NYC LGBT Leaders Endorse Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for Reelection

Three prominent LGBT organizations and six LGBT members of the New York City Council have endorsed New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (pictured) for reelection. It's no coincidence that these endorsements fall on the one-year anniversary of DOMA's defeat; Schneiderman was an active opponent of the law, so the timing is symbolic.

SchneidermanIn their statements of endorsement, Councilmembers Jimmy Van Bramer, Rosie Méndez, Daniel Dromm, Corey Johnson, Carlos Menchaca, and Ritchie Torres cite the Attorney General's strong track record of supporting LGBT rights. In addition to fighting DOMA and Prop 8, Schneiderman was a supporter of LGBT rights in the early 2000s, when being a vocal ally was less politically popular.

According to Councilmember Dromm: "Before [Schneiderman] was Attorney General, he worked with our LGBT community to pass SONDA [2002] and DASA [2010] in the State Senate, laws that provide important protections against workplace discrimination and school harassment."

Schneideman is also praised in the statements for his support for immigration reform via the DREAM act, which supports immigrant high school students.

Said Councilmember Menchaca:  "Attorney General Scheiderman has always championed fair treatment for all New Yorkers. That's why the LGBT community and all communities need him fighting by our side, and why I'm proud to endorse him for reelection this November."

Three prominent LGBT organizations joined in the endorsement:  Gay and Lesbian Independant Democrats, the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, and Lambda Independant Democrats of Brooklyn.

Said Schneiderman in response to the support: “I am incredibly grateful for the support of these Council Members and LGBT leaders. They know that our work to ensure equal justice for all New Yorkers is far from over. With their help and support, I look forward to continuing that fight for the next four years.”


  1. MaryM says

    Is he committed to strict regulation of corporations; and their influence on politics. Does he support taxing the super-wealthy at much higher rates.

    If not then he is no friend of our (or any community).

    We need to understand that LGB rights are wedge issues designed to highlight the cosmetic differences between the 2 parties in our undemocratic oligarchy.

    Being allowed to marry is all well and good, but if you can’t pay your bills even if you are working 50 hours a week, then getting married is hardly a huge benefit.

  2. Liam says

    MaryM: Our rights are VERY important, not just all well and good. Your posts are always nasty and divisive. Find some other place to spew your venom and hate.

  3. WashHeights says

    Eric Schneiderman was my state senator and a leader of progressives in New York State. What a wonderful man and congratulations I wish he had more support from the current senate and our distant governor. He hammers against all who stand in the way of the middle class and helps those who need a voice for the good of our state. I am proud to call him my AG. IGNORANCE IS NO REASON TO HATE.