1. pablo says

    Love the styling of these photos. It’s really interesting to see these kinds of takes on “the future” that isn’t so obvious and so much like some Tom Cruise or Super Hero action movie.

  2. Håkon says

    Tattoos are very ‘in’ right now. I think I may be the only gay guy I know to not have one. Thank goodness I’m largely immune to peer pressure…

  3. Sergio says

    “…giving donkies (donkeys) hand-jobs for money and leave the comments sections for the adults.”

    You’d better start working that juvenile wrist then, buddy.

  4. verbocity eric says

    let’s take a moment to look at this work in the context of the Hunger Games universe:

    the people of the districts are serfs. they have no rights and exist only to serve the needs of the capitol.

    these photos glamourize slavery.

    they are social satire as well as fashion shots

  5. Rich says

    I read all the books but won’t watch the movies until they are all done. Having read them, I can say that it could easily have been three films instead of four, but they want to milk the franchise for all it’s worth, and then some
    I agree with the comments on the excessive number of tattoos no matter how hot the person is, after more than a few tats, they become kind of repulsive.

  6. smithy says

    to be fair, none of the pictures shown represent except minsky’s, how is anyone to connect without understanding why? also, with all the comments being deliberated at tatt’s as fad, might as well been a picture of 1d…

  7. Jeip says

    Clicking on a post about Alex Minsky to comment on how much you dislike tattoos is sort of like putting your head between a woman’s thighs and expressing your distaste for vaginas.

  8. Håkon says

    You scroll along and suddenly see Minsky’s eighty tattoos, Jeip. It’s more like taking a stroll and then suddenly having a woman’s vagina drop on your face. The element of surprise compels you to comment.

  9. Stephen says

    I’ve noticed that my fellow gay men always seem to feel the need to immediately critique any man they see online. “Too many tats” “like them with more muscles” etc. I had a friend post a shirtless picture on Facebook recently of how much weight he had lost, and within five minutes he got the comment “Would be a nice shot if you hadn’t trimmed your chest hair. I like my boys furry”. Can’t we all just let people look like they do and celebrate them regardless? Isn’t that part of the point of our movement? And honestly even if you don’t like tattoos is it that offensive to see someone with them? There are plenty of pics online of the guys you like – go look at those.

  10. Jerry says

    If queers would focus on bettering themselves and less on coming up with c*nty criticisms of what they do and don’t find attractive, they might be happier people. I guarantee that no Queen who has hated on Alex Minsky’s tats is anywhere near as hot as he is.

  11. Ninong says

    His tattoos are his business and in any case, they’re very well done and artistic. Some of his tats hide scars and his facial hair hides the extensive surgery that was required to rebuild his lower jaw.

    Why in the world would anyone make negative comments about a seriously injured veteran? Thank you for your service, Alex, and your tattoos look GREAT! As long as you like them and they make you happy that’s all that matters.

  12. Marlon Manroe says

    Well said, Stephen. The need to rip the appearances of others apart stems from insecurities about oneself. I remember being out at dinner once with a group of about 10 guys who all quickly admired a hot guy walking in, they quickly then turned and each picked out what they didn’t like about him. It was gross and immature.

    And hearing a person yammer on about how they hate tattoos every time they see one is uglier than the ugliest tattoo… and more boring than most vanilla person who has no ink at all.

  13. Jerry says

    OMG That woman is carrying wheat. I hate wheat, it makes her look stupid and she is going to hate that wheat when she is 60. I hate wheat and therefore everyone should

  14. Mitch says

    Thank God he PERFECTED his body with those amazing and lickable tattoos. I LAUGH at still too stupid to appreciate a fine and fully tattooed piece of flesh perfection. “oh he’s got too many tats!”…really? Climb out from under your mommies skirt for a change and feast your eyes on a real man. Too much for you? Try girls then.

  15. Jessey says

    This man lost part of his body serving his country, he not only uses his ink as a form of personal expression but to also cover a network of scars. I’m sure he spent give a flying fig what anyone thinks about his ink. Desecration or not I would lick.that man head to toe. The rest of you can keep your close minded judgment else where. Alex keep up the good work of living in such a way that WBC will picket your funeral in the future.

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