Pizzeria Employees Cover Bill for Gay Wisconsin Newlyweds


A gay Wisconsin couple likely weren't expecting to have the day they had last Friday. First, a judge ruled the state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Second, they were married hours later. Third, the pizzeria they went to for their wedding dinner covered their entire bill. 

Christopher Graham and Andrew Capelle posted a photo on Facebook of their receipt from the Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe with a message thanking the staff:

Yesterday, my husband and I could legally get married in Wisconsin. After our ceremony (and staying to witness several others) we stopped in last night for dinner to celebrate. When the check came, our server, Melissa, told us that our bill had been taken care of by the staff. 

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you personally and publicly for the very kind gesture. It was an amazing day that we will never forget, especially how your restaurant and staff made it even more wonderful. Thank you!!

WISN reports that over 80 same-sex couples were married at the Milwaukee County courthouse after the ban was struck down. 


  1. MIke says

    It’s nice to read a restaurant bill story that isn’t fraudulent for a change. Happy Judy B-Day Day! (for us “old queens” so reviled around here)

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Wow. NICE story and lovely gesture! I wish you’d tell what town that restaurant is in: I’m sure the gay people living in the area would be delighted to show their gratitude by their patronage.

  3. Philie says


    Area code 414 (phone number on the bill) belongs to Milwaukee County including Milwaukee City.

    Lovely open gesture from a small Milwaukee pizzeria.

  4. crispy says

    They had their actual wedding last year, and based on their Facebook photos it was quite lovely and they didn’t go out for pizza (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Last week they were legally married at the county courthouse, which honestly has all the romantic value of getting your drivers license renewed. Stopping for pizza on the way home is perfectly reasonable.

  5. Peter says

    Same thing happened when my husband and I got married in Seattle City Hall on the first day of equality here (Dec 2012). That night we went to our favorite brewpub for dinner. One of the staff had seen us on TV and brought all the staff around one by one to congratulate us. When we got our tab, it had been comped. Thank you, staff of The Elysian!

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