Florida Governor Rick Scott Gives Whackadoodle Answer When Asked About Gay Marriage: VIDEO


This week Florida Circuit Judge Luis Garcia ruled the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, opening the door for gay couples to begin marrying in the Florida Keys as early as next week.

Attorney General Pam Bondi appealed, effectively freezing Garcia’s ruling.

Governor Rick Scott was asked by FOX4 News about his feelings on the ruling and same-sex marriage in the state, and nobody could figure out what he was talking about.



  1. Lymis says

    Wow. That answer wouldn’t work from a Miss America contestant.

    “Nobody wants discrimination in our state, but we still want people to be able to discriminate if they want. Because we have a court system.”

    Dude, pick one. You either want no discrimination in your state, or you want discrimination in your state, and you’re willing to pump a whole lot of public money into that fight. The days when you could dodge the question are pretty much over.

  2. says

    I’m over “different views” – that’s a plebes way of ignoring specifics. It’s not that we on “the left” have a “different view” – it’s that The Right has an inherently intolerant, bigoted and prejudicial one.

    I have struggled with getting folks to understand/accept this, for as long as I can remember. This is not a discussion about opinions on which of Tarantino’s films is his best – it’s not about different views on restaurants or menu options. when the “Different View” is based solely on anti-gay animus, or some bogus selective amnesia in regards to biblical scripture (baseless, in a secular nation) then it’s not about mere Differences – it’s about the specifics, the nuances, and i’m freakin sick of a culture that refuses to be real about this.

  3. says

    Rick’s caffeinated creepiness is sooooo distracting it’s hard to listen to what he says–not that what he’s saying makes any sense whatsoever.

    Basically, he wants to pass the whole issue to the divorce-queen AG and let himself of the hook. Nice, though, how he felt compelled to say how much he believes in marriage, for himself. Lucky wife!

  4. Jeffy says

    If you are not particularly smart or you do not have balls, like this Guv, then you need to remember more and better talking points. Jeez, grow a set and say what you mean.

  5. the other Ken says

    “I believe in traditional marriage. But no one should be discriminated against. We have courts for that. The buck stops with them, not me.”

    How on earth did people elect this guy? I read one poll that gave him the lowest approval rating of any current governor. I think Jerry Brown had the highest approval in that same poll. There are valid reasons why.

  6. says

    I’m on board with @THE OTHER KEN. There must be a treasure trove of true idiots in Florida to have elected this farcical politician to the Governorship. Total fools. You CAN’T have it both ways – you can’t discriminate against one group simply because you hate them with a passion. Throw this guy out of office as quickly as possible.

  7. Fight The Power says

    Bigots running scared now.

    I hope to live to see the day when a People’s Court holds politicians like Scott and hatemongers like Tony Perkins accountable for their actions.

  8. Tatts says

    And let’s not forget that he headed a hospital company that plead guilty to 14 counts of fraud and paid the federal government $600 million in fines and reimbursement.

    Florida voters ignored that little fact too (although the plea/fine happened after he snuck away from the company).

  9. northalabama says

    this *is* florida, so there’s a good chance prescription medication is involved…seriously.

    why anyone is surprised by the teasomething crazies is beyond me, i saw them coming a mile away (just like the lady from alaska, who’s name shall not be spoken).

    mr. scott won’t be around much longer, and let’s hope florida has learned another lesson.

  10. Jay says

    Wow just a few years ago we were his campaign’s scapegoat. This man has seen the writing on the wall. Perhaps he should go back and defraud Obamacare or something.

  11. Lymis says

    “Somewhere in Florida, a village is missing its Idiot…”

    Clearly, you don’t know Florida. The village idiot bench has world-class depth. No shortage. They can freely export without ever noticing anyone’s missing.

  12. Rich says

    Not only is his answer convoluted, but he is also a real mush mouth. He’s an incredibly bad speaker. Can’t image how people actually elected this guy. Hopefully they will go with Crist this time around.

  13. Tinseltown says

    His TIE should be a litmus test before he even opened his mouth! That’s the first thing I noticed; just look at it! It’s the tie equivalent of a limp, damp, cold, weak hand-shake.

    Look at the way the knot sits asymmetrically under his collar. Look at that knot! – What’s he thinking?! That’s not the knot of a Governor, that’s a my-first-tie-knot-for-school-and-it’s-kinda-messy. And the wrinkle in the tie where it emerges from the knot, WTF?! – That’s not a deliberate, or symmetrical valley-fold.

    Is he on drugs?! Does he not have the fine motor skills?! What the hell?! If you’re going to wear a tie, do it properly. A sloppy, incoherently tied tie like that says “My cat’s name is Mittens”.

    Well done Governor Rick, not only do you sound stupid, you look ridiculous too…

  14. Bernie says

    Such a spineless chicken s…. answer! As a Republican, he could have given the Republican party line, but it appears Mr. Scott does not even have the brain power or political savviness for that!

  15. johnny says

    Yikes, that guy is the poster child for creepy.

    Deer. In. The. Headlights.

    When you can see white around the entire iris of someone’s eyes = psychotic.

  16. james street james says

    If I may, let me translate that for you: “I’m a politician. I haven’t figured out yet which way the wind is blowing on this issue. (And I really don’t care personally.) But when I do figure out which position gets the most votes I will take that position. In the mean time it’s not my responsibility to act on this because the court system is on it.”

    From what I hear Charlie Crist is ahead in the polls. He has selected a Latina running mate who looks quite personable. Good luck Democrats.

  17. BlackBeachBum says

    Take it from a native: Florida is a state filled to the brim with idiots. Who knows what jerk they will elect next? No one here ever learns from their mistakes.

  18. jdw says

    As for the idiots in Florida, most of them came here from one of the other fifty states. They had a good time and thought if they moved here it would be like Disney World every day. So basically all the crazies from the upper 49 live here , and native Floridians get blamed for the trash that left your state. Rick Scott bought the election, much like Dubyah won. Scott used his millions , Bush his connections . Dwight Williamson

  19. tyler breasher jr. says

    I believe Rick Scott should not be the Governor of any state and hope he loses.

    That said, dude is kinda hot. He looks like an older, well-groomed gay man.

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