1. Derrick from Philly says

    How long do these Hollywood stars stay in Broadway plays?

    I know that their presence (Hollywood folks) helps to raise money to produce the play, but it just seems kinda’ disloyal when they’re in the play for only a few months. I don’t know.

    Well, I don’t understand how things work when Hollywood goes to Broadway. But those theater, tv, recording and movie folks must know what they’re doing.

    Anything to keep Broadway alive!

  2. will says


    Andrew Rannels:

    2011: The Book of Mormon (Broadway: Original Broadway Production)

    2009: Jersey Boys (Broadway: Original Broadway Production)

    2005: Hairspray (Broadway: Original Broadway Production)

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    I was talking about NPH and other Hollywood stars who spend a few months on Broadway. When you finally save up enough money to go up to New York to see them–they’re gone (back to Hollywood).

    I’m sure that this theater actor (Rannells) will stay with the run of the play much much longer than the Hollywood folks.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    But I guess one could say that without NPH involvement with the project “Hedwig…” could have never been produced on Broadway in the first place. Same goes for other plays with Hollywood folks in it. Tourists in New York wanna’ see Hollywood. It makes sense. LOL

    Okay, I kinda’ get it.

  5. RJ says

    @Derrick From Philly … NPH has quite a significant Broadway resume, including productions of Sweeney Todd, Proof, Cabaret and Company. He was also in the touring company of RENT.

    So far, Andrew Rannells is only contracted for an 8 week limited engagement on Hedwig.

  6. antisaint says

    @Derek – I think with this particular show it’s because the entire show, with no intermission, is driven almost entirely by the lead. I think the only person who could probably sustain a full run of the show would be John Cameron Mitchell. I secretly hope he’ll end up being Hedwig on this run before it all ends.

    I still wonder what NPH meant by ‘circumstances’ during his Tony acceptance speech.

  7. Andy says

    I’m sure he’ll do fine. He’s certainly more feminine than NPH, but NPH as Hedwig was A W E S O M E. Will never forget it.

  8. Tyler says

    He’s very talented and I am sure he will do a great job. But it’s a shame that decent gay men are being used to play tranny roles. Trannies are always complaining about normal people playing “their” roles, so by all means, let a tranny play Hedwig. It is demeaning for Rannells and NPH to do it.

  9. JimmyD says

    Tyler, please suggest some transgender actor/singer names to the show’s producers to consider. They need to do 8 shows a week.

  10. JimmyD says

    Jinx is a possibility. Can Jinx play a scripted character or would she want it to be the Jinx Monsoon show? Has she expressed interest? It is a role that could change casting every few months.
    Name a few more.

  11. SpaceCadet says

    To the troll above, too bad for you that gay men will continue to play these “tranny roles” and to great acclaim and fortune. Hardly demeaning for them.

    I’m headed to NYC on a vacation in September and while I would have loved to see NPH in the role, Rannells is very talented and accomplished as well so I think I’ll still book a performance to check it out.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Please understand that the “TYLER” above is NOT the real poster TYLER who is very supportive of Transgender folk.

    But I do thank the posters who enlightened me on this subject of Hollywood stars going on Broadway, and that many (like NPH) have a long history of theater careers.

    My bad.