Former Co-Host Of ‘The View’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Rosie O’Donnell’s Return


Conservative talking head Elisabeth Hasselbeck recently called into Fox News chat show Fox & Friends to discuss the leftover beef she has with her former The View co-host and frenemy Rosie O’Donnell.

Hasselbeck and O’Donnell used to regularly butt heads, and now that O’Donnell has returned to the show, Hasselbeck has some words:

“Talk about not securing the border! Here comes into The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network and really in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debate for the time that she was there, coming back with a bunch of control ready to regain a seat at The View Table. Not surprising…”

Hasselbeck claims that O’Donnell took credit for producing a recent episode of The View that bid adieu to beloved long-time co-hostess Barbara Walters, and that O’Donnell actually intended the episode as her own return to the popular daytime talk show.

Hasselbeck continued by saying that that whoever else joins the show as a roundtable regular will likely be chosen by O’Donnell herself. Rumor is that the show is eyeing Abby Huntsman, Meghan McCain, and Margaret Hoover as possible conservative co-hosts.

You may recall that O’Donnell left the view amid failed contract negotiations back in 2007 whereas Hasselbeck left The View in 2013 to join the conservative chatterboxes at Fox and Friends.

Joy Behar, another former co-hostess of The View recently denounced Hasselbeck’s comments about O’Donnell as “hate-filled.”

Hear Hasselbeck’s beef and Behar’s response AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Thedrdonna says

    I’ve always wondered when I saw someone described as a talking head, but now I think I understand: at least in this case, it’s to clarify to people who might initially see the segment and say, “holy crap, it’s a talking ass!”

  2. Mick says

    Heard that Rosie is going to ban reality show people from the table anyway. Who’s the idiot that wanted a Survivor contestant on the show in the first place? Hasselbeck only finished in fourth place, so she’s not even a winner. She married an even stupider football player. Until she makes a sex tape, she fits in perfectly with the other blond airheads on Fox.

  3. Moz's says

    huffpost is reporting that part of Rosie’s contract is that there will NEVER be a reality star cohost again


  4. Bobby says

    This also blocks Sarah Palin’s possible join as a co-host. YAY! Winners all around!

  5. daws says

    Translation: “I’m not making as much money and getting the exposure as I once had on The View since becoming Stepford Wife #253810 on Fox News. Rosie getting all of that rubs me raw!”

    Then she makes a screeching harpy noise, eats a live squirrel, and flies off.

  6. Ryan says

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is such a worthless piece of sh!t. I don’t always care for Rosie either, but at least she has a résumé. Hasselbeck is like the blonde, conservative Kim Kardashian — famous for nothing.

  7. jason MacBride says

    Both people who care about Ms. Hasselback”s “views” will be pleased to know this.

  8. bcarter3 says

    Best part of the video: When Harvey Levin says Hasselbeck was the best part of the view, and the Fox Three Stooges agree w/him, because, as Douchy says, “You need to have the other point of view, otherwise it’s dull!”

    Absolutely no self-awareness at all.

  9. Tarc says

    Most days, Hassleback barely gets a quorum of brain cells together sufficient to read a teleprompter, so I’m curious why anyone in their right mind would care what she ‘thinks’ about anything. Parrotting (with a lower IQ than a parrott) FOX propaganda is an embarrassing job, though she doesn’t seem to understand that.

  10. jason says

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a disgusting little blond bimbo who parades her unclothed arms and legs in a way which suggests she is selling herself. She is Rupert Murdoch’s resident incontinence pad.

  11. throwslikeagirl says

    Rosie may sometimes be obnoxious, but she’s good television. So is Whoopi. Let’s see who their fellow panelists will be. Could be fun.

  12. says

    Dear Lizzie – STFU. If you weren’t blond, Republican, and somewhat attractive, you wouldn’t even have a job with Fox News in the first place. At least Rosie earned her spot by having actual talents and years of prior experience as a TV show host.

  13. leprechaunvict says

    “Stepford Wife #253810 on Fox News”. LOL that’s perfect Daws, I’m going to remember that one and use it…

  14. Chas says

    Why is everyone’s time being wasted posting this? Elizabeth is a nobody and she confirmed it by moving to fox whose average viewer is around 70 years old. So why waste time giving her oxygen. Could this be the nepotism of media in that you all look after each other and feather each others nests?

    Regarding her inane comments about Rosie “being in the face of our military”… is that supposed to mean something? Do we not have freedom of speech? Is the military beyond discussion and god forbid criticism? (see following

    And yes I am well aware of the irony that I am also wasting my time writing this comment, but I do so in the hope you will stop giving her and her ilk at that network that specializes in fiction the time of day. There are more pressing issues to deal with.

  15. says

    Both these women (and pretty much anyone who has ever been a host on “The View”) are nuts cases. Let’s not forget Rosie is an insane 9/11 conspiracy theory believer.

  16. says

    Hasselbeck is simply pandering to the lowest of the low, as to be expected from a Fox News Drone.

    Perry – why do you link your name to aol? Why?

    Rosie is awesome. Elisabeth is slime.

  17. Perry says

    Translation: “I’m anonymous because my crap right-wing family still hates calling me their son”

  18. says

    Translation: I am so desperate for attention that I must create a blog to make me feel important even though I look like an anorexic crack whore.

  19. AFFICIONADO says

    always puzzled why she was on the view? As everyone is saying, she’s famous for doing, what? Being on a reality show ten years ago?