Profiling The Many Failures Of GOProud

GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia Chris Barron

GOProud, the Tea Party-esque vanity project of founders Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia for self-destructive homos, fell apart this year after it was unable to compensate for the loss of its largest donor Paul Singer and both of its founders left the organization.

According to a piece at The Daily Beast, it seems that the problems actually begain much earlier and that GOProud was effectively done and over with a year ago. According to now-owner Matt Bechstein,

There was donor discontent, the organization was broke, they were having difficulty raising money, and they ruined just about every relationship possible.

Sounds about right for an organization that found a "strong ally" in Ann Coulter.


  1. kit says

    There should be some political party to join for people who are both gay and fiscally conservative. But the Republican Party is not that. It is a party built around ignorance, bigotry, and paranoia – with gays, women, scientists, etc. as the scapegoats for the failings of their policies. They are a frightening manifestation of the worst in human kind, led by truly evil and scary people. Any LGBTQ person who thought they would be welcomed by these fascists was sadly deluded.

  2. e.c. says

    Kit not only is the current GOP hostile to Gays, they aren’t even fiscally conservative so it’s even more baffling what any sane homo would want to be a part of it.

  3. puggleboy says

    How ANY self respecting homo can sit on the republican side of the aisle astonishes me, and always will.

  4. jamal49 says

    @KIT There is a party where you can be gay and fiscally conservative. It’s called The Democratic Party. Witness what Pres. Obama had done to rescue the nation’s economy since 2008. Once again, Democrats clean up Republican profligacy and fiscal recklessness. Clinton had to do it after 12 years of Reagan/Bush. Obama has halved the national debt, reduced spending levels not seen since Eisenhower’s era, and in spite of Republican intransigence has managed to get some modicum of economic growth. Once the ACA is in full swing, the private health care sector alone will experience tremendous growth and job creation. “Fiscally conservative” is a code word for bullsh*t, the worst kind of Republican bullsh*t. Today’s Democratic Party is pro-growth, moderately pro-business but willing to reign in corporate excess and still help the American worker. The idea of “conservative”is dead, killed by Tea Batty extremists. “Fiscally conservative” as a “conservative” meme is also dead, killed by those very same fiscal conservatives whose hypocrisy is breathtaking in its audacity.

  5. wct says

    Good Lord, I see a lot of over processing and botox. They look like mannequins. Very Norma Desmond….refusing to accept reality.

  6. james street james says

    The Republican Party appeals to people who like simple-minded “principles” because it’s easier to be “principled” than to think about things. Unfortunately for them nineteenth century principles don’t work in today’s economy. The Bush/Cheney economic disaster was anything but conservative.

    Romney’s main appeal was snob appeal. “We’re not one of THEM” they say to themselves, we deserve everything we’ve not worked for.

    Looks like the money pot at GOProud ran out and so did the founders. So they do have some economic principles!

  7. NY2.0 says

    Ofcourse GOProud failed, get a bunch of priviledged,self-serving narcissists in one room and everything goes down hill. They tried way too hard to be accepted by right-wings who despise the existence of gay people. They wanted to be part of the old boys club so they can hate on women, blacks, Latinos and liberal gays.

    Gay Republicans have done absolutely nothing to help advance the rights of the gay community. There’s marriage equality in 19 states because of Democrats and the gay left.

  8. says


    Boys, no matter how many racist comments you made (Jimmy LaSalvia’s fabricated story about being attacked by “BLACK YOUTHS”), no matter how many asinine comments (Chris Barron’s “The Gay Left = The American Taliban” nonsense….) they always remained cowardly wimps who didn’t command respect, nor deserve it.

    Time to put two and two together, boys – your way hasn’t worked. at all.

    their not being invited to CPAC. a few times. GOOD.
    remember how they “represented gays” when they were at CPAC? no? don’t worry – i can show you.

    yay! Here we are, representing gay republicans! whaddya wanna say? “I don’t like gay people that much, stereotypical gay people,” says the total Mary.

    I have pity for gay republicans – to an extent. Pity that they’re born into sh**ty republican families. but a great many of my best friends were born into shi**y republican families – they grew brains and spines and defied their bigotry and called it out.

    the GOProud boys are a perfect example of what a man is reduced to when he neuters himself in the hopes of achieving “tolerance” – not love, not acceptance; pithy conditional tolerance.

    GOProud gets angry at anything they can spin agains liberals. and ignores the no-spin-needed bigotry of the GOP, including their friend Ann Coulter. of COURSE they love Ann Coulter. she reminds them of their families – she openly mocks and expresses her disdain for them – and they lap it up.

    Barron, LaSalvia, and even the losers over the the LCR – at some point realize that the reason your families and communities hate gay people are not “because of gay liberals” – but because they’re ignorant and bigoted people. And you’re just like them. Your lives, thus far, have been a waste and a failure.

    cheers to the end of your joke of an organization

  9. Bernie says

    I never understood nor do I understand being gay and Republican…it is one of the biggest oxymorons! How do you justify being part of a group that hates you and you continually have to BEG to be part of?!?!? I call it internalized homophobia… and that bs that one is fiscally conservative is bunk! Does that ever work out???!?!?!?

  10. GBeing says

    Bernie, it’s simple. Just because some of us are gay doesn’t mean we need to march lockstep with you liberals and care about things like the environment and the economy and jobs and equality for all Americans, ok? Some of us just need to find a way to make our white republican parents a little less ashamed of us than usual, and being republican and never standing up for ourselves is how we’ve found a way to do it. Sure, we’re not loved. Ok, so we’re not accepted. But our parents hate us a little bit less, so it’s worth it, ok?

    This is why we gay republican commenters can’t ever show ourselves, or make our statements from a place of visibility, we only troll. Do you have ANY idea how disappointed my family are of me? I’ve cut my own balls of, I’ve hated liberals, i’ve hatred the left, I’ve hated non-whites, and STILL they barely can bring themselves to pretend that they love me.

    That’s why I’m a republican. Hoping that one day all my work as a doormat will mean i’m let back inside the house.

  11. BrianM says

    @jamal49: What you said! When a gay person tells me, “I’m fiscally conservative,” what I hear is, “I make a lot of money and don’t to pay my share of taxes.”

  12. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    The Ministry of Propaganda at the GOP, led by people like Frank Luntz, Karl Rove, and Roger Ailes, has long sought the Holy Grail of rightwing politics… which is convincing groups like gays, blacks, Hispanics, and women that they are actually helped by “Republican Principles”

    In reality, they know their policies are the absolute opposite of “in the best interests” of these demographic groups. However, these men are not stupid (evil, yes), they know political science. They know that in an era of close elections, all they need is to peel off a few voters from each of these voting blocks to gain a majority. They’ll say or do anything to win.

    As the big-mouthed, egomaniac host of “Morning Joe” often advises GOP candidates, “Keep quiet about controversial social issues, just get yourself elected. Then you’ll have the power to enact anything you want”

    Naive gays who may have greedy or racist tendencies to begin with are prime targets to abandon their own self-dignity & vote for their oppressors.

  13. GBeing says

    Well, Jonny, you also forget the biggest factor for us gay republicans: our parents are already embarrassed and ashamed that we’re gay. If they ever thought that we were also LIBERALS they’d totally cut us out of their wills.

  14. RealGBEING says

    KIWI-ISM LIVES: Kiew is posting under my name (GBeing) to try to cure his constipation. My last post was about this being “GAY FOX NEWS” Don’t be taken in by this “precocious 32 year old!” There is nothing profound about his arguments. They are old news. But from his antiquated Canadian perch they are gems. Try as he might he can’t compete with LA America.

  15. GBeing says

    And yet try as I might, I’ll always be an anonymous wimp. One more reason my GOP-leaning family doesn’t respect me. I’m not man enough to command respect. Remember folks – those of us who make our boastful claims from a place of anonymity do so because we don’t have the orbs to be visible.

    That’s we we troll. We’re simply not strong enough to stand up to be counted. RIP GOProud.

  16. MostOfMyWords says


    You forgot one thing. Shoes! I remember one of the gay republicans on the ‘reality show’ “A List New York” speaking to two other gay republicans and Anne Coulter say that the reason why he is a gay republican is because he wants to be able to buy more shoes…

    (Your reasoning was more honest and self-reflective though)

  17. Paul B. says

    Kiwi…as usual you’re right on the money…both as “Kiwi” and “G”. Gay republicans…just saying that hurts…are often motivated by money…sometimes self-loathing…usually a combination of both.
    Luckily it’s a rare form of self destruction
    and impossible to reconcile. Who they are and what they really think is a mystery…but I’m sure they’re in a lot of pain.

  18. GBeing's Dad says

    Go for ten or twelve drinks, son. And drive yourself home. You’re a wimp, and your use of the internet to be an anonymous troll is an even bigger reason for why you’ve always been a disappointment to me.

  19. Anon says


    “antiquated Canadian perch”??

    I hardly think Americans are in any position to call Canadians “antiquated”, given that America has so much ANTIQUATED INSTITUTIONALIZED PREJUDICE against gays that Canada doesn’t. Try legalizing equality and keep it going a few years before you start calling other more progressive nations “antiquated”.

  20. RealGBEING says

    You might edit your comments for repetition Kiwi. The same themes emerge. Generalize should be your middle name, but you’re excused because of your geographic isolation.

  21. Anon says


    We wanna see you sexercise. Provided you’re not too out of shape; if you are, don’t worry, you’re excused because of your geographical location…

  22. RealGBEING says

    You think I like Republicans? I just don’t jump for every baited hook. More fun to play comment ping pong with a raging liberal cliche. At least you do voice opinions, which is to your credit. I’m too famous to reveal my identity. Hazard of celebrity. Sorry.

  23. says

    totally, Paul B. the saddest part is they still don’t get that THEIR WAY HASN’T WORKED.

    And they’ll likely never get it. That’s how intense their self-loathing runs. When you realize that the people your crap Republican parents have taught you to hate are the very people solely responsible for any middling freedoms or equality you MIGHT have…well, that’s gotta cut deep.

    to know that some “lefty liberal” whom you’ve been raised to hate actually cares more about you than your own GOP-voting family?

    OUCH! The Musical.

  24. RealGBeing says

    And by famous I mean cowardly. Because i have no balls. And no spine. Still, I get to troll the internet anonymously! hey dad! Proud of me yet? No? Damn. Must be a day of the week that ends in Y….

  25. ReallyGBEING says

    You’re a comment Tranny Kiwi. Can’t decide your identity. You should change your screen name to Kiwi O’Reilly in honor of Fox News Bill O’Reilly. After this rant against GOProud do you have enough hate left for straight enemies? Until you can vote in The United States please keep your trap shut — O’Reilly

  26. emjayay says

    Sick of as usual the name stealing or maybe not name stealing, who knows, here because of the worthless commenting system. Real or fake, those Gbeing comments would have a gotten big thmbs up from me – if there was a thumbs up function here.

    Also others – great! One little thing, jamal49, Obama didn’t halve the national debt, but the yearly deficit. Only Clinton started actually paying down the debt, only of course to have that trashed and reversed in a big way by President Dumbfuck Pretend Cowboy.

  27. Anon says


    You’re fooling no one but yourself. Congratulations.

  28. ReallyReallyGB says

    Keep latching on to my identity Kiwi. You’re such a flirt! Let’s talk after you get off.

  29. ReallyReallyGB says

    That’s why you keep stealing mine. You ‘d like me in person I guarantee. Enjoy the weekend.

  30. Paul B. says

    @ANON…please don’t group all Americans in with that fool. I’ve lived on both sides of the border and it’s not that different in many ways. I wish this “enlightenment thing” would happen more quickly for us all! And…we should let RRGB know that the whooly mammoths are all in zoos now and the glaciers have receded from the main roads at least. In case he missed that memo.

  31. Anon says

    Dear Paul B.,

    Sorry for that. Thank you for bringing to my attention that I broke one of my own personal rules: Be mindful of others and be specific enough not to include others when throwing shade.

    I assure you I do not think all non-gay Americans are fat and anti-gay.

    That last crack about the mammoths cracked me up :-)

  32. EJ says

    “Gay Republicans have done absolutely nothing to help advance the rights of the gay community. There’s marriage equality in 19 states because of Democrats and the gay left.”

    While I generally agree, I’m not sure if it is necessarily fair to paint gay republicans (actual gay members of the party) with the exact same brush as the larger republican party when in comes to LGBT issues. As long as gay republicans support LGBT causes and fight for LGBT equality, their political affiliation is not relevant. I have marriage equality in my state because of votes from both parties, not just democrats or those with the backing of the gay left. In this circumstance, affiliation didn’t matter, actions did. And as much as we hate to admit, the Log Cabin Republicans were the ones who filed the federal lawsuit which ultimately overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Not HRC, the ACLU or any other organization that we tend to favor.
    It’s easy to slam the Republicans and gay republicans for a lot of things, but to claim they have done absolutely nothing is a bit of a stretch. Self-loathing, etc. aside, having pro-gay voices in a party that desperately needs it really can’t do any harm.

  33. simon says

    Too famous to reveal himself? Is that Brian Brown? His blog doesn’t even have a comment system. Basically he is talking to himself. After seeing the million-strong march in France, he had his first “march for marriage”. His situation is a lot like the GOProud. There are only a few dummies left as his donors. You have to be really dumb to give money to a failing organization.

  34. simon says

    It is funny that some people think “liberal” is a dirty word. Actually the French socialists proudly call themselves “leftists”.

  35. GB says

    ANON: I’d suggest needlepointing that on to a pot holder., but don’t get sued for plagiarism.

  36. Houndentenor says

    Failure? It was nothing more than astroturf to provide some cover to keep moderates uncomfortable with all the GOPs incessant gay-bashing from bolting. They didn’t even seem to be for gay rights and all their criticism was against Democrats. Was there even a single tweet or statement chastising a Republican for an anti-gay position? They didn’t accomplish anything because they weren’t supposed to. I guess even that was a failure because the moderates are bolting anyway, but let’s not kid ourselves that their purpose was to advocate for gay rights inside the GOP. There’s no evidence of any attempt to do that.

  37. says

    let’s be real, folks, GOProud was nothing more than a support-group, of sorts, for your prototypical gay white republican boys who need a Cover to save their own butts.

    “hey guys! do your families and communities hate you for being gay as much as mine do? great! i have an idea! let’s get together, and say racist things, and hate the gay left, and hate liberals, and hate obama, and IGNORE ALL THE BIGOTRY IN THE GOP, and toe the line on all their prejudiced stances, and maybe we can buy ourselves a little tolerance! let’s try it!”

    that’s all that GOProud ever was. and its members are indeed the biggest wimps in america.

  38. Mary says

    Does anyone remember that hilarious comment made here about GOProud several years ago? Someone said that every time someone is mentioned in relation to GOProud the person is said to be “a member of the advisory committee” or something to that effect. The comment then was “how many ‘advisors’ does GOProud need? Don’t they know what they’re doing?” I thought this observation was hilarious!

  39. BlackBeachBum says

    All I can tell you is that I have slammed a lot of white neo-cons. They all have jungle fever. All. Of. Them.