1. TampaZeke says

    Hear, hear Mr. Gunn!

    This is an issue that should have been addressed YEARS ago!

  2. Qj201 says

    While repulsive…typical for taxi drivers in NYC, carriage, car or otherwise.

    I have heard the most hateful speech from “non-white” but “not-black” taxi drivers (central american, middle eastern, south asian)… anti-black, anti-gay, misogynistic.

  3. David says

    These guys are the worst of the worst. My heart breaks for these absurd animals. It’s awful, what we condone.

  4. Whoa, Nellie! says

    I’m not taking the complaint seriously. It’s just cross-pollination of causes. “Let’s see if we can get more traction by accusing livery drivers of homophobia!” Would they be taking taxis off the streets if you heard cabbies making homophobic/racist/misogynistic remarks? Or would they be removing bicycles if the pedicab drivers insulted their passengers? Of course not–you remove the drivers, not the industry.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty much in agreement that it’s time to retire/replace the livery carriages. But when you go attacking these people’s livelihoods, do you really expect a polite “Thank you, have a nice day!”?

    This is the fakest of fake outrage.

  5. anon says

    The animal rights activists should be able to compromise on the horses, with perhaps a system of spot checking enforcement by the city animal welfare bureau (who’ve been dropping the ball for years on this issue), rather than a wholesale ban because the animals are fine when on duty. It’s the off duty life that stinks.

  6. Merv says

    Before too many years, taxis will drive themselves autonomously, and we’ll be rid of these obnoxious taxi drivers forever.

  7. tracy says

    I have been called an “ugly lesbian” and (other not so nice names that I will not even put in print) when I have asked the drivers about the treatment of their horses. These drivers have NO CLASS, no morals and can barely formulate a proper sentence. So glad this industry is coming to its END.

  8. Enchantra says

    I find the city noise to be obnoxious and nerve wracking. I can only imagine that it’s worse for an animal which doesn’t understand it.

  9. JohnAGJ says

    Not my city so NYC can do as it pleases, no matter how absurd I think all of this is. If PETA is for something that usually makes me suspicious anyways.

  10. JohnAGJ says

    Enchantra: Really? Horses have been domesticated and used by humans for around 5,000-6,000 years. This includes many different environments, from rural to urban. They’ve been used for transportation, as work animals, for food and even in war. Yet somehow only now the poor dears are unable to cope with the sights and sounds of city life? Again, NYC can do as it pleases but don’t expect others to take such nonsensical reasoning seriously.

  11. Glenn says

    I feel like while the anti-horse carriage activists have effectively highlighted individual cases of abuse and/or boorish behavior by drivers, they have not made a convincing case why the practice is inherently abusive. Seems they’ve made a strong case for tighter regulation and better enforcement, but not banning it. Maybe I just haven’t paid close enough attention though.

  12. Jeanie says

    No big surprise here. These drivers have spew racists, homophobic and misogynist slurs at activists or anyone concern about these horses. What do you expect from animal abusers? yes it is abuse when they force these horses daily in traffic all over the city including TImes Square. It is abuse when these drivers blatantly ignore the welfare of the horses for their own financial interest. THis industry offers nothing to this city. Tourists do not fly to NYC for a carriage ride. This industry, unlike any other business, pays NO taxes or fees to the city. unlike the vending cart guy, this industry pays nothing to operate freely in this city. Yet we pay to clean up the mess they leave behind including the traffic accidents. Even victims have to pay for the ambulance ride to the hospital yet this industry pays NOTHING. This industry ignores humane laws, labor laws and traffic laws. Because they are not under the dept of transportation, the drivers were exempt from driver license requirement. They blatantly run lights and make u-turn with no accountability. They double shift the horses, they make the horses work even if horse is sick, they over load the carriage above the maximum limit, etc. The owners hire workers as consultants and avoid labor taxes and any labor laws. How can they be a real union when the owners are in the union and there is no collective bargaining. Why city council does NOTHING and yet protects this fraudulent corrupt industry? WHy city council did not protect honest businesses upheaved by stadiums, gentrification, technology, redevelopment? Why is this corrupt small industry given a free pass? Shame on the city council.


    SO why MR. MIRANDA doesn’t fire this homophobic D@@K? Because the industry is full of homophobic, it isn’t an isolated case. END THIS CRUEL, it is CRUEL TO ME to SEE THEIR UGLY FACES ON OUR STREETS.

  14. James says

    I’m curious, though: Why would anyone ask these drivers how the horses are treated? Do they really expect an honest answer?

    Of course not. The question is meant to provoke and make a point. Doesn’t justify the response, but let’s not be disingenuous here.