Religious University Requires Sex Reassignment Surgery For Trans Students Seeking Single-Sex Dorm


Oregon’s George Fox University — the Christian school that used a Title IX religious exemption to bar a trans male student from residing in a men’s dormitory — has revised its policy to let trans students live in the dorms as long as they have undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Noting that the university’s student health plan excludes sex reassignment surgery, Zack Ford from Think Progress points out the other shortcomings of George Fox’s “compromise”:

… many transgender people choose not undergo surgical changes to their bodies, either because they cannot afford it, because they do not wish to sacrifice their reproductive ability, or because they simply do not feel it is a necessary step to realize their gender identities. The National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that at most, a quarter of trans people had already had some form of genital surgery, though many more wanted to someday. In turn, the World Health Organization recently condemned any policy that requires transgender people to undergo sterilizing surgery in order to obtain legal recognition…

Ford has also noted that the school orginally offered to house the student in a single apartment near campus, and that the school's policy defines "common residence halls" as "single-sex, defined anatomically." Makes you wonder if they're checking the bust-size and genitals of everyone who applies.

One year ago, the U.S. Department of Education stated that Title XI granted trans students access to accommodations like bathrooms, locker rooms and dorms. However, the religious exemption allows schools like George Fox University and the Cal Baptist nursing school to discriminate against and even expel trans students under the guise of “religious beliefs.”


  1. Yup says

    “Makes you wonder if they’re checking the bust-size and genitals of everyone who applies.”

    Huh? So what is your suggested solution? How can you even verify that someone IS trans if you simply must take their word for it that they “feel” trans but aren’t interested in actually transitioning? It makes very little sense and absolutely cannot be verified.

  2. Moz's says

    a step foreword

    before, they weren’t accepting trans into the dorms of their transitioning into sex at all

    if one can not afford to transition is one thing, and can be sympathized with……….choosing to not transition because “…they do not wish to sacrifice their reproductive ability, or because they simply do not feel it is a necessary step to realize their gender identities.” = cross dresser and not transgender

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    It’s a Christian school. What do you expect? They can do what they want.

  4. Moz's says

    little kiwi

    no, im discussing sex

    because trangenders prefer to use transgender as vs transexual is what muddies the subject

    a true transgender non transexual is a crossdresser

    a transexual who can not afford to transition, I and the majority of americans would sympathize with

    a man who dresses as a female yet refuses to surgically transition is not someone who should be assigned to a female dorm and vis verse

    now, little kiwi… be your stereotypical self and rant rave, demean me, demean my family, screech , holler, use foul language etc

    you reaction is predictable

  5. says

    No, I think I will.


    What sort of evidence do you have to verify that specious and utterly false claim, O Smart One?

  6. will says

    Trans students should have the correct anatomy to join in segregated restrooms, dorms, changing rooms, locker rooms, showers. Why is this a controversy? It’s common sense.

    Each time one of these threads appears, Little Kiwi climbs out of the woodwork to tell us that trans poeple should have the freedom tp be able to go anywhere, wherever they choose, regardless of the feelings of other.

    A woman still possessing a penis should not go into a woman’s shower at the gym. Little Kiwi will say that gender is between your ears so the other females in the shower should just shut up and go somewhere else if they don’t like the penis around them.

    Surgery first, THEN join the men or women in segregated spaces.

  7. says

    You willing to pay for all of that, Willie? Most trans* persons can’t AFFORD all the transition-related surgery and all the trimmings (so to speak), and it’s only been a month since DOH actually made mention that it should be covered by insurance companies.

    Again, trotting out the idea that a trans* person is gonna go into the bathroom and rape one of the people within? Seems like that says more about the people whining than the people who are actually being affected!

  8. Moz's says

    taking bets cody reed is little kiwi

    I wonder how many screen names little kiwi has

  9. will says

    Would anyone argue against a gay man using the women’s locker and shower if that’s what he wants to do? Why bother to have boundaries at all? Why don’t we all fight for eliminating segregated spaces all together?

  10. says

    Actually many intelligent gay men agree with Little Kiwi, but we are tired of arguing with ignorant trolls and transphobes.

    For most if not all of the trans people I’ve known, the surgery didn’t come before college. They might be transitioning during college and taking hormones, but surgery is a major and expensive step. It’s basically a change in the excuse for excluding them. The policy sounds better, but it’s not actually better

  11. says

    If a couple of youse dingbats actually took the time to click on my page (which I will ALWAYS make available), you’d see that I am *NOT* LK. In fact, there have been a number of times that he and I have butted heads on these message boards, because I stand a lot *less* BS than he can, and even he sometimes gets up on my wick.

    Try again.

  12. says

    And point of fact, Willie, a number of us ARE calling for an end to sex-segregated rooms. There are already things called “unisex changing rooms” and “unisex restrooms,” and I really don’t hear much bitching about those.

    But when we’re doing something for the safety and comfort of people who might require such a facility, NOW you’re getting righteous?

    Disingenuous and hypocritical, I tell ya.

  13. Yawn says

    Sorry, but if you’re fighting for equality you can’t then burden everyone else in the process by asking to do something that isn’t available to everyone else. I’m a gay man and I can’t just go into any restroom, changing room, etc. that I choose, and I’m find with that because I have respect for others’ level of comfort. You’re essentially asking for straight women to have a person in the restroom (and this is a college so also the shower) who has a penis. Who cares if you want to call these women names, or try to accuse them of being “transphobic?” At the end of the day, they don’t HAVE to be comfortable naked around someone else who has a penis, and who the hell are YOU to force them into that situation?

  14. Bill says

    @Will: to put this in perspective, once in Vienna I used the restroom in a U-Bahn or S-Bahn station to pee, and some young guy walked in with his girlfriend in tow. It seems he was short of cash and was hoping for some change so he could buy a few condoms for some safe sex (with his girlfriend, not me).

    Do you think it just might be possible that Americans (due to the country being founded in part by Puritans), has some hangups that the rest of the world doesn’t? Well, at least the rest of the world excluding parts of Africa, much of the Middle East, etc.

  15. says

    @Yawn etc: Why is it you’re all so obsessed with the penis? FTM transgender person living in a men’s dorm. No straight women there to fear the penis, and probably not a penis to fear. It’s like the homophobes who are only obsessed with gay men, as if lesbians don’t exist.

    And in these cases it’s much more likely it’s the administrators who are uncomfortable rather than the students. And the administration’s discomfort is based mostly on ignorance, and the ignorance grows from their religious beliefs, though, clearly, the religious don’t have a lock on ignorance.

  16. Thedrdonna says

    @Yawn: “Sorry, but if you’re fighting for equality you can’t then burden everyone else in the process by asking to do something that isn’t available to everyone else.”

    You mean like requiring an expensive surgery that is often not covered by insurance, and may not be medically possible, due to the person’s medical history? It sounds an awful lot like you want to give the privilege of using the bathroom to only those affluent enough to be able to get the surgery.

  17. Leanne says

    The problem is that even after the surgery, the tranny students will still be mentally ill. Shouldn’t the school be concerned with the safety of the real women in the dorm who will be forced to live in proximity to a mentally ill person with conditions that are set forth in not one but 2 sections of the DSM V?

  18. says

    I think you’re a bit behind on the times, Leanna. DSM-V’s newest revision has updated Gender Dysphoria.

    Besides, does that mean that any man who is around a woman with PMS (or something similar) should have to watch out for their safety?


  19. jlavoy says

    When I read stories like these, I often think many people’s bathroom concerns are strange. What restrooms do many of you use? Are they places where people just walk around, completely naked, and childishly play around, peeing wherever? All the bathrooms Ive used tend to focus on being private, and the people who use them are also very private.

    For a transgender person, using their prefered bathroom, Im sure, is liberating. Im also sure that most transgender people are more sensitive to others’ privacy than the general population (empathize much?), rather than the naked, predatory monsters many make them out to be.

  20. Oh vey says

    Yeah this is a bridge too far. I can’t support the part of the movement that gets me into this quagmire. “liberation” by using whatever bathroom they “feel” like, especially when there are dorm showers there? Nah.

  21. Jack M says

    A university telling people what to do with their bodies? Sounds like the government.

  22. Doug says

    Just curious as to why a transgendered student (or gay student or straight liberal student) would want to go to a school like this in the first place? Wouldn’t a public college or even a private liberal arts college be more accepting and offer more opportunities (clubs, organizations, peers, etc.) anyway? This school is probably somewhat expensive and conservative in its thinking and doesn’t really seem like the place people like us would enjoy spending their time and money at anyway. There are so many colleges (public, private, universities, junior colleges, etc.) that are very inclusive of us now that nobody should even need to go near places like this.

  23. GregV says

    I’ve lived in two different co-ed university dorms that had co-ed toilets and showers. Admittedly, I was more self-conscious than the straight guys seemed to be about using the urinals as girls walked in, using a stall with a neighbors girl’s feet in the adjoining one. But it wasn’t a big deal.
    And unlike the male-only gang showers we used in the athletic facilities, the co-ed ones had partitions covering from breast to ankle to protect the women’s privacy, though we could still say hello to their faces as we showered.
    When it comes to trans men, I would not be at all self-conscious or worried about having them share even the all-male gang showers. They are no doubt going to be more self-conscious about their own body than they are going to be judging mine. And it’s not like trans people are sex fiends always plotting to attack the person next to them.

  24. says

    Yes, as GREGV suggests, some of you apparently haven’t been on an actual college campus recently. Many coed bathrooms these days.

    And still some continue to misconstrue this story as being about someone with a penis scaring the ladies.

    It’s a men’s dorm we’re talking about. And an FTM trans student.