Minnesota Republican Runs On Anti-Sodomy Platform

Bob FreyDespite all of the legal wins being made in terms of LGBT advancement and equality, some politicians still feel that running on an anti-gay, anti-sodomy platform is a winning issue. Bob Frey of Minnesota is one of those politicians. Frey is coming at the issue from a health-based perspective which, if nothing else, is a refreshing change from the usual song and dance about how much God hates the gays. Said Frey in an interview with Minnpost's Cyndy Brucato:

It’s about sodomy. It’s huge amounts of money. AIDS is a long term illness, causing pain, suffering, death, a long-term illness that’s very expensive to treat.

Unfortunately, Frey doesn't understand how HIV works:

When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg. The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg. If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – autoimmune deficiency system.

With as much information as there is available on HIV there is no excuse for this level of ignorance, much less for his insistence on spreading his misinformation to his constituents. Unfortunately, his backwards views are precisely the thing that has earned endorsements from other Republican candidates in Minnesota.


  1. says

    I literally knew more about HIV when I was ten yeas old than this man knows today.

    But hey, he’s a republican. this is to be expected. did y’all hear about that other republican senator who this week stated that “Mars and Earth are the same temperature”?

    Seriously. Only in the GOP, folks….

  2. Brian G says

    Um, following that “logic”, then Men who anally f**k their wives and/or girlfriends will be infecting them with AIDS too.

    No, sorry, I just can’t even try to engage in any reasoned discussion with a person with this level of ignorance. Just let him keep speaking and shine his dim light as best he can.

  3. Rad says

    Yes, sodomy is rampant in the lesbian community. Damn dykes.

    I love when men become obsessive about just one aspect of physical interaction. Really drives home the those folks REALLLY have some personal issues that they can’t come to grips with.

  4. McMike says

    If any homophobe who campaigns like this could pass a gay peter meter test I would be happy to give up gay sex forever.

  5. McMike says

    If any homophobe who campaigns like this could pass a gay peter meter test I would be happy to give up gay sex forever.

  6. MichaelJ says

    @ Dr. Blackwell: Unfortunately, the ignorance is willful. In last Sunday’s NY Times there was a disconcerting article about how scientific evidence is often ineffective in challenging misconceptions. For example, people who do not believe in evolution are no less knowledgeable that people who believe in it. “Once people’s cultural and political views get tied up in their factual beliefs, it’s very difficult to undo regardless of the messaging that is used.”


  7. neonzx says

    I never knew my semen had such super powers — can burn holes into anything it comes in contact with.

  8. craig says

    He’s a Republican. Were you seriously expecting something intelligent to come from his lips? Why?

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    Why do homophobes only think about anal sex? I’m really quite fond of the other things we do.

    As far as Minnesota politics goes, the state is politically divided into two sections – the cities and out state. That explains how Minnesota is able to have Michele Bachman as a representative and the man who is probably the most liberal representative, Keith Ellison. That also explains why our state wide elections are always so close.

  10. Will says

    I don’t understand why any electorate would nominate someone like this. He is a political nominee for a major party; he should at least check that his facts are accurate before making theses statements.

    If I was in his district I would be very concerned to have an elected official who makes up facts. How could you trust anything he says?

  11. Randy says

    So THAT’s where heartburn comes from!

    All that Nexium, when all we really needed to do was stop swallowing !

  12. simon says

    Richard Dawkins said it best:
    The population of the United States is more than 300 million and it includes some of the best and brightest that the human species has to offer, probably more so than any other country in the world. There is surely something wrong with a system for choosing a leader when, given a pool of such talent and a process that occupies more than a year and consumes billions of dollars, what rises to the top of the heap is George W Bush. Or when the likes of Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin can be mentioned as even remote possibilities.

  13. disgusted american says

    I sent him this on FB –

    FYI – sir – you do realize that SODOMY is ANY and ALL sex that’s NOT Heterosexual MIssionary Position……..PP to VaJJ…so, that Means – ALL sex other then hetero missionary is CONSIDERED SODOMY….ALL Oral (both hetero and gay) ….so you’re really gonna run on a ANTI-Hetero Oral sex platform? …or in your rightwing small mind you only consider sodomy anal sex (which THAT TOO heteros do …ALOT)

  14. Mike says

    What University SOLD him a medical degree? The State of Minnesota should pull the license on this idiot out of public safety concerns if nothing more! Am surprised that there is not a petition yet.

  15. woodroad34 says

    Republicans read…ummm…everything, ala Sarah Palin. So they know….ummm, errr…oh, hell just make something up. Reading’s haaaarrrd.

  16. JackFknTwist says

    @ SIMON & Richard Dawkins :

    You got it !

    USA politics/politicians/religious obsessions are infinitely entertaining.

    No one in any other country in the world, with the exception of, maybe, Uganda, would come out with this $h1t.

  17. JackFknTwist says

    @ SIMON & Richard Dawkins :

    You got it !

    USA politics/politicians/religious obsessions are infinitely entertaining.

    No one in any other country in the world, with the exception of, maybe, Uganda, would come out with this $h1t.

  18. JEFF YORK says

    Then he is running against SCOTUS that has already ruled it is legal. Not bright.

  19. Rich-SD says

    @Brian G:

    Your heart may be in the right place, but to the best of my knowledge there is no evidence that women’s anuses are any less susceptible to infection than men’s. An HIV-infected man who has unprotected anal sex with any partner exposes that partner to the same risk of HIV infection regardless of the partner’s gender.

  20. Raphie says

    No, He couldn’t pass the peter meter test. Poor guy! If he has truly not engaged in homo or hetero anal/oral sex he is to be pitied as much as scorned for his ignorance. The right in FL was stupid enough to pass a law against having sex with mammals. Yeah, it really gets that bad.

  21. Lexis says

    Good grief. He makes it sound like there is only one sperm and one egg. What happens to all the other kazillion sperm that get deposited in the vagina? And hello .. there isn’t always an egg there to begin with. Women who have gone through menopause never have eggs.

    What a dolt. Someone needs to show him that scene from Woody Allen’s film version of “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex …” where the sperm get ready to launch.

  22. Mr Stuie says

    Going by this persons remarks I assume two things:
    First. While the anus is sturdy enough to hold in fecal material for extended periods of time and not absorb it into the blood stream, it is somehow turned into tissue paper the very moment that sperm gets put there.

    Second. The same stuff that lets sperm penetrate the egg is also the same stuff that transmits AIDS. Though to stop this from being a danger to a woman and/or any child she may conceive, vaginas contain this magical other stuff that is unknown to science, yet somehow known to religious politicians, that “cures” the AIDS.

    Why doesn’t the Republican Party vote to fund an initiative to stick probes into women’s vaginas to find this magical AIDS curing vagina stuff? Lives literally depend on it.