1. ben~andy says

    The guys at ASAP Science have large and very well used sexual organs. I’m talking about their brains, people!

    That they are both about as cute as a bug’s ear doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ BEN-ANDAY (sorry I can’t make my dash curl)

    The two guys are very cute.

    As far as human beings go: NO, size does not matter…unless you actually want to feel something as you’re being fvcked.


    I know, that was wicked of me to say that. Well, sometimes I have the need to say something CRISPYesque.

  3. Sergio says

    “…unless you actually want to feel something as you’re being f*cked.”

    There’s quite a bit of variety and responsiveness in, er, receptacle size too, so that also really depends on the people involved.

  4. R says

    Size may matter somewhat, but I think the bigger issue is that most people have a vastly warped view on the size of an average penis.

    What most people think of as an average penis is actually fairly large, while many people have the misconception that an average penis is small. This leads many, many men to have size hang-ups that they shouldn’t — there are plenty out there with above-average penises who actually think they’re smaller than average.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “responsiveness in, er, receptacle size too,…”

    LOL. Well, Sergio, I guess I’m proud of my receptacle…’cause it’s BIG!!! And it hasn’t been used by a real human being in 9 yea…oh, never mind. That’s what they call TMI.

    LOL @ “receptacle” Ha! Sounds a destination for recylables to me. LOL

  6. gregorybrown says

    Now that your appetite is whetted, you’ll find much more about any more penises and sperm delivery systems in a fascinating, scientifically grounded and often funny book called NATURE’S NETHER REGIONS by Menna Schilthuizen. This manages to make the topic of the role of penises in evolutionary biology engrossing. It also describes the complex mating habits of bisexual slugs with 3 foot dicks, the way that females cam ex4rcise control over whose sperm fertilizes her eggs, and much more. You will find many talk-at-the-bar ice breakers.

    BTW: a survey of Scottish women showed that most found men with larger penises more attractive than their less endowed confreres. And a note explains that the clitoris we see (well,some of us) is actually only a small part of a larger female apparatus that extends backward toward the anus–which accounts for some results of a study a couple of years ago that reported how many women achieve orgasm with anal sex.

    Read. It’s full of surprises.

  7. wheelie says

    Was this video even necessary? This is a really simple question to answer:

    It matters to size queens, it doesn’t to non- size queens.

    End of discussion.

  8. leprechaunnvict says

    These guys are so adorable– very smart (which is sexy in itself) and very cute. And after this I won’t look askance at weirdly curved or shaped human penises anymore!

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Those science boys are so cute that they don’t need NO damn grammar.

    Hell, they don’t even need NO damn big penises (or is it peni?)

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