1. Derrick from Philly says

    There are some good-looking Soccer players in this world…with sexy strong legs.

    Oh, and I’ll be cheering for Americans also–as long as I can sit through a game.

  2. crispy says

    I know Brazil is so humid everyone in the entire country has a chronic case of swamp-ass, but it’s the Vice President and his family… put on a damn shirt!

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Crispy’s fired! “Put on a shirt”? What’s wrong with you?”

    LOL. I knew this news story would bring some fun comments.

    LOL @ “swamp ass”

    LOL. CRISPY. Oh, my Lord. I wonder if I’ve ever been infected with such a condition. Maybe that’s why I don’t visit family in Florida or Georgia in the summer–nope, not any more!

  4. pete n sfo says

    Well, their enthusiasm seems genuine, but seriously… stand the F up when the VP of the USA enters the room!

    What’s wrong with these guys? With the exception of the two featured, has no one explained even the basics of PR to these guys?

  5. Christopher Williams says

    On etiquette:

    To be fair, these guys were all limping off the field after the match. I bet VPOTUS understood them mostly staying seated.

    Also, he is courting the gay vote hard in case Hillary passes on 2016. I doubt he minds being in videos and photos with shirtless world-class athletes.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I declare:

    since CRISPY mentioned “swamp ass” I’ve spent about 20 minutes looking up information on the “swamp ass” condition. It seems that there are many folks who suffer wet and funky booty clefts (between their butt cheeks). I never thought that it would become a subject on Towleroad.

    What if you just folded a piece of paper towel and stuck it between….oh, nevermind.

    You learn something new everyday on the internet blogs.

    “SWAMP ASS”. I hope there will be a cure one day… very soon. For all of humanity–including heterosexuals.

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