Michael Sam Covers OUT Magazine: PHOTO


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, covers August's issue of OUT Magazine. The interview got off to something of a rocky start because Sam first mistook his interviewer for being straight. However, once Sam discovered he and interviewer Christopher Glazek were both part of the same brotherhood of man, everything changed:

Desperate to turn things around, I started talking about myself and mentioned visiting a boyfriend in upstate New York. Suddenly Sam’s head perked up; for the first time, he looked me in the eyes. “Wait—you’re gay?” I wasn’t sure how this could have been unclear. “Uh, yes,” I replied, wonder- ing how he was going to take the news. “Oh!” he blurted, his voice rising five octaves. “And Aaron [Hicklin, Out’s editor in chief ]? Is he gay, too?” I nodded. His face melted into a smile; he inched his chair closer to the table and loosened the furrow in his brow. “I thought you guys were straight! That’s why I was giving you a hard time.” His eyes, which had glared with impermeability all through the shoot, suddenly started to radiate warmth and comradeship. Sam’s metamorphosis was so sudden and cartoonish, it suggested how much energy he was having to expend to protect his sexual orientation from people he feared would use it against him.

From that point on Sam opened up about his relationship with boyfriend Vito Cammisano, whom Sam famously kissed upon hearing the news that he had been drafted by the St. Louis Rams. The pair met for the first time at a lingerie party during his freshman year: 

“We didn’t start off as huge fans of each other. I went up to him to ask if he was OK, and he started cursing at me, screaming, ‘Fuck off — do you know who I am?’ I told him I didn’t care who he was. We didn’t speak again for two years.”

The two later reconnected and today, Sam cites Cammisano as being the instigating force behind him taking the courageous step to come out to his team in college: 

By the time they were reintroduced by a mutual friend during Sam’s junior year, Cammisano had come out as gay. Sam, though, was still in the closet. One night, the trio went out together to a bar. “I could see he was interested,” Sam said. “I bought him a couple of drinks, got us tipsy. Toward the end of the night, I put my arm around him, and it was over.” The two started dating, but Sam was concerned about his teammates finding out. “Everyone knew Vito was gay, so we couldn’t even be seen together. There was a lot of climbing out of windows.” Eventually, the two split. As time went on, though, Sam grew more comfortable with being gay and the couple got back together before Sam’s senior year. This time they made no efforts to hide their relationship, and Sam decided it was time to formally come out to his team. “Vito was really the person who showed me I had to do it,” Sam said. “I wanted us to be comfortable…When I got up there in front of my team, it was actually the first time I said the words to anyone: ‘I am gay.’ Mizzou is a family. At another school, it might have been a different story.”

You can read OUT's full cover story on Sam HERE.   


  1. Melvyn says


    What’s wrong with this type of positive coverage? At least he is not out there rolling dollar bills in bathrooms like Manziel!

  2. Brian W. says


    You’re like tea party types who say, “Why is President Obama playing golf on a Saturday when he should be solving the worlds problems?”

    Michael Sam, like President Obama, can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  3. Randy says

    Looking forward to seeing this guy on the field.

    I gave soccer a chance, but that sport is just so boring I couldn’t do it. American football at least is interesting.

  4. simon says

    It seems odd why he should not spend just a few hours to be interviewed. Not everyone is like you spending 24 hour/day, 7 days/week making money and working.

  5. Jeff says


    If only one out of 11 commenters is sharp enough to point out what’s most glaringly obvious – that a gay celebrity interviewed for a gay national magazine doesn’t realize or assume its editor & cover story interviewer are gay – then maybe he’s the perfect gay icon for this dimwitted gay generation.

  6. Brian W. says

    @Mikey & Jeff

    Out magazine isn’t exactly Time magazine or Town & Country. Most gays are unaware of it.

    I am also a longtime subscriber.

  7. Frankie says

    Gawd, I’m going to be happy when the day comes that nobody gives a crap about any of this.

    I just hope I’ms till around to fully appreciate it.

  8. Stuart says

    @JEFF However, assuming someone to be straight and then giving them ‘hard time’ is itself being prejudiced and that’s certainly does not count as an ideal quality of any gay icon! Not that I am saying anything against Sam but I d await the day when everyone would try to see things though and let ppl have their opinions….

  9. 2cents says

    He should get rid of that Vito guy….definitely a user. The fact that Vito has friends and an ex-boyfriend who work in porn is also pretty shady.

  10. Nathan says


    That is pretty dumb, in what way does it make him less black to date a white man? Does it make whites less white to date outside their race? As a mixed person, is dating outside my race going to effect my race ratios?

  11. Rowan says

    Mike, I must say as a black man, you’re the kind of narrow minded black guy I avoid. You don’t even know the guys dating history in the liberal beacon that is Missouri!

    2cents, he was being honest and he’s not dumb. Anyway, they’ve been through it all and he seems v close to Vito’s family, so you may have to wait a while for them to break up..

    Stuart, of course and the context is explained if you read the interview and how other straight interviewers have treated him..

    Carson, who should he play football with? He has just finished a month with the Rams and they have training week in 2 weeks…pres tell what he should be doing? Although this interview was before he was even selected!

  12. John says

    Wow, an actual story on Towleroad about a gay man. Not a “transman” or a man who wears a dress or a hermaphrodite, or a man who surgically removed his dong and calls himself a woman.

    Just a story about a gay person on a gay blog. Amazing. Maybe we can see another one tomorrow.

  13. Brian W. says


    So any black man who dates outside their race doesn’t “love themselves?. Blacks should never date outside their race?

    I’m sorry you feel bitter and jealous of other successful black men who so happen to date men of other races.

    You must make the assumption that because Michael Sam is CURRENTLY with a white guy he would NEVER date a black guy?? lol

    You sound like a miserable person.

  14. Mike says

    @BRIAN W

    I’ m not misable I’m just tried of seeing so many famous black gays play in the snow.Wanda Sykes,Robin Robins Don Lennon,Jason Collinsthe list is endless. Its not uncommon for some black people to hate being black and choose white.Michael Sam doesn’t even appear to have any black friends.The night he was drafted why was he the only black person in that room?

  15. Rowan says

    Everyone ignore Mike the troll. If he gave one GD sh*t about us black men as he lyingly claims, the lazy troll would, oh, I don’t know, try to actually READ about Sam!!

    You’re the kind of gay black guy that trolls WHITE owned gay websites to cry that black people are not homophobic and that the white media paints falsehoods. You make me sick.

    1. Unless you live in a CAVE, which bit about his family being half dead, in prison or absent did you not GET in the NYTimes story?? Did you also miss the bit when his Dad put down gay men when asked about Mike? Or did you miss the bit about how he was taken in by a white family…hence the white friends in that clip that looked pretty homely??

    2. If your nasty negative self would bother to even look on his instagram, it’s filled with his male black friends, who also spoke to the NY Times! How about that! But guess what troll, they were also waiting to be drafted! DOH!!

    But I understand Mike. Despite the fact we know nothing about Sam’s dating history apart from making up and then breaking up and then making up with Vito over a span of FIVE years, lets call him a snow queen. That’s right.

    Dear god, Mike Sam is actually the only gay black man in the public eye that has been with his partner BEFORE he became anything AND they are the same age…..but lol…look at Mike the troll.

    Oh and Mike the troll, why don’t you thank Vito, who Mike Sam SAID was the one who got him to come out?? Dude would’ve been in the closet and prolly wouldn’t have been the change we seen now. So there would’ve been NO FIRST OUT gay NFL player!!! But somehow, your racist, negative and delusional self would not care.

  16. Rowan says

    Is OUT a major magazines? I thought you only got it in major cities? Why would a closeted football player from the mid-west who grew up dirt poor in poverty know that OUT employs only gay people??

    We have magazines here that are gay and don’t employ only gay people. We also have magazines that are straight that employ gay writers…

    Is this really that shocking? Wow, affirmative action really works in the US!?

  17. CC says

    I agree with Mike. Tired of snow queens, & want to see more black/black couples, as they do exist. Kerry Rhodes included. Even if their love is real, it really bothers me that I rarely see a celebrity type black gay couple (last one seen was on awards show, Deondray Gossett & his love getting married)

  18. CC says

    @ Rowan: calm the hell down! if you are truly a person color, you have lost your roots. If you are white, understand its a black thing & u wouldn’t understand. As a black msm in Texas, its seen as a way of being accepted by white gays only if u date one. Otherwise, you don’t exist to them until u are needed for representation. He’s no troll, but you should try to be more understanding of what’s being said.

  19. jason MacBride says

    @Mike – Goodness, we worked for 50 years to love who we want to love and now clowns like you want to tell us who we can love. Get a life.

  20. Mike says


    Thank you That’s all I’m saying.On paper I have nothing against interracial couples.Black love is beautiful but you never really get to see it.

  21. jamal49 says

    Michael Sam is pretty hot and I wish him a successful career in the NFL. I also wish him caution where his boyfriend is concerned.

    Having said that, I’ll continue to watch real football aka soccer because it is 1,000 times more exciting and dramatic than the contrived NFL could ever hope to be. Plus, there’s less commercials.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “CC=Racist.

    If a white person said that about dating blacks you would be screaming about how horrible the white gays are”

    Oh, shut up, this issue has gone on for decades–usually YOU with the upper hand.

    I wish people would look up the definition of racism before they throw the word around.

    I understand Mike and CC’s sentiment. But they’re much younger than I am. I’m not shopping for love anymore. So, I can accept people’s choices in choosing partners in life. The anguish of never having my own partner is not there…well, I don’t let the anger come to the surface. It was my choice not to try, and I’ve had Black Gay men who were interested in me criticize me for that. It was my choice. But I AINT famous. CC and Mike are talking about the choices of FAMOUS/CELEBITY Blacks.

    I accept and respect Michael Sam’s and other inter-racial couples’ (Gay or Straignt) decision to be together. Life is short–if you settle on someone of a different race (love or just sex) then so be it.


    I’m suprised at the harshness of your comment directed at Mike.

    Well, Mike and CC: JayZ and Beyonce chose each other…oh, but this is about Gay folks. I forgot.

  23. Read says

    Rowan, I admire your ability to change your race at will. Over the course of several different posts on various topics you’ve gone from being white to Latino to black to being mixed raced.

    You, sir, are a fake.

  24. Hadithi says

    I think he did not know the editors of the magazine were gay because the interview was set up for him, probably by his publicist. HE probably just told him to show up at some hotel and carry out a decent interview, not to worry about who was interviewing. Scenarios like this – where a public figure doesn’t have the slightest clue who is interviewing them – are quite common.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    @ READ,

    there is a commentator on this blog who usually uses the posting name “RICK”. He’s very racist, very misogynistic, very Transphobic, and actually, anti-Gay male (with his talk of “culture of effeminacy”

    He also uses different posting names. And he does the most disgusting practice of using the posting names of “regulars” such as myself, Tyler, Kiwi and I think he’s used ROWAN’S name a few times…to post bullsh1t.

    ROWAN is a British Black man. He can be cynical (so am I), but he’s never hateful.

    So, I have to wonder sometimes who is actually who commenting on this blog.

  26. Justkeepingitreal says

    Yes, Derrick From Philly your hatred of anyone white is well noted on here.Just like CC and MIKE’s hatred of anyone that’s white. You’re the RICK of the black community.
    I love the M. Sam post here because it must eat you up with hatred because he’s a “race traitor” to you.
    Calling someone a “Snow Queen” is bigoted and your approval is noted

  27. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Yes, Derrick From Philly your hatred of anyone white is well noted on here”

    Yep, that’s why Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean are some my icons that adorn my office’s bulletin board.

    @ “Calling someone a “Snow Queen” is bigoted and your approval is noted”

    Bigoted, but not RACIST. Goggle the definition of racist. Ya’ got to have a feeling of racial superiority or feeling the inferiority of another race.

    You say you love Michael Sam. What do you think about the Black man or Black boy you saw walking down the street today?

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