Britain’s Got Talent Winner Jamie Lambert: I’m Gay


Jamie Lambert (second from left) of Britain's Got Talent winner Collabro has come out of the closet in an interview with Britain's The Sun.

Lambert says he has been out for a while, it's just that the press has never asked about it:

“No one asked — I have nothing to hide from anybody. I think it’s really important that all gay people in the public eye just talk about it. The more that happens, the more normal it becomes…I remember when Stephen Gately from Boyzone came out and it was a really massive deal…But I think nowadays it’s about being comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with who you fall in love with. It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s with a man or a woman…It’s only an aspect of me, just like it’s only an aspect of [his Collabro bandmates] that they’re straight. It’s not all of who I am. I would hate for people to see me as ‘the gay one’, rather than the one who sings that line.”

Towleroad posted a clip back in April when the boyband first made an impression on the BGT judges.

Check it out HERE.


  1. Rick says

    “Swishy twink comes out of closet, surprises no one.”

    Gay male youths deserve stronger role models than this. And if he’s so concerned about normalizing homosexuality perhaps he should drop the effeminacy and act like a real man.

  2. MaryM says

    “Swishy twink comes out of closet, surprises no one.”

    Gay male youths deserve stronger role models than this. And if he’s so concerned about normalizing homosexuality perhaps he should drop the effeminacy and act like a real man.

  3. says

    well done. as for being “the gay one” – it’s merely how we’re seen by those who aren’t yet used to being around, and knowing Gay People.

    both times i went to university i was “the first gay person’ a lot of my classmates had ever known. thus, for a while in their eyes, i was “the gay guy” – and i was fine with that – because i understood that to them it was a new thing to have a gay friend, let alone daily interactions with an openly-gay person.

    it’s the burden those who come out have – we pick up the slack for those who refuse to stand up to be counted, we’re the Gay One, because we’re not The One Who’s Hiding.

    well met, young man!

  4. Matt27 says

    @Rick @Marym @whoever, he didn’t come out as a role model but as himself, and who are you to decide who should be a role model. He is young and his career has only begun, I think it is brave thing to come out at this point, and not 20 years from now.

  5. bkmn says

    I don’t understand why some feel it necessary to criticize someone for being effeminate. If that is how he is, let him be happy.

    If not for the effeminate men who were proudly out before it was fashionable, the closet door would not be open.

  6. MaryM says

    LittleCanadian, pestering the rest of us from his moral high horse he gained will living under the sheltered wing of his wealthy parents. As if he knows what’s it’s like to live in the real world, where effeminacy is nothing more than a hinderance and an act that only appeals to similarly close-minded liberal gays who also do not live in the real world.

  7. says

    middle class. public school educated. first part-time job when i was 15 years old. i know – you’re a conservative and your family hates you. and that’s why you post your bile, anonymously, under various screen names – every day. and it’s why you’re unhealthily obsessed with me – i can do, and be, everything you can’t. if i’m so effeminate then i’m WERKing it like it’s nobody’s business – as my life is bliss. yours is nothing – you have no life, and no love. i have pity for you. but not sympathy.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “As long as Effeminate Gays Bully Masculine Gays for existing…Nothing moves forward….”

    DAMN! We bullying queens are some tough b1tches, AINT we? LOL “We’re not going to be shady, just FIERCE!” LOL

  9. says

    Derrick, ain’t Troll sad? yeah. effeminate gays bullying “masculine” gays. right. i’ve never met a “masculine gay” who hates or denigrates “effeminate gays”, in my entire life. only insecure faux-macho posturing cowards do that.

    but yeah. that’s like “oh those mean gays are bullying and persecution Christians”. except not at all.

    in any way. ever. it’s funny how trolls think anonymously typing “i’m masculine” on the internet makes it so. might as well say “i’m crushingly attractive and incredibly popular and everyone wants to sit with me at lunch time”

    lies lies lies.

  10. says

    That you all laughlingly dismiss the persecution of masculine gays in modern gay culture paints a terrible portrait of modern gay men. Since when are we a community run by sissies?

  11. says

    That you all laughlingly dismiss the persecution of masculine gays in modern gay culture paints a terrible portrait of modern gay men. Since when are we a community run by sissies?

  12. ben~andy says

    I’d almost rather see Styler, Marym and Rick all post under the same pseudonym than bother to post the EXACT SAME trash a mere 12 seconds apart.

    Repetition doesn’t make it true. I’m a handyman/builder and an otter [skinny bear], have a beard and long hair. I’ve been a West Hollywood Cheerleader [Nellie Bigbush] and a “convention hostess” [drag character Uma Winfrey].

    I swish when I want and hammer, saw, drill, plane, paint, wire, plumb, tile, design, purchase, install, bill and provide guidance on all matters home/office maintenance. But EVERYONE knows I’m gay and if they don’t like it, I probably will know and they WON’T get those service from me the next time they need them.

    I also have an acting background, am a middling to awful singer and enjoy ballroom, C/W and square dancing. Am I masculine? Ask my husband. If he’s happy, my work here is done.

  13. simon says

    Rick’s masculinity comes from watching football. She can’t even throw a ball. Not sure what it is called in psychology. Something called “compensation”?

  14. Hawthorne says

    @RICK and @MARYM are, I’m sure, the same person, whose sole purpose in the Comments Section is to foment discord (@RICK/@MARYM, look up those expensive words in the dictionary), sit back and enjoy the teaport tempest they start. They/he/she/it hides behind anonymity only afforded them by the internet. Let us ignore their diatribes and utterances. They are a buzzing housefly to us. Nothing more.

  15. I wont grow up says

    The gay ONE! Only ONE! Puhleeze! The guy in the back row on the left couldn’t be any gayer if was wearing a feather boa and belting out Ethel Merman tunes.

  16. ben~andy says

    @AKsassy, nothing says #2 from the R can’t gay as far as you’re concerned. Since it is not very likely that you’ll ever meet him in person, he can be whatever you imagine him to be in what every situations you what him to be, over and over and over again.

    Or you could approach men you think are attractive and see if they’d be interested in getting to know you, literally or biblically. When I got over being “shy”, I got a man.

  17. ben~andy says

    lol @grow up, but that is the one identified in the text AS being gay, who just came out, that the article is ABOUT!

    So, you are absolutely correct and we can expect many years of him singing our favorite show tunes. I personally cannot wait for his rendition of “The Trolly Song”. It won’t be Judy, but it will be mad fun.

    If you are dyslexic and were having trouble distinguishing your left from your right, use an easy visual cue, like a ring, watch, hang nail, or things on the screen like the back button, file, the windows logo, etc.

    In the caption, it says Jamie is 2nd from the left. The person who’s 2nd from the left is the person in the back row on the left. The caption doesn’t distinguish between the front and back rows, rather it ignores them.

  18. Gr8guyca says

    Part of the fun of watching Collabro was the guessing game of who – or which ones – are gay. Personally, I think the second from right is hot with the center guy a close second. The tip-off for Jamie was his unrestrained emotionality. He was the one who was on the verge of tears. (I am kidding about tears being a tip-off.)

  19. Craig S says

    RickMaryM, you’re clearly just making kneejerk assumptions about anyone who comes out as gay at all — I’ve seen all of their BGT performance videos multiple times, and if you told me one of the five was gay and I had to guess which one, he actually wouldn’t have been the first, second or even third one I’d pick.

    And even if he were effeminate, it wouldn’t matter anyway — he’d still be entitled to the same rights and the same respect as anybody else on this planet.

  20. Craig S says

    And one more thing, Rickmary: I’m also a more masculine-identified gay man — you’d have to really stretch things to the breaking point to find much of anything “effeminate” about me at all — and I don’t have even the first hint of a clue what this “anti-masculine discrimination” that you’re talking about is, or where it exists, or anything.

  21. bandanajack says

    i’m pretty sure this group of young men with an undying love of show tunes will not wither if confronted with rumors of gayness. they are all pretty dramatic and stagey, and like any good boyband, each of them is hot in his own way.

    on a more humorous note, or humourous, for some of us, if the repeated track record of at least one member of five being gay, then perhaps one out of any group of five talented men is gay, a 20% ratio rather that 5% or less. i can live with that.

  22. Liam says

    MaryM: Why is a straight woman who was so bewildered by gay marriage last year on here again commenting on gay stories and masculinity. Its none of your business. This is a discussion for men, gay and straight, not confused staight women who have nothing better to do than troll gay sites stirring up trouble with your concern trolling.
    Why not take up needle point?

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