President Obama Fist Bumps Gay Comedian in Texas

By night, Daniel Rugg Webb is an aspiring comedian based out of Austin, Texas. By day, he’s a cashier at Franklin Barbecue: the same Franklin Barbecue President Obama dropped by last Thursday as a part of his brief tour through Texas.

"If Rick Perry would've walked in, I would have lost my job. Webb told the Austin Chronicle. “I would've taken that old queen to town."

Fist_obamaInstead, Webb met face to face with the President, and, ever the performer, still managed to find a choice set of words, as he recounted to Buzzfeed:

“Equal rights for gay people!” he exclaimed.

Obama reacted without missing a beat. “Are you gay?”

Taken aback by the directness of the question, he said, Webb responded, “Only when I’m having sex!”

The president laughed, then, realizing there was a group of children near the two, said, “Not in front of the kids!”

Webb, more than mere taking the opportunity to banter with the Commander-in-Chief, saw the exchange as a chance to take a pointed stand against current governor Rick Perry.

“We are an anti-gay state. We are a state with a whole bunch of hungry children and sick old people, and [Rick Perry is] grandstanding on things that will get him a better election,” Webb explained. “I would like to see Rick Perry negatively influenced by any kind of attention. Even Obama laughing at something as, hopefully, acceptable as sexuality can show the difference.”

Watch a clip of Webb’s standup at the Austin Encyclopedia Show AFTER THE JUMP



  1. James says

    Hey, that guy’s pretty good onstage. Wasn’t crazy about his retrograde quip, in which he inadvertently (and, admittedly off the cuff) confirms Rick Perry’s belief that gayness is a behavior, not an orientation), he’s quite a good stand-up.

  2. AdamTh says

    I expect to see the birther/”Obama is secretly gay” crowd report this story as “Obama Fists Gay Men While in Texas”. Bryan Fischer will be so jealous..

  3. says


    The point Alan is trying to make by pointing out the typo is that a news website can’t be taken seriously when there are big errors like that. If this site focused less on promoting cross-dressers and more on hiring an editor, mistakes wouldn’t happen.

  4. Tyler says

    Hmmm hates trans (your cross-dresser comment was transparent) people because he’s a pathetic troll. And he’s most likely also another alias of Rick (the username is linked to Towleroad, which Rick likes to do).

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