Grady Smith ‘Comes Out’ As Christian And Gay, But Won’t Act On His Desires: VIDEO

Grady Smith

Former Entertainment Weekly writer Grady Smith put up a blog post in May titled "Coming Out As A Christian" wherein he described living a "closeted" life at his job, fearful of letting slip that he was particularly religious. This would have been courageous if he'd provided any examples of his workplace being hostile to believers in any way - and, you know, if being religious were a social classification that subjected one to institutionalized hate and discrimination reinforced by corporate policies and federal law - but all he provides are imagined hostilities that only existed in his own insecurities.

Last Thursday he posted a follow-up entitled "Coming Out As A Christian (Part 2)" wherein he admits to being a gay Christian. It would be wonderful if the article provided insight on a difficult journey and a reconciliation between two contradictory facets of one's being, but unfortunately it's just gay shame masked in proud acceptance of God's will. This is made evident when Smith states,

Now, I choose to not act on my gay desires because I think scripture makes it pretty clear that that’s not God’s ideal plan for people. I’m not angry or jaded about that fact, nor do I look at sacrificing my own sexuality to God as a tragedy. To me, it’s simple obedience — and it is not shame-based.

Except that it is. The religious arguments against homosexuality are universally flaccid and based entirely on shaming someone for being who they are, and framing LGBT sex drives as unnatural abominations that should never be acted upon is the height of that shame.

The post in itself is a shame. Smith accurately points out a great many flaws in the church, such as the special level of judgment leveled at homosexuals and the philosophical bankruptcy of "Love the sinner, hate the sin." Unfortunately, rather than strongly stand by a statement saying the church and Bible are just flat-out wrong on homosexuality - just as they were with slavery - Smith accepts that his teenage addiction to pornography (colloquially known as "being a teenager") and his attraction to men and the wrongness of same-sex desire are in fact sinful flaws within his imperfect human self, but the church should just be nicer about pointing it out.

Smith is starting a YouTube series about the intersection of his faith and sexuality, and you can hear him speak for himself - and start placing bets as to when he will get caught hooking up in a gay bar - AFTER THE JUMP...