1. Jim says

    Regarding the Roller Derby at L.A. Pride, this rink was in the so called VIP area. People who wanted to be in this area had to pay $65(regular entrance was $20). I don’t think that the Pride Festival should have an elitist area for those who can afford it. I thought this was all about equality. And it was especially evident on Sunday, after the parade, that the festival was extremely crowded and would have benefitted from the extra space taken up by the elitist area. Bad Move!

  2. iban4yesu says

    pLEASE, don’t, dear.
    wanting an wild animal as a pet too often opens a whole ecological predicament. I don’t trust a Japanese (“fad” or not) in principle with a few exceptions. So that helps, in this case, in fighting the temptation. 😉

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