1. ppp says

    It doesn’t matter anymore. Republican will either become the wing in twenty first century or hijack libertarianism and thus become new libertarian party. Tea party has no future.

  2. Buck says

    I think his stance put him right in line with the general Republican thinking.

    “I don’t care about anything but myself and how issues personally affect me and my family.”

  3. Ari says

    It’s great he’s now on board (now that it affects him personally), but he’s still blaming gays for his current position. Were he to state that his party now puts him at odds with being pro-equality, rather than the other way around, it would reveal that he has truly evolved. As his statements stand right now, he’s still, deep down, blaming his son for this predicament and ultimately only concerned with his son’s equality, not equality for his constituency.

    Basically, he’s got no balls.

  4. says

    How about “My party’s continued promotion of anti-gay bigotry and prejudice will make LIFE, for LGBT people like my son, More Difficult.”

    how about that? how about addressing your role in negatively impacting the lives of millions of American by wasting so many years promoting bigotry and discrimination?

    how about the sad reality that despite having a change of heart two years after your son came out, and deciding that maybe he did deserve the freedom to marry – you face an uphill battle… getting your fellow republicans to do what you yourself were never able to do: care about someone else’s kid.

    The problem is your party is run by bigots who pander to bigots, and yet they also PROMOTE BIGOTRY in order to control those numbers!

    What a tool. I feel awful for his son. When THIS is the best example of a “Republican Dad”… just shows how low standards of expectation are when dealing with conservatives.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Typical Republican reaction: It’s everybody’s fault but his own. Now that “Teh Gayz” are an issue for him, it’s their fault if he looses. Newsflash: He may support his son, but Rob Portman is still a loser.

  6. Scudder says

    The relevant portion of this 40 minute video starts around the 35:00 mark. Otherwise, you’ll have to endure a puke-inducing duo blabber on about GOP propaganda.)

  7. Jim says

    I don’t share the sentiments others have expressed. I think Portman makes a simple point: his support for same-sex marriage (however he came to support it) makes winning a Republican president primary a dicey proposition. He’s not blaming anybody. He’s just stating fact. But he also states that same-sex marriage is a conservative idea that encourages and supports families. You don’t hear that from most gay-friendly Republicans who usually take a live-and-let-live stand. Portman is saying that same-sex marriage is a positive social value. That’s a strong endorsement. And of course that strong endorsement puts him at odds with the run-of-the-mill Republican wackadoodle presidential primary voter.

  8. says

    JIM – the point is this – he’s talking about how supporting gay marriage hurts his chances at running for President. Not about how the GOP’s policies hurt his son’s chances for a happy life, free from prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

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