Isle of Man: Overseas Same-Sex Marriages To Be Recognized As Civil Partnerships

Isle of man to recognize overseas same sex marriage as civil partnerships

The Isle of Man, a British crown dependency, is to treat overseas same-sex marriages as civil partnerships. As a crown dependency – self-governing possessions of the British crown – the Isle of Man maintains full autonomy.

Although same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales, and will be introduced in Scotland later this year, it is still illegal in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland.

According to Manx Policy and Reform Minister Chris Robertshaw, overseas same-sex marriages should be recognised only as civil partnerships.

Robertshaw added that fifty relationships from other countries – including domestic partnerships in some U.S. states and civil partnerships in Ireland and Jersey – will be treated as civil partnerships.

Representative Zac Hall raised concerns that the list included relationships which were not as formal as a civil partnership. Hall has asked for the list to be withdrawn for further examination.


  1. Jere says

    This debate in the Isle of Man is a perfect illustration of why we need the word “marriage.” Everyone knows what a marriage is and a marriage is a marriage is a marriage. But civil/domestic partnerships mean different things in every jurisdiction that utilizes them. In order to bring everyone “up to code” as it were, we need to have marriages. And, then, either you’re married or you’re not…no question necessary.

  2. james street james says

    We need equality. But that could be in the form of civil partnership if governments were only doing just that for everyone, equally.

    If some bizarre religion wants to call such a union by some other name and restrict its availability, let ’em. Just don’t give it legal status.

    We need to separate church and state on this issue of marriage. The state should not be a proxy for a religious ceremony. And no religion should have any say in who gets legal recognition from the government.

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