‘True Blood’ Stage Musical in the Works


True Blood is ending this season but it may find life after death as a stage musical, the Guardian reports:

Nathan Barr, speaking at the premiere of the final season, said that he'd pitched the idea for a musical version to the show's creator Alan Ball. Barr has composed the instrumental music for the show's seven seasons, and created some sample versions of musical numbers along with British actor Stephen Moyer who plays the vampiric lead in the show.

"I think we're really going to try to return to the roots of the show," Barr said, admitting "there are no guarantees" that it would ever reach the stage. "But I think the direction we're heading in is really exciting."

Ball must finish his Chippendales film first however, and is also planning a film about a male genie called I Dream of Gene, the Guardian adds.


  1. says


    I’m still waiting for someone to write a brilliant, 10-minute “summing it all up” prologue and then putting Joss Whedon’s landmark “Once More, With Feeling” Buffy musical episode on stage.

  2. pablo says

    The concept is so goofy and thin. It’s like middle school fiction. The show should have been an hour and a half long movie instead of this tortured mess.

  3. Quicksilver says

    Okay the show was cute in the beginning, like an R-rated Buffy. But it got old quick. Now it is just sad. How could giving it the Glee treatment not signal the end of days.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Is it possible for a musical to open & close on the same night? Was “The Producers” based on a true future story? I doubt if this concept has legs.

    The only reason to watch the final season of “True Blood” on HBO is the sex & gore. Highly unlikely these attributes can successfully translate to stage.

  5. alex says

    @JonnyNYNY2FLFL: I agree that this is a generally poor idea. But, gore is possible on the stage. Martin McDonagh’s play “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” has characters hanging upside being tortured, cats being maimed, dismembered body parts, and a shocking on-stage death by gunshot.

    About 4-5 years ago, I saw the play in Los Angeles starring the very talented Chris Pine. I was in the front row. I was spared, but when the lights came up, the guy next to me had fake blood all over his pants. He looked like he had been in a car accident.

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