    Consider this:

    Thomas Peters has spent practically all of his adult life wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’ of ways to deprive LGBT persons of equality.

    In response, I have wished much misery and physical suffering for him.

    Whose dream has become reality? And whose hasn’t?

  25. says

    It would be more appropriate, if there must be excommunications, for the Church to excommunicate Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and Thomas Peters, for their flagrant disregard of the important Catholic teaching that gay men and lesbians should be treated with “respect, compassion and sensitivity”, that any unjust discrimination is unacceptable, and that we should strongly oppose any violence or malice, in speech or in action.

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