1. Josh M. says

    He wants an audience, but of whom? Who makes a video of this kind and for what purpose? Infamy, blackmail? I held this same impossible ground at 21 shortly before jettisoning organized religion entirely. It doesn’t wear well on somebody even older. Just live your life.

  2. Galbanum says

    This article made my left eye start twitching.


    How sad for him. I hope he doesn’t waste his whole life being obedient to hateful nonsense written by a bunch of dirty fools.

  3. Jon says

    The air is thick with suffocating judgment by the writer of this Towleroad article, sitting in judgment on how Grady Smith has chosen to handle who he is. Everyone handles life his or her own way…is Towleroad so threatened by this guy wanting to approach his homosexuality different than the “party line”?

  4. Steve says

    If he wants to be miserable for the rest of his life, fine. But he doesn’t need blog about it and make videos. That will just harm people because his religious friends will hold him up as an example to their children and gay people in general.

  5. aki says

    @steve Why not ? There are probably a lot of people like him out there and they need a support system .
    Someone who thinks gay sex is a sin and biblically forbidden is not going to be reached by people talking at them about “bronze age goat herders” and “magic skyfairies”.
    You can’t force someone to accept a pro gay interpretation of the bible or convice them of atheism.

  6. jason MacBride says

    Sounds like the story a lot of priests tell. But give him time. He’s struggling with things, some real and some imagined. Maybe he’ll figure things out.

  7. stranded says

    I agree that this man is on his own journey. Coming out is a process, not a static state. He has every right to express himself through his blogs or whatever. But I have every right to say that religion is a self-imposed curse. The logic is monstrous. “Thank you, perfect deity, for making me so imperfect that I will never measure up to your standards, and for punishing me forever just for giving me life.” All the wonders and pleasures of life must be sublimated to a vengeful authoritarian who’d rather gleefully torture you forever if you dare to enjoy your life. Who among us who has ever felt real love for another, could ever imagine that eternal damnation could ever come out of real love. It’s stockholm syndrom codified by thousands of years of degression. They worship evil. Love doesn’t act like that.

  8. Dattexas says

    Of course, it’s his life and he can do as he pleases. But his logic is twisted: My decision to abstain from my natural inclination is not shame-based. I’m not going to do it because the Bible says that it’s an abomination.

    That makes sense if you’re willing to stand before your God and tell him that you disobeyed one of his commands, but you’re not ashamed of it.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    I just feel sorry for him. If he continues in this manner, he’ll never know how it feels to be in love. He’ll never feel the joy of holding someone, or kissing someone, or having really great sex with someone. Even bad sex would be an improvement over what he has now. The article mentioned taking bets on when he gets caught hooking up in a bar. For his sake, I hope it’s soon.

  10. tim b says

    His life, his decision. As long as he isn’t looking for ways to restrict the rest of us, it’s no one’s business but his own.

    The minute he signs up with the Anti-Gay Industrial Complex, though, let the doors be shut upon him.

  11. anon says

    His story isn’t any different than that of straight people who choose to live a celibate life except that they have different motivations for making that choice.

  12. Mike in the Tundra says

    Well Steve, why the f*** do you keep looking at the comments? Your comment certainly does not advance the discussion. I wonder who is the real troll.

  13. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Some Christian denominations are more gay-affirming than others. Grady needs to shop for a Christian church that is a better fit for him than wherever he is worshiping now, a new church that doesn’t require the rejection of the love that God endowed him with.

  14. emjayay says

    Jeeze. What’s wrong with this guy? It’s not like he has spent his life in some hillbilly town in the Appalachians and never got out.

    Has he not noticed that the Bible has a few sentences here and there about gay sex and Jesus who he loves so much never said a thing about it, and about as many about who you should stone and who should marry their rapist, and on and on? And he apparently thinks “Christian” means a minority of Christian sects. Has he not noticed that there are major Protestant churches who have decided to be OK with not only gay relationships but gay marriage?

    Also, horrible music.

  15. Joe in Ct says

    I sincerely wish him luck on his chosen path. I’m sure he will be applauded in some quarters and derided in others. But ultimately, he’s free to live his life without judgement. (The tone of this article is actually pretty offensive.) Lighten up folks. He’s not a threat.

  16. emjayay says

    I didn’t mean that a majority of Christian churches endorse gay marriage, although maybe their members do since polling has shown a growing majority of Americans for about four or five years are OK with it. I meant that he is clearly identifying with only the fundamentalist Christian (or as many like to call them, Christianist or Talibangical) churches and their interpretation and concept of the Bible and their emphasis on what kind of sex people have.

    Catholics are Christians too, and the new pope has definitely softened the church’s stance on this stuff. When I went to a Catholic college decades ago we had to take four years of theology classes, and the ones dealing with the bible all emphasized understanding the culture and literary forms of the time that the bible is a product of, and the history of how it was assembled. And of the political and cultural and religious situation Jesus was in, and what his new messages were in that context. The idea that God guided anyone’s hand on the pen to write his exact words was dismissed.

    Where did this guy go, Liberty U?

  17. Dattexas says

    Tim. I agree that as long as he’s not trying to restrict the rest of us, we should let him be. But he says he was closeted as a particularly religious Christian, implying that Christians are somehow discrimated against in the workplace. That feeds into a big lie, and he’s blogging about it. Christian bigotry may get you fired today, but being Christian isn’t likely to. So, he is part of the lie that fundamentalists use against gay people. In my opinion, he’s fair game, and he’s no friend of mine.

  18. steve talbert says

    He’s wrong about scriptures. Men who wanted to be rabbis could not go to a pagan male prostitute and be considered devout. People should read all of leviticus and know the historical context.

  19. EdA says

    People should be allowed to “evolve” at their own rate. This guy is clearly in the process of figuring himself out and at least he recognizes that his religious beliefs have shackled him in a self-imposed straightjacket. Sooner or later, he may come to question the rationality of clinging to one particular belief system which declares that there is, for no particular reason, something wrong with perfectly natural, positive behavior.

  20. Mike says

    I certainly wouldn’t say Christians are persecuted or hated at work, like gay people can be. But they are judged to an extent, especially by the young and/or liberal. I work in a lab with twenty other techs, no one over 35, and we all collectively roll our eyes when our one religious co-worker mentions God or church. I haven’t called her a “crazy Christian”, but I know it’s been said behind her back. So I can totally see this guy saying he may not have felt comfortable being open about his faith at work.

    As for being gay and Christian…if he doesn’t have the good sense to put certain passages in the Bible in the proper context before sacrificing his entire love life to them, then he is blindly choosing to be unhappy. i feel bad for him.

  21. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Half or more of these comments are from usernames that have never appeared before on Trollroad. Gee, I wonder why?

    There are no gods. And, if his gods did exist, he’s not even worshipping them correctly. Like all “christian” fundies, he doesn’t even understand his own religious texts.

    If he makes it to his old age following this insanity and without killing himself first, he’ll be torn up with enough regret then to make the fictional hell he thinks exists seem like a summer vacation.

  22. Retro says


    But how strange, because on his blog, the entry he posted in-between Parts 1 & 2 on “Coming Out Christian” is all about him getting his first tattoo!

    So he won’t have homosex, but he doesn’t care if he goes against Leviticus 19:28 ??

  23. jmartindale says

    What a smelly pile of old baloney. This Xtian is perfectly free to self-publicize his pathetic journey of self awareness, but his crappy advice to gay kids is basically “stay in the closet.” That is called “repression,” and it is a psychological illness. if he wants to be celibate, fine. But when gay Xtian kids need advice about homosexuality, the best advice is “It gets better.”

  24. dbearhugnc says

    There is an online faith community who hang out at the website And, in it there are a sub-group who feel that they should acknowledge who they are. But, they believe in the inerrancy of scripture. So, to be true to both of those beliefs they follow the course of celibacy.

    In the debate of how to resolve the issue, there are those who feel that they themselves can follow their hearts and desires while pursuing it in a monogamous fashion. They are referred to following ‘Side A’ of the debate. The celibates follow ‘Side B.’ What’s wonderful is that both sides are allowed space to be who they feel they should be without prejudice. As long as they have accepted Christ, it’s all that really matters.

  25. Salondra says

    The irony. We don’t like to be judged for how we live our lives, but it’s perfectly okay to judge those who live different paths.

    It’s one thing if he was going on about how we had to live celibate lives to please the Lord, but that’s now what he’s doing. He’s saying, this is how he’s choosing to live. So how can we as a community judge him for that? How does this make us any different from those who thrive on attacking us?

    My response is if this is how he’s happy, then I’m happy for him as well. I’m not going to attack the guy because he has a viewpoint I don’t share.

  26. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    He’s a pretty one all right. And if he’s intelligent, he’ll figure out that he was created the way he was created and that flying in the face of *that* is what’s contrary to Love. Meanwhile, it’s gonna be a tough row to hoe.

  27. Cal says

    Some people are uncomfortable with sex without love – even gay men (damn the stereotypes), and that’s fine. I suspect that’s what’ll happen with this guy. Once he finds someone that he really loves, he’ll re-evaluate. Until then, it’s his journey.

  28. says

    “The writer of this article needs to be a bit more empathetic. This is his journey not yours.”

    This pathetic, deluded gay man is busy making his journey public so we have every right to point out how pathetic and deluded it is.

  29. Steve says

    It doesn’t matter how “happy” he is. He is either directly or indirectly holding himself up as an example to be emulated. And thus harming others.

    Then there is the whole Christian persecution thing, which finally puts him firmly in the idiot category.

  30. disgusted american says

    Im not gonna feel sorry for someone who doesn’t have the Brains to realize that Religion is a Man-made Keep Sheeple like him, in Line, In FEAR and the Coffers FULL, Ka-CHING$$$$$ ….let’m waste his young life worrying about invisable skyfairies…his LOSS!

  31. NwYrkr says

    EMJAYAY got it right. Christ never said same sex love ( physical or otherwise) was a sin. The bible is a piece of literature to read in the context of the cultural times it was purported to have been written in. The only bans on same sex love are in the Old Testament, the teachings of Christ in the new testament that Christians are to follow contain no such bans.
    Such a shame that he is choosing to deny himself this way on this type of belief, hope he realizes his mistake before it is too late.

  32. robroy says

    UVA, Power Rangers, worked at EW and some type of patchwork graphic… the force is strong with this one. And that is a heck of an odd background for someone who is trying not to act on homosexuality. But he is beautiful. I hope he finds a daddy and has long term meaningful love. I also predict said daddy will either be military or equally religious.

  33. Matt says

    The commentary in this article is too judgmental. This man has been honest and he is choosing to live his life both honestly and in accordance with his understanding of a religious text. Freedom means the freedom to live however you want. It does not mean groups of people ridiculing others on the “I’m right, you’re wrong” theory, which by the way didn’t serve gays well for most of history.

  34. The Milkman says

    I don’t mind if he wants to be celibate and live the rest of his live without someone to love him. But it’s worth noting that those who would support this decision don’t EVER stop at the individual choice. They’re always ALWAYS saying “See? It CAN be done! YOU should do it too!” That’s where religious liberty ends… where someone else’s rights begin.

    Religious people will never ever understand that point. Ever.

  35. Da says

    It´s his life alright. And he has the right to pursue celibacy and don´t act on the gay impulses, of course.

    but at the same time, he has made his choice very public, therefore opening himself up to other´s opinions.

    And here´s mine: This makes me feel sad. To hear about someone who is apparently smart choosing to deny himself happiness based on superstition (Yep, I´m an atheist).

    But even if you believe in religion, I know there are lots of gay christians out there who can reconcile their feelings with their spiritual side, and give themselves at least the chance for a fuller, richer life. Here´s hoping he can do the same.

  36. says

    Jesus is mad because you’re hogging his cross.

    Seriously, this guy has a terrible martyr complex. “I didn’t tell anybody at work I was a Christian, because they’re SO persecuted!” I’ve been reading EW since 1995, and while it doesn’t tell everyone to recite 10 Hail Marys, it’s never had an anti-Christian slant.

    Then to drive his self-imposed victimhood further, he claims that he’s gay but doesn’t give into his urge to s*ck d*ck. Yeah, you’re so brave for not fulfilling the feelings that your God gave to you. *rolls eyes*

  37. Nick says

    If it’s a personal decision, I think it’s okay. Everyone has the right to seek happiness and meaning in his life as he wants.

    I still feel sorry for him, though. The feeling that you have no right to love…

  38. rayyblon4 says

    This poor guy is just ripe for some “reparative therapy” charlatan to exploit the hell out of. And what kind of triple-jointed pretzel-like logic does it take to talk yourself into having desires but not acting on them, while at the same time claiming there’s no shame involved in this process, even though you consider them wrong, sinful, evil? The same Holy Snore-Inducing Doorstop Mr. Smith believes in also insists you go to hell just for HAVING the “impure” thoughts. Wonder how he thinks he’s going to escape from that little trap?

  39. rayyblon4 says

    Retro’s post about tattoos points to a very important fact here: EVERY Christian is selective about which portions of the Bible to take seriously and obey or reject as outdated or whatever. Otherwise, there would be an awful lot of churchgoing Christians firmly believing slavery is perfectly acceptable but that those who wear cotton-polyester blends are going to hell. Sensible people are able to see that the prohibitions against homosexuality AND homosexual conduct are just as outmoded, primitive, and mistaken as the prohibitions against tattooing.

  40. David says

    As I finally did after taking a stand like his for 15 wasted years of my life, I hope that some day he’ll allow himself to seriously question exactly who it is he’s being obedient to.

  41. R. Blackmoon says

    Ok, I agree with some of the points set out by few of you but there is something bothering me and I quote from the artical

    “…I think scripture makes it pretty clear that that’s not God’s ideal plan for people.”

    This is absolute hogwash, NOWHERE in the Bible or in Scripture does it state that being Homosexual is an amoral crime (sometimes referred to as an Abomination, but usually these are raving of ignorant souls, to jaded to acknowledge that the world around us is far more vast than the would rather) against nature, if anything Are we not created in God’s Image, therefore, he meant for our existence, not to hinder it.

  42. Tony says

    Like a lot of people you believe they’re Christians, he doesn’t really understand the bible, it’s place in history or how it came to written. He doesn’t understand that’s it a guide. But, shouldn’t be taken as a written in stone document.

    If you’re reading this Grady. I hope someday you’ll understand that God doesn’t want you to live half a life. Most of things in the bible that are negative about being gay were intended for select group of people, not for everyone. Please re-read those passages again with an eye for context.

  43. BRAINS says



  44. jjose712 says

    I couldn’t care less about his abstinence, his choice is perfectly ok for me.

    The implying future use of a woman on the other hand is disturbed. Woman deserve someone who really loves them, not someone who merely use them to fit into his religion

  45. Chris says

    He’ll be fine when he gets over this phase and figures out that being gay is not inconsistent with being Christian. Regrettably, this video will exist on the internet forever and will eventually be a source of embarrassment for him.

  46. TANK says

    I knew as soon as I read this story that the comment section would be overrun by the usual lot of bitter, pathetic middle-aged queens! I must say, I’m always amazed at how intolerant our oh so tolerant LGBTQ community is of those who dare to march to their own drum. How dare some self-accepting gay person decide that he isn’t going to let his sexual feelings dominate his life! All the people I know who let their sexual desires control their lives are just so happy and wonderful… why wouldn’t everyone want to be just like them? Grow up, people!

  47. Mike says

    This is not as much a shame as it is a SHAM. His abstaining from any natural inclination is not based on any shame.


    He is nailing himself to this cross of false martyrdom only to tell gay kids to abstain from any natural inclinations and “stay in the closet.” or be like him and do not act on it. (Sure.) Just keep supporting the church and keep those coffers overflowing.

    Unfortunately those who feel they are somehow not as “good” as he purports to be will try to commit suicide. You have heard the ridiculous refrain before. “Oh well, It’s God’ way.”

    Bull. It is not! Yet this is a teaching of millions of priests and ministers every year including those that might mean well.

    As Holden Caulfield said “Old Jesus would just puke.”

  48. says

    intent and motivation – his choice to be celibate is his own. the problem is that his intent and motivation behind it, and the resulting dangerous and harmful message he’s actually saying, is that “God doesn’t want gay people to “act on” their feelings.”

    meaning – he’s giving credence to every bigot who uses the bible to justify their prejudices and bigotries toward LGBT people. “you can be gay! you just have to be celibate, or you anger god!

    f**K you, with your harmful message. you wanna be celibate because you’re scared of angering God? then be silent about it.

    his promotion of this, even “for himself”, is as dangerous as the ex-gay movements: it’s insisting that there’s something harmful, wrong, sinful, damnable about being a “gay who acts on his natural feelings”

  49. Nikko says

    Every commenter who blabs the BS that “it’s his choice, blah, blah” is wrong and ignorant. His message is that gay is not ok with God and that one must always be abstinent. THAT is a false and dangerous claim which causes much grief and suffering to the impressionable young who are vulnerable.

  50. says

    exactly, NIKKO. it basically says “yup, the bible says it’s wrong to be gay (if you “act on it”)

    this is pure nonsense. his entire video is not just preposterous, but potentially harmful to every young person struggling against religiously-fueled bigotry and hatred.

  51. EchtKultig says

    “It´s his life alright. And he has the right to pursue celibacy and don´t act on the gay impulses, of course.

    but at the same time, he has made his choice very public, therefore opening himself up to other´s opinions. ”

    That’s the key issue here. This is just another spin on right-wing social advocacy. An authentically celibate gay Christian would keep that choice to him or herself, since, after all, the true ‘scriptural’ view is that a homosexual identity doesn’t exist, per se, only a temptation to do all kinds of “evil.” And the temptation itself is supposed to be private. (though evangelicals may publically confess their past sins…which he doesn’t) So he’s trying to have it both ways: stone age cult, and modern sensibility. But you can’t. The fact he’s getting a tattoo in another blog post (according to another poster here) just underscores what a farce all this is. 99% of people who call themselves Christian in the country (and probably most of the world) so obviously aren’t. And, sorry, that includes most so-called progressive christians, too. In the context of someone like this, the power rangers poster borders on the worryingly pathological.

    I don’t really expect this brand of craziness to become to common, fortunately. Most people like this realize that in a bizarre way, trying to pass for straight and having a beard is actually the more sensible option. If you’re going to live the Christianist, heteronormative lie, live it fully. What was the name of that guy from a few years ago…oh right…Glatze something or rather.

  52. Devon says

    Trying to figure out who is more pathetic, this broken clown Grady Smith or the angry clown, Little Kiwi. Two men. Both caught up in their own rigid belief systems. Both very messed up. And both determined to evangelize to the rest of us.

    It’s a close call as to who is worse. But at least Grady still has his looks and his hair. And a job. So it’s Little Kiwi FTW!

  53. EchtKultig says

    Actually now I remember, this is actually more like that Mormon d0uche who said he was gay (which could have been a lie) but that he was married with children because that was God’s plan for getting him to Kolob or whatever. Essentially this is no different, except at least this tool is good looking. Hopefully he will come to his senses, eventually. I remember an outrageously closeted mormon guy I had the distinct horror of working with in the early 2000s. I googled him a couple years ago and found via a Utah marriage records website that at least he was divorced…his wife finally wised up after a decade or so. If your husband seems gayer than Jack from Will and Grace, he probably is LOL.

  54. Bryan L says

    Well, first of all, if Grady wasn’t as gorgeous as he is, I doubt this issue would ever have been introduced on Towleroad.

    If he wants to remain chaste/celibate/virginal, that’s his business. If he believes that he should never be in a loving and physical relationship with another man because of a few sentences in a book written by humans but which he considers the inerrant word of God, then that is kind of sad. If he wants to proselytize because he believes that Jesus wants him to, then that’s fine as long as he doesn’t try to convince anyone else that his way is the only way.

    Finally, I hope he realizes that his YouTube series is going to grabbed up by the homophobes and used against other gay people.

  55. EchtKultig says

    Well, first of all, if Grady wasn’t as gorgeous as he is, I doubt this issue would ever have been introduced on Towleroad.

    Nope, not true, Towleroad covered a similar Mormon tool who was very plain, to put it nicely.

  56. EchtKultig says

    “Finally, I hope he realizes that his YouTube series is going to grabbed up by the homophobes and used against other gay people”

    Are you kidding? That’s the whole point.

  57. TANK says

    Tank is shocked! Someone who dares to break free of the standard LGBTQ groupthink is called names, ridiculed, and made the target of mucho hate by the usual cast of bitter, pathetic, middle aged queens who troll this site. I for one applaud Mr. Smith and I hope he finds happiness in his chosen path. And if he ever changes his mind and wants to see just how heavenly it can be to get together with another guy, he can definitely give me a call! Sorry, guys, but Tank is just doing what Tank does… namely, keeping it real!

  58. EchtKultig says

    “break free of the standard LGBTQ groupthink ”

    But immediately adapting the far-more widepread right-wing “Christian” groupthink! LMAO! Your post is completely imbecilic!

  59. TANK says

    Of course, Tank is just an insecure dolt of a man who never got over the fact that his family thought he was a worthless pole-smoker. I love keeping it real! Like how my family kept it real by ignoring me when they caught me blowing the neighbour’s dog! I love guys like Grady – self-hate and shame turns me on so much, no doubt a psychological byproduct of being raised in a house full of people who wished they’d sprung for that abortion when they had the chance. Tank! Keeping it real!

  60. TANK says

    Hey, Tank is just being real, ok? Well, as real as a closeted wimp with an empty sack can be. So it’s not totally real, it’s more like “crap losers say on the internet because they lack the orbs to say it in real life”, so it’s real in the sense that it’s real cowardly. Got that? I’m keeping it real.

  61. Dback says

    This poor guy could really benefit from reading Mel White’s book “Stranger At The Gate.” (Recapping Mel’s story would be a lengthy article in itself; let’s just say ex-fundie, gay Christian, father of bisexual filmmaker Mike White and “Amazing Race” competitor.) His book is very moving and really could be helpful to another gay Christian struggling with how to reconcile his faith with this sexual orientation.

  62. TANK says

    Well, the bitter, venomous, badly-aging, herd-mentality queens are at it again! They are not refuting Tank’s arguments but making viscous personal attacks. Ah, this often happened to me in elementary school: when the dumb kids couldn’t fault my logic, they would call me names! Well, I can understand kids acting like that, but for grownups to act in such a way is sad… truly sad. It’s great to see my fellow LGBTQ community members being so understanding and tolerant with one of their own. Some of you sad trolls are just as intolerant and narrow-minded as the bigots you screech against all the time!

  63. james street james says

    I thought he was hot so I watched the video but got tired of him half way through it. He’ll probably never have a gay relationship because he will talk it to death before anything can come of it.

  64. JSB says

    If you believe in God, and you think God created you, why did he make you gay?

    If God didn’t want you to be gay, you wouldn’t be. Therefore, if you’re gay, just live your life as a good gay person. This is the only rational, reasonable, logical, answer.

  65. EchtKultig says

    BTW I was thinking about this this afternoon and although it’s a slim chance, I wouldn’t rule out this being the product of one of these secret recent meetings with NOM et al about how to advance the anti-gay agenda. This could be the last ditch effort along the lines of “well, at least we can prove that you can be a ‘biblical’ christian that doesn’t have sex or even relationships”. He’ll be paid a salary to say he’s gay and celibate for a couple years, then have a moment of “devine grace” or whatever, and decide he’s straight after all. I’m sure there are plenty of young right-wing writers starving for a regular salary…so they can buy power rangers I guess. Yeah, it’s a long shot, but they are desperate. Of course, the net effect of what he’s doing is similar, so even if they didn’t think it up, he’s doing their work for them. The comments indicate he is largely being eaten up by the rignt-wing echo chamber. (many of the ones who would bother to comment on his story being closet cases themselves, of course)

  66. Leprechaunvict says

    @Tim, I agree with your comment most of all. This poor guy, if he follows this path he’s chosen, will never know what it’s like to intimately love and be loved, and for that reason I feel bad for him. It’s saddening to see someone do this to himself.

  67. Kyle says

    This is quite possibly one of the most close-minded responses that could have possibly been written.

    A man chooses to make a stand based on his own convictions, and you tell him how woefully and tragically wrong he is.

    Yet if he were to do the same to you over a lifestyle choice, he would be considered a close-minded bigot. Acceptance and tolerance is a two way street.

    Just because you believe that what he is saying is blatantly wrong, does not make you blatantly right. It makes you judgmental.

    Close the video and move on to a message that you agree with a bit more. It’s a big internet out there!

  68. EchtKultig says

    Gosh, arguing with people like you Kyle, is easier than beating my 3 year old niece at Tic Tac Toe.
    “A man chooses to make a stand based on his own convictions”
    No, they are the unscientific, mythological convictions of modern followers of 2000 year old doomsday cult. This is no different than someone believing they can fly because they are really the son of Zeus; it’s just that society has determined one form of mass psychosis to be permissible and another is not. I wonder if he is willing to be biblically literal about things that are truly unpopular, like being able to sell his daughter into slavery, or being able to stone his children to death if they talk back to him, or that women should remain silent in church…etc. etc. If he isn’t, I say he’s not a true Christian.

    “Yet if he were to do the same to you over a lifestyle choice, he would be considered a close-minded bigot”

    Yes…his church is surely opposed to gay marriage, and he probably is too though I’m not going to bother finding his views on the matter, so he *is* the one being a close-minded bigot.

    “It makes you judgemental.”
    I don’t see anyone saying he can’t have his views, or live his life as he chooses, even if it is based on a lie from a silly old book of fairy tales. They are disagreeing with him promoting that lie. On the other hand, people like him believe:

    openly gay people cannot be married
    openly gay people can be discriminated against in house and employment
    openly gay people cannot adopt children
    etc, etc.
    (in Russia) openly gay people cannot even be publicly honest about their lives

  69. says


    so far, he’s doing the Christian Evasion thing – not being honest about his beliefs, in their entirely. so far, a few of his “supporters” have admitted in their comments on my rebuttal video that, yes, they think non-Christians go to Hell when they die.

    Grady has also turned off the comments on his video. Sorta how like NOM deletes and bans pro-Equality commenters.

    But yeah – so far, the folks supporting Grady’s promotion that “it’s a sin to act on your feelings” also believe that All Jews Go To Hell.

    nice, eh?

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