Openly Gay Singer Will Young Tweets Homophobic Incident On Pride Day – VIDEO

Will young facebook

Will Young, an openly gay singer who found fame in the first series of English television talent show Pop Idol in 2002, took to Twitter to rant about a June 28 homophobic incident.

Young said that he was told to stop hugging his boyfriend because “it was offending another 'conservative' (read homophobic) spa visitor.”

The singer has yet to reveal where the incident took place but has since announced that it has been resolved.

Will young twitter

Flash back and watch Will Young perform on Pop Idol, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Rick says

    Perhaps if he hadn’t rubbed his sexuality in the face of others this would not have happened. Though it’s not ideal, most of society still isn’t comfortable with gay male sexuality. We need to respect that discomfort. One day we’ll overcome this societal disgust. But until that day comes we must respect our peers and keep our affection to ourselves.

  2. says

    The only way people get used to it is to see it more. PDA is, make no mistake, a very important part of the Movement. Embrace your loves, show affection in public. Hiding ourselves and our love only makes it seem shameful. Live out Loud. Hold hands. Kiss. Embrace.

    Only a coward would give an excuse not to.

  3. Cran says

    And since when are hugs not allowed between anyone, regardless of sexuality? Anyone who thinks that hugging a friend is “rubbing [someone’s] sexuality in the face of others” must lead and awfully lonely life indeed.

  4. LiamB says

    Yep, Rick, the whole stay in the closet until they accept you bit has always been proven a winning strategy. Moron.

    While I am all for people not making out in public, regardless of who they are, expecting that gay people not engaging in the exact same behavior as straight people do in public is going to magically make homophobes “get over it” is pure stupidity. There is zero logical thought behind that very insipid idea.

    Gay people shouldn’t have to hide their affection because some poor bigot might feel uncomfortable. That’s not how the adult world should work.

    Seriously, you need some counseling to get over your self loathing.

  5. crispy says

    “PDA is inappropriate, whether gay or straight.”

    Yeh, we all went through that phase when we were struggling with coming out. You’ll get past it once you develop more self esteem. Try therapy.

  6. Thomas J Watson says

    Can somebody write a browser add-on that ‘disappears’ text preceded by the phrase “POSTED BY: RICK”? Additional triggers could be stored in a user-maintained list; new names being added with a right-click on the offending name.

    I’d actually pay for such a thing and I’m sure Andy (who may even be posting as Rick as part of his commercialization of the Hegelian Dialectic) would find a way to make a buck off of it.

    The marketplace awaits.

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