British Rugby Star Zak Hardaker Says He’s Now ‘A Better Person’ After 5 Game Ban for Anti-gay Slur

Zak hardaker

British Rugby Player Zak Hardaker, who was punished with a five-match ban for calling a player a “f—king fag” in late May, says that his suspension and subsequent work with the LGBT community has made him “a better person now.”

Attitude reports:

Hardaker recently asked to train with the LGBT rugby team The Manchester Canalsiders, and says he has “learned what you can and can’t say” from the experience.

“I try to enjoy myself and live life to the full,” said the 22-year-old player. “Along the way you learn new things and this is one of the lessons I have learned. The Canalsiders have been terrific and at least some good has come out of what happened.”

He continued: “They recognised it was just a heat of the moment comment and I am really thankful for their support. I think it has helped to raise certain issues, including the profile of the club, so that’s great. I have learned what you can and can’t say and how it affects different people.”

Earlier this week, Hardaker also met with other members of Manchester's LGBT community to learn about the impact of homophobia.


  1. MikeInSanJose says

    I like when stories that start ugly end like this.

    I don’t fault the young man. Like he said, he reacted in the heat of the moment, and despite all the gains we’ve made – these insults are still welcome in certain “hyper-masculine” situations.

    And, I will admit, while I was still closeted, I threw slurs like that around all the time – to convince everyone else that I was straight… or at least that I hated fags as much as “everyone else”.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Sounds like an ordinary decent guy to me.
    He faced what he said , admitted it was wrong and it seems like he was thoughtless, that’s all.
    Now, like the Ancient Mariner, who also made a mistake,
    ” A wiser and a sadder man, he rose the morrow morn.”

  3. OhBrother says

    People who seek to improve themselves and do so should be forgiven and appreciated. The fact that this athlete sought of his own volition to get to know gays better and came out more humane for the experience is awesome.

  4. PaulY says

    He made a mistake, learned a lesson by reaching out and getting to know a few of us, and grew from the experience. What’s bad about that? I say, good for him.

  5. petey says

    Ah, ah, ah…put it in deeper, Zak, deeper. Fill me up and give it everything. I want to feel your deep breaths like a beer-soaked draft in my ear…and a burning behind as I feel your searing spanks in a pulsating rhythm. Ah, ah, ah….

  6. Cake says

    On one hand I do forgive him, he was obviously very ignorant and he learned his lesson. On the other hand, he really didn’t know that throwing around a derogatory slur wasn’t alright and that nobody would be offended? Child, please. I guess he’s playing sports for a reason.

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