1. says

    Two things: 1) His video for Stay With Me shows a figure in a bed for a split second that appears to be a man, so there was already a hint. 2) Why do you have to title the post “Gay Crooner…”? I get it…he is, but he’s also a “Crooner.”

  2. petey says

    I have never heard Sam Smith use the word ‘gay’ in relation to himself. Maybe Daniel Villarreal likes to use the gay word because he is paid to do so?

  3. I wont grow up says

    The guy has a great voice, but why does he have to be referred to as a “Gay” crooner?
    One more thing, I know he was performing live in front of a million people, but he sort of looked like a deer in the headlights.

  4. Honesty says

    Sam Smith came out of the closet, he’s gay. He’s also a great singer and voice for our community.

  5. Josh says

    So sad to see calling a GAY CROONER? Do you call “STRAIGH SINGER” OR “STRAIGHT SINGER MARIAH? Really? So wrong! It’s upseting that you would do that. He happens to be a singer PERIOD! Don’t ask for equality if your site is going to divide artist by sexual orientation! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

  6. Don in ATL says

    @John and @Josh: Mentioning that a performer is gay on a gay site is meant to acknowledge and celebrate the success of a member of our community. A time will come when such is no longer needed but today is not that day. I say we enjoy Sam Smith’s work and appreciate that he is one of ours.

  7. petey says

    Don in Atl,

    How do you know that Sam Smith wants to be a part of the gay community? Did you ask him?

  8. GregV says

    His song “Stay a With Me” is the #4 song on iTunes today, and the album is #2.
    (Coincidentally, Steve Grand, the Chicago gay singer whose album is coming out very soon, very recently put out a song called “Stay” on YouTube whose chorus ALSO said “Stay with me” (but continues “…all summer, under the covers, be my lover.”)
    iTunes is also featuring Sam Smith’s song “Make It To Me” as their free song of the week right now.
    Even if you don’t want to spend 69 cents on another song, that one’s free.

  9. fanboi says

    Its a gay news site. Yes they will mention that out celebs are gay whenever mentioning them in a headline. It will help search engines. Deal.

  10. SpaceCadet says

    Amazing singer and I’m going to see him live in concert in NYC in September! Can’t wait! Also, Sam has admitted he gets very nervous when he performs. He’s just new at it so I’m sure he’ll gradually get more comfortable with it.

  11. says

    @DonInAtl This is a gay site…there’s usually a gay tie to everything on here. Let’s let the guy be a singer and not a banner for our community if he doesn’t choose to be. He has said that he doesn’t wish to speak about his personal life and will let his music do the talking, so until he puts out a track about gay pride…

  12. SpaceCadet says

    And now the resident troll can shut up about how mainstream radio doesn’t play music by an openly gay man, even though Adam Lambert was already doing the same and Elton John long before him.

  13. jim says

    The only time its appropriate to label someone “gay” is if they wouldnt get attention otherwise… which we’ve seen many times before.

    (cough cough Brett Gleason cough cough)

    With Sam Smith, we dont pay attention because he’s gay, we pay attention because he’s awesome.

  14. emjayay says

    I don’t get some people I guess. TR being a site of gay interest, it doesn’t post videos of every pop singer on earth. Performers known to be gay performing material that is sometimes overtly gay and on a popular US show seen by a broad swath of Americans is a good thing for visibility and thus of interest in itself. Hence, “gay crooner”. Perfectly appropriate. I might object to the crooner part – he maybe isn’t by more classical definitions, but what the heck.

    Thanks for posting this.

  15. pork says

    so when will you stop feeling the need to label everything gay? whether it’s out of pride or disrespect, it’s unnecessary.
    maybe you’ve grown too old to remain relevant as a blogger.

  16. Dw says

    NPR did a fantastic interview with him Monday. Significant step: the interviewer mentions that the person he’s singing about is a man, but his sexuality is never treated as a part of the news story. His sexuality just ‘is’.

  17. tsoltan says

    beautiful performance! …very reminiscent of boy george. i wonder if they’re related. (i know he’s related to lily allen).
    maybe the folks that are unhappy he’s labeled as a gay crooner are concerned this minimizes him as a singer.
    as a gay singer, i appreciate how the label can inspire and comfort other gay people. i find myself preferring to know that other performers i watch and listen to are gay as i can relate more to them.
    how many other gay people remember singing along with female singers as they were singing about their feelings about men because there were next to no men singing about their feelings for other men.
    we’re making big strides thanks to all the out gay performers.
    happy pride!!

  18. Lyman Webster Converse says

    This guy, his voice, and his music TOTALLY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!