Homophobe Richard Land Links LGBT Rights With Nazi Persecution – LISTEN

Referring to President Obama’s executive order providing protections for LGBTI employees of federally-funded organizations, former Southern Baptist Convention official Richard Land said in a radio interview that conservatives need to stand up to “the gay thought police” or face Nazi-style persecution.

Former Southern Baptist Convention official Richard Land, referring to President Obama’s executive order providing protections for LGBT employees of federal contractors, told the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch that conservatives need to stand up to “the gay thought police” or face Nazi-style persecution, reports Right Wing Watch.

Richard landSpeaking with Land, homophobic Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes said that Obama’s executive order is “mocking and condescending” towards religion because opposing discrimination is incompatible with religious values.

Later in the show, a caller said that she didn’t understand “how seemingly intelligent people could have voted a president in by the name of Barack Obama so soon after 9/11.” Rather than addressing the caller’s racist comments, Land went on to say that Obama has an anti-American worldview and is to blame for everything from the war on drugs to Boko Haram’s kidnapping of girls in Nigeria.

Land, who stepped down from the Southern Baptist Convention following controversial comments he made about Trayvon Martin, is currently the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Listen to the disturbing clips in which Land references Martin Niemöller’s anti-Nazi poem “First they came…," AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Another Steve says

    Always remember that the SBC was founded solely to defend and continue slavery. Then they got big into the segregation business. Today they are mostly known for their homophobia and rampant misogyny.

    They are also big in the child raping businesses. Local priests rape children and the SBC washes its hands off it by saying that local churches are independent. However, when a local church does something pro-woman or pro-gay they are immediately punished.

  2. The Milkman says

    Keep running that fat mouth, buddy. The more racist homphobic BS that comes out of it, the more people will turn from your worldview.

  3. McMike says

    No, its not obnoxious at all to reference a group of people who threw homosexuals into convention ovens for a comparison.

  4. Richard says

    The mainstream media rarely comments on the religious right’s disgusting leap from opposing gay marriage to expressing unabashed hatred toward — and advocating violence against — gays.

  5. AdamTh says

    Land is also exec editor of the extremist rag “Christian Post”. What would you expect from him? Sad, but not a surprise…

  6. Joel says

    Be glad he is talking. Now decent people know to avoid him and his garbage organization.

  7. ascanius says

    ah! another dead-jew-on-a-stick cultist strikes again.

    when you believe in a fairytale like christianity then all bets are off. you can make any crazy claim you want.

  8. Mark says

    How could any intelligent people have voted for Reagan or the Bushes? Remember whose watch 9/11 happened on!!!

  9. says

    Into the oven with him!
    Into the camps then!
    No camps?
    Keep him in the ghetto!
    No ghetto?
    Make him wear an armband!
    Seize his property!

    I guess the analogy doesn’t work.

  10. Rob says

    I would find this amusing as a an example of the increasing desperation of the far right were it not for the fact that the pink triangles and the ovens were the “solution” of the Nazis to our very existence. I can only hope that this person has the life that he deserves.

  11. Jay says

    You can just look at this bastard and see the corruption in his face. He is a sick little puppy.

  12. Randy says

    The Nazis were Christian, and were intent on imposing Christianity on everyone (except the Jews which they decided it would be easier to just kill off).

    Their belt buckles said (in German) “God is with us”. Kind of like how US cash says “In God we trust”.

  13. TomTallis says

    The ayatollah of the Southern Baptist Convention spews more raw sewage. How… expected.

  14. says

    I love this. The more rights we have and the more society and the law takes our side, the louder and stupider these bigots become.

    It’s pretty much devolved into constant Godwinning, logical fallacies, and b*tthurt from these nimrods.

  15. JackFknTwist says

    Dear Fat Dude,

    It’s over. They’ve found the body…….(of Jesus).

    So no rising from the dead, no Ascension into heaven, no divinity.
    I guess the Ayrian heresy was correct.
    Which is embarrassing after all the heretics you have burned.

  16. Bernie says

    As a Jew and a gay man, I don’t think anyone should use the Nazis as any kind of example as it was one of the worst, if not worst atrocity in our history….These wingnuts who insist they have so much religion, stoop to some of the lowest of low statements in the name of religion to win points for their viewpoint!

  17. Bill says

    @Randy: the Nazis actually touted what they called “Positive Christianity” which used some pagan imagery, and a lot of people in the SS were into occult nonsense. Just because they used the term “Christianity” doesn’t mean much – they were very adept at euphemisms and marketing ploys. There were too many Germans who were Christians to attack Christianity directly in any case.

    We do know that Goebbels wrote that Hitler hated Christianity. Since it appeared in Goebbel’s diaries, it might be a bit more trustworthy than his public announcements, which were generally propaganda.

  18. arch says

    Well said Bernie, the casual use of the Nazis as some sort of benchmark against which to compare any group that one doesn’t agree with is growing increasingly common. Our parents and grand parents would not have countenanced such speech; they know the real horror of the Nazi regime having fought against it. As a child our neighbour was a wonderful Norwegian woman who remembered the occupation of her country by the Nazis, she would be angered in the extreme to hear this ignorant bigot comparing civil rights campaigners with the most dreadful regime in recent European history. This man needs to visit Auswitch and learn some perspective.