Matt Fishel’s ‘Finally’ Celebrates Gay Love Worldwide: VIDEO

Out singer/songwriter Matt Fishel’s new cover of “Finally” celebrates international Pride with photos sent in by fans from all over the world.

Matt fishel pride video

Out singer/songwriter Matt Fishel’s new cover of CeCe Penniston's “Finally” celebrates international Pride with photos sent in by fans from the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Lithuania, Cuba, Thailand and China

You may remember Matt’s "The First Time" about young lust and nostalgia and “Testament,” which is about repression, tradition, marriage, religion and celebration.

Watch the video for “Finally,” AFTER THE JUMP


  1. David in NYC says

    I’m going to be cunty.

    This is horrendous.

    Sorry Matt – but you got to fire your team that allowed this to get posted online.

  2. Troy says

    uh oksy, so what was that and who was who and all those faces are they who you had before, during or after the wedding??

  3. Jonah, NJ says

    This cover is amazing. I really love this rocking vibe. Such an awesome reworking and interpreation, exactly what a cover should be! Gorgeous video too, good luck with this Matt

  4. Sergio says

    After some of the comments here, I was expecting something truly heinous. It has some issues, don’t get me wrong… But we’ve all seen a lot worse on Towleroad. Remember the MarkE Miller posts?

  5. emjayay says

    The negative comments are incomprehensible. The original is a disco era artifact. And it’s not that good – really just garden variety disco pop stuff much like any other. This version isn’t something I would buy, but it’s very well done and I wouldn’t mind it at all coming up on the car radio.

    My only complaint is the annoying lettering. Just normal subtitles would be fine, although redundant given the easy understanding of the simple lyrics. The words jumping and waving around the screen completely distract from any enjoyment of the images.

  6. Dback says

    The couples are lovely, but I was expecting something more gentle, like with a solo piano, and more lingering images. This isn’t godawful, but it’s kind of….hyper-caffienated.