Starbucks Raises Enormous LGBT Pride Flag Over Seattle Headquarters: PHOTOS


Starbucks raised an enormous 800 square foot LGBT Pride flag over its Seattle headquarters today in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Seattle Pride.

Photographer Nate Gowdy was on hand and shared these images with Towleroad of the clock tower and flag, as well as CEO Howard Schultz, who observed the flag raising with employees.

Seattle Pride Communications Director Adam McRoberts applauded the gesture in a press release:

"We are thrillled that Starbucks is showing their support for the LGBT community in this very big, very public way. The flag flying over their headquarters will welcome thousands of visitors coming to seattle to celebrate Pride this week and is a testament to the support Starbucks has shown the LGBT community over the years."



  1. T.s. says

    Its a very big flag, and apparently had to be specially sewn. I was at my beloved Pony (Seattle gay bar, the best) recently and got a little insight from a higher up at SB about it and the determination of Schultz to make a big statement in spite of people within the company (who are fully for equal rights) a little worried that it would bring a boycott. I am not a coffee drinker, and when I do drink coffee I generally go to one of the many smaller cafes here in Seattle. But Schultz and his team are for real and I salute their extra effort. Yay for Seattle!

  2. MaryM says

    Starbucks coffee still tastes like pigswill.

    Did you know that Starbucks pays no tax whatsoever in Europe – it launders its money through the Netherlands.

    Starbucks is another vile, corporate giant whose gay-friendliness is skin deep.

    Naturally it continues to have contempt for the countries it operates in.

  3. johnny says

    I wonder when people will finally realize that the rainbow flag isn’t just an LGBT symbol, it’s an EVERYONE IS EQUAL symbol…

    That means it’s even inclusive of those idiots who hate it.

  4. Reverse Polarity says

    Whatever criticisms you might have of Starbucks, it has been a pretty LGBT-friendly company from the start. I commend them for their symbolism.

    However, for you non-Seattle residents, the Starbucks building pictured is in an industrial area of south Seattle next to a railroad. Despite the grand size of the flag, a lot of people will never see it. It won’t have a fraction of the visibility that the Pride flag flying from the Space Needle had, for example.

  5. David Jarretrt says

    Starbucks unfurled ONLY an 800 square foot gay flag on top of their headquarter building ??? Starbucks must be homophobic, as they flew such a tiny flat. My gay flag is 1600 square inches — twice their size. And, besides, what is the minor difference between square feet and square inches………

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