National Groups Push Republicans To Drop Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

The National Journal looked at several groups pushing the Republican party to drop its opposition to marriage equality by its 2016 national convention.

GopTheir article reads, in part:

“[a] group called Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is part of the effort to remove the traditional-marriage plank from the GOP platform at the Cleveland convention. Already, the group has met with state and county party officials in New Hampshire, and they're planning trips to Iowa in August and to South Carolina and Nevada in September.

Rather than talking about gay marriage, strategists are guiding Republicans to talk about the freedom to marry, and they cast the question in familiar conservative terms about the government's role in people's private lives.

"Use freedom language, why it's important for families, why it's inappropriate for the government to treat people differently and treating gay people as taxpayers," said one GOP gay-rights lobbyist.

The American Unity PAC, the sister group to the 501(c)(4) American Unity Fund, has spent almost $700,000 this cycle to elect Republicans who back gay rights, compared with the nearly $120,000 traditional-marriage groups like Family Research Council have doled out, and their meetings with members went from three a week last year to five per week this year.”

The article also mentions that far-right conservatives like the SPLC-certified hate group the Family Research Council and their anti-gay senatorial cohorts Ted “states’ rights” Cruz of Texas and Mike ”religious freedom” Lee of Utah all support a law overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling against section three of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act — the very decision being quoted by judges overturning gay marriage bans in several states.


  1. Gigi says

    Once again it’s the younger generation who are pushing for a shift in policy. The oldtimers still have a stranglehold on the party and they don’t see any value in change. Same old, same old will mean the death of the GOP. Hallelujah!

  2. Chrislam says

    TRUE conservatives would object tot the government peering into their bedrooms. Unfortunately there are no true conservatives in the GOP.

  3. dixichuk says

    Let’s hope they remain just as nasty as ever. If they get all socially cuddly, they would probably start winning votes by a landslide. Then we’d be pledging allegiance to President Walmart, Vice President Comcast and General Mills.

  4. says

    thing is, without “gays and abortions” the GOP loses their grip on their “heartland base’ – because lord knows they can’t talk to those folks, honestly, about their fiscal policies.

    “vote for us and we’ll protect you from abortionist gays” is their way of not saying “vote for us and your healthcare will remain financially crippling and we’ll give tax breaks to the wealthy, not you”

  5. Rick says

    Gay men who are liberals and Democrats are actually terrified that the Republican party is going to drop its anti-gay stand and then gay people–or at least white gay men–will have no real reasosn any longer to affiliate themselves with what is becoming the Non-White Party. So terrified that I am convinced some of them wish the Republicans would not change, even if it harms gay people for them not to….which is just how twisted their priorities are.

    They might as well prepare themselves for the inevitalbe, though. Eventually, the Republican Party will shed its homophobia…..and given that Republican candidates routinely get 40% pf the white gay male vote, even with their anti-gay stands, it only stands to reason that that percentage will eventually rise to 60-70% when the homophobia in the party platform is eliminated…..enough for the time-being to sway national elections back to Republican candidates.

    It will be a good thing when both parties are gay-friendly and homophobia is put to rest……and they are forced to compete for the gay vote just like they are the votes of other groups.

  6. Tyler says

    Rick is terrified that the GOP will continue to be the party of bigots, because that will mean he has to continue being closeted around his republican peers for fear of making them uncomfortable. He’s trying so hard to suck up to the people that hate him most (you know, like his family). Being a bigoted, conservative, GOP, closeted hate monster troll is the only thing keeping him going.

  7. simon says

    Are you on drugs again? The GOP knows very well that the group you belong to is shrinking in percentage. You want your party to commit suicide?

  8. says

    Tyler – spot on. I know that internet trolls live vicariously though their anonymous internet handles – it’s the last refuge for Cowards – and his comments really do prove it. What a sad sad sad excuse for a man. “Hi i say hateful things on the internet, anonymously!’ that’s why his family and peers hate him – not just because he’s gay, but because he’s such a pathetic spineless wimp about it.

  9. Randy says

    Don’t kid yourself Rick. The GOP still hates gays, and that will change for very long time. They are quiet now about opposing gays and gay-rights, but that’s only for political expediency. They don’t want to seem to be harpies on this subject. However, as we seen even just recent months, when it comes time to make a decision the Republicans always vote or take action against gays. It would certainly be a mistake to construe their silence on the matter as any sort of support.

    Even if they do remove planks of opposition that should never be confused with actual support of gay rights. It will take another generation for the old guard to die off, and reality to sink in, but this is a losing battle. Even then there will still be a substantial number of Republican operatives who always oppose days because it is for biblically mandated. When you have one third of the country claiming to be evangelical conservatives, those people will never ever ever ever ever give gays 1 inch.

  10. Rick says

    “When you have one third of the country claiming to be evangelical conservatives, those people will never ever ever ever give gays 1 inch”

    The older ones will not, but the younger ones do not share their parents’ views…..a recent story on this blog indicated that half of all Evangelicals under the age of 30 now favor same-sex marriage… the change is inevitable… may take a full generation for the change to be complete, but as it happens over time, you will see less and less attraction of many white gay men to the Democrat Party….

  11. Tyler says

    Rick, you’re probably right. Those White gay men that only care about themselves and their $$$ will flock to the GOP in greater numbers as that party begrudgingly allows them to sit at the adult’s table. Racist, misogynist and gay-hating quisling gay men have always existed and they will continue to exist.

    The GOP: because sociopaths participate in politics too.