Hillary Clinton Reacts to Shooting Down of Malaysia Airliner in Charlie Rose Interview: VIDEO


Hillary Clinton sat down with Charlie Rose today and offered her thoughts on the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine today, Mediaite reports:

She noted that the Ukrainian government has been quick to blame the crash on “terrorists,” which is “their name for the Russian insurgents.” Clinton agreed that it “probably had to be” Russian insurgents that brought the plane down, but would need forensic evidence to determine that for sure.

“If there is evidence pointing in that direction, the equipment had to come from Russia,” Clinton continued. “There is a great deal of concern that, not only was a civilian plane shot down, but what this means about the continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the role that Russia is playing.”



  1. SpaceEasy says

    So Russians come for gays in the form of anti-gay legislation from government, loud defamations from leaders of all sorts including calls for gays to be stuffed into burning ovens, and vigilantes baiting, torturing, mutilating, murdering, OR stalking, photo taking, exposing identities online on anti-gay sites calling for mob justice leading to more of the above in broad daylight in public… that’s all pretty much A-OK.

    Now coming for a STRAIGHT airplane – heaven forfend! I suppose if it had been a big gay cruise liner we wouldn’t be hearing about the deaths of ‘civilians’ – as gays apparently aren’t ‘civilian’ enough to warrant a discussion about what needs to be done with Russia…

  2. J.J. in the Navy says

    You’re an idiot for assuming that it’s a “STRAIGHT” plane. Is there such a thing? You have no sense of humanity.

  3. SpaceEasy says


    Ohhhh JJ; you’re the idiot. If you’re so smart, give me more. One and a half lines says smart to you? You think calling me an idiot right off the bat is going to be conducive in regards to persuading me? Pffff You’re a load of hot air. Yes, in a heteronormative world, everything is “straight” unless it’s “gay”. Got it?
    Hmmmm, have I lost my sense of humanity? Maybe a little. I do think the world is only fussing over Russia now that they’re not just targeting gays exclusively anymore.
    Anyway, you’re the idiot and give me more.

  4. J.J. in the Navy says

    Dude, where have you been? The rest of the civilized world knows about Russia’s anti-gay policies and are disgusted by it. We’ve been fussing about it for a long, long time now. And what makes you so sure that there are no gay victims?

  5. SpaceEasy says


    I have been ]][right here][[ . Some of the civilized world knows about the institutionalized homophobia, but not the rest of the stuff I mentioned in my first post. They could be a whole lot more disgusted if they knew about the lot of it. I would prefer it if they did know about the ugliest aspects. And while some of the civilized world has been fussing over it, there hasn’t really been much discussion in regards to what-needs-to-be-done-about-this-Russia-problem until they invaded a neighboring country and took down a plane that may or may not have had any gays on it (and whose gay identities are most probably closeted due to the social and political climate). So no I never said there are no gay victims on the plane.

    You seemed to have no trouble with my mentioning a gay cruise liner earlier, but you have a problem when I talk about a straight (read heteronormative stifling) plane, so, is your mind punctate or something? Sorry, that was uncalled for, it’s not like you insulted me earlier and goaded me with accusations rather than asking real questions…

  6. says

    I love her. I think she’ll be a fine President of the United States. And she is right. Europeans have relied too heavily on Russia’s gas. Dump Russia at all costs. Hurt the Russian economy so badly the Russian people will throw Putin to the dogs. Vote Hillary.

  7. Honesty says

    @SPACEEASY what the hell are you even talking about? 100+ people on this plane were heaved to an HIV-AIDS conference. I’m assuming many were LGBT or LGBT-friendly. Get a clue.

  8. SpaceEasy says

    @”HONESTY”, Honestly, f**k you and your rudeness. If you’re going to address me then address everything I had to say; don’t just cherry pick and straw-man me like a troll. Get a f**king clue. I agreed with that point above, had you taken the time to actually read what I had to say instead of just skimming it diagonally. You didn’t even try to understand or acknowledge my point, so I’m not going to give you any credence with your honesty, “HONESTLY”.

  9. MaryM says

    She is such a hypocrite.

    Feigning concern about this Russian attack yet staying silent while the Israeli terrorist army has slaughtered 270 Palestinians over the past week (75% of them are civilians and many are young children).

    Does Clinton confirm that the $3,000,000,000 in aid the US sends to the Israeli terrorists each year will be given to places like Detroit instead.

  10. Red says

    If she ever becomes president and has to actually make some genuinely hard choices and difficult decisions, I guess we’ll know how ‘tough’ she really is. Or not.

  11. james street james says

    During World War II a German soldier shot the nose off the Sphinx in Egypt. Just because he could.

    This air liner may have been taken down by some guy who pushed a button just to see what would happen. Without any more concern than that. “Hey let’s see how far up these missiles can go.”

  12. anon says

    Politicians are not people who make “tough” decisions. Quite the opposite. They make “safe” decisions because otherwise they won’t get elected in the first place.

    Glad to see TR is becoming a branch of the HC presidential election campaign. Why is her opinion the one that matters here? What about the opinions of people actually in govt. at the moment?