1. the other Ken says

    Yeah I saw this commercial a few times during ABCs 2a-430a network newscast.

    Nice spot.

  2. Andy says

    Cool. I like that they just seem like regular guys who just happen to be gay. Well done.

  3. Dback says

    If the guy on the left (brown sweater) doesn’t want to sleep, I’m more than happy to help him stay awake for 2+ hours.

  4. James says

    The dude on the left is the lucky one. In fact, I’d say he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

  5. rick doe says

    Horrible! If you are gay fine but my kids don’t need to see it. PATHETIC!! Stop forcing this on us!

  6. Carol says

    BOO – Shame on you Hotwire! I know the liberals are on the same-sex marriage bandwagon, but do you have to flaunt it in front of my children on daytime television (two men trying to book a vacay away from their ‘childen’)? Your commercial is tasteless and wrong! JUST STOP!

  7. Erika says

    Love and acceptance will win in the end, and there is nothing you homophobes can do. More and more commercials like this are appearing and one day very soon, homophobes will be the ones that are not welcome anywhere. Congrats to Hotwire for not being stuck in the dark ages, and for not being ignorant, close minded and full of hate. :):):)

  8. A says

    Wow that’s what’s wrong with you gays and lesbos! You have to flaunt it in everyones face just to prove your point! I’m gay I’m gay! Seriously get over your selves keep it to your selves….here soon I hope we have strait parades because this is discusting to see. Hope this makes a lot of people not even want tv. Very disrespectful! Can’t believe what our county is coming to…stupid liberals! You don’t seeus rubing it in the gay people’s faces that were strait and besides we don’t want our kids to see this it isn’t what its suppose to be in the obviously its a choice to be this way because there is a MAN and WOMAN…

  9. Momof4 says

    People are people. I’m not afraid of gays. Some of the most kind hearted, sweetest people in the world I have met have been homosexuals. However, less than 3% of the people here in the USA fall into that category. While I love the human beings who choose to be gay, that choice is a violation of the natural order and a denial of God’s decision that a man and a woman would unite together as one. For thousands of years, this has been a heated topic. The truth is, only men and women can produce children. By choosing to deny the natural order of creation, man sins. Any time God’s plan is violated, it is a sin against the law He established. Sin is sin. While we all are not tempted by same sex intimacy, WE ALL sin against a Holy God at some point or another. When we choose our own way and in pride believe we know better than Him, we sin. When we trust mans ways instead of the Creator, we sin. The cost of sin is death, but He made a way for any who would fear Him, turn from denying His truths, and believe on the One He sent who was made sacrifice for all who would believe. Many who call themselves by His name are not His own because they use His name to build themselves up in this world and are full of hate. But those who love are His. Love does not let others do themselves harm. Love stops another from touching fire. Love warns of danger. Love is not always received, but if love is not given, it isn’t love at all. Christ came that we might be delivered from our sins and choose to walk in His ways instead of our own. There is hope in Him.

  10. ashley says

    Kudos to hotwire! I will definitely remember this next time i ever need a hotel.
    And to all you homophobes complaining about your kids seeing the TV commercial, do I need to remind you there’s nothing on the commercial that kids would see as bad. There’s no sex, no nudity, no even touching. They’re talking. Quit letting your tv babysit your kids and realize gay people are around just as much as straight people , my 3 year old will know everything she needs to know when she’s older and I don’t care what sexual orientation she is, I will always love her. Grow up, people. I’m straight and proud to support.

  11. ashley says

    Also- to the ” gays are condemned because they can’t have children as god wanted.” How are you making straight women feel when their bodies are incapable of reproducing due to medical problems? Or the over population of the world and children who are adopted or in foster homes. They need places to live, too. Straight people birth gay children. Those gay children often times are disowned by their parents, but when they want a family they can CHOOSE to have kids, Its never an accident and the child is always cared for.

  12. Kierstin says

    This is adorable! I just saw this commercial on TV and wanted to find it to share. I love seeing something this cute, especially since it doesn’t have the same old same old TV sterotypes that homophobics keep using.

  13. Bluejuliet says

    Compare the comments so far.
    See the ones that are kind, loving, big-hearted, accepting, rational, informed.
    See the ones that are hateful, condemning, exaggerating, condescending, ignorant, and use demeaning language.
    The ones you agree with say everything about what kind of person you are.