U.S. to Announce New Measures Against Uganda for Anti-Gay Law


Reuters is reporting that the U.S. is going to announce measures against Uganda over its anti-gay law:

The White House announcement, expected later in the day, will ratchet up punishment on those implementing the law, officials told Reuters.

Back in February, Secretary of State John Kerry said the State Department would begin reviewing the U.S. relationship over the anti-gay law.


  1. simon says

    Now the naysayers will say he does it so soon after his gay fundraiser. Even if it was the request of the community, is it a bad thing?

  2. Randy says

    “ratchet up punishment on those implementing the law”

    I’d rather see ratcheting up punishment on any US charity or business doing work in Uganda (with the sole exception being charities seeking to spread humanism).

  3. NOTICE says

    I have an idea: let’s make an exception for the Christian religious organizations in Uganda spreading the word of God. Because nothing says “God” like hate.