Chris Kluwe to Sue Minnesota Vikings for Withholding Results of Investigation into Homophobia Claims

Back in January, the Minnesota Vikings announced it had hired attorneys to lead an investigation into claims by former punter Chris Kluwe, who said in an article published on Deadspin that he was released from the team because of his gay activism.

KluweKluwe also claimed that special teams coordinator Mike Priefer unleashed a homophobic rant in his presence, saying, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows."

At the time, Kluwe said that he would sue the Vikings if the investigation turned up clean. But today Kluwe and his attorneys announced they would be suing the team for refusing to release the results of the recently-completed investigation, Pioneer Press reports:

"After the Vikings were given the investigative materials from Magnuson and Madel, in order to further maintain objectivity and integrity, the team engaged a nationally-prominent law firm — Littler Mendelson P.C. — to evaluate employment law matters and provide findings and recommendations to the Vikings," according to the team's Tuesday statement. "Those recommendations are to be provided to the team this week."

Kluwe and Halunen held a press conference Tuesday morning to announce the lawsuit and denounce the team for reneging on what they said was a promise to make the investigation public.

Halunen said he was contacted by Vikings' representatives on Monday and was told they do not intend to make the report available either to Kluwe or to the public.

"At this point we have no choice but to file a lawsuit against the Vikings," Halunen said.

Kluwe told reporters that if the investigation results are released he will reconsider the lawsuit.


  1. Hank NYC says

    Weren’t they the ones threatening to sue when the results came back and it supported their view? Now suddenly they are not going to make it public… how damning is that!

    The damage is done – own up to it and work to make it better – repair your reputation.

  2. Carlie says

    His attorney said the report cites multiple witnesses who corroborate the specific allegation that Mike Priefer said “round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows” and that Priefer copped to it during the investigators third interview with him (apparently after he was informed that others confirmed he said it).

    The man who tried to defend himself with “I personally have gay family members who I love and support just as I do any family member.”

  3. Deth says

    Withholding results is an indirect admission of guilt on the part of the Minnesota Vikings.
    This indicates the homophobia claims were true, and so ugly that the Vikings are going to try and hide the truth.

    I say round up all the homophobes, put them on an island, and nuke it until it glows. I recommend Jamaica.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    he’s a good guy–steady and believes in the right things. And–is it just my imagination, or does he just keep getting cuter?

  5. edude says

    Somehow I very much doubt that what’s in that report is discussion of Kluwe’s performance, that some think led to his release.

    No, the content that’s nuclear that they are trying to bury under yards of concrete is something other than that.

    I respect Kluwe’s tenacity on the issue. He’s a man of principle.

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