1. says

    translation: “Nobody knows who I am anymore so I’m taking a page from the Ann Coulter book for How To Get The Lowest Common Denominator On Your Side.”

  2. JoshS says

    Jeez, has it gotten to the point where no one can see when someone is kidding around?

  3. Gerry says

    FFS… it’s Joan Rivers, she’s joking… the difference between Rivers and Coulter is EVERYONE knows Rivers is joking, Coulter’s followers actually believe what she says.

  4. mike/ says

    she’s a comedian, FCS! i am soooo looking forward to saying whatever i want when i’m 81…

  5. Gerry says

    P.S. Same thing with Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove, etc. as with Coulter. They make a living ginning up hatred by knowingly spewing misinformation. Rivers purpose isn’t to be divisive, she is a comedian and doesn’t try to fool people into taking her seriously.

  6. Rowan says

    Little Kiwi, UFDA etc GET A GRIP.

    Give lgbt people a bad name. Take a joke you muppets.

  7. txdoc says

    Hey pot…this is kettle! If anyone looks like a tranny, it’s the overly stretched and pulled Joan Rivers!

  8. johnny says

    Either she’s joking or she’s senile or both.

    Who takes the old bat seriously anyway?

  9. David says

    Of course she was joking, but it was a sick, lame joke. Just because Joan has been surgically altered doesn’t mean that the First Lady has. Just watch Joan on TV, she relies heavily on weak jokes targeting lesbians and trans people.

  10. Chrislam says

    If she was joking, it was an insulting joke.

    However if she was being sarcastic, then I would give her a pass.

  11. WeAreNotAmused says

    It’s beyond me to understand why some gay folks find this foul being funny. I remember being disgusted by her homophobia as far back as 1982. Was she ever actually funny?

  12. Thedrdonna says

    The “joke” is predicated on the idea that being trans is a bad thing. Actually she also calls Obama gay, because everyone knows how much gay men are into trans women.

  13. WeAreNotAmused says

    You folks saying “calm down” are utterly clueless. She *is* hateful. Always was. Do some research and stop pretending to be above it all.

  14. Andy says

    Oh shut up everyone. People can joke about the Bushes, the Clintons…but to liberals the sanctimonious holier-than-thou Obamas are off-hands? Why? Because they are black?

    If she made a joke about Laura Bush you’d all be like “Ahahaha! So funny!”

    Not that I’m a fan of the Bushes. But the double standard is blatant with you people.

    Screw you and your hypocrisy.

  15. jamal49 says

    OK, pearl clutchers, listen up! Joan was joking (pretty funny, I might add). So, uh, get a grip before you choke yourselves to death.

    By the way, that dimple in Joan’s chin used to be her navel.

  16. Princely says

    I know what people mean when defending her because she’s a comedian and she’s making a joke. Although, I know she’s a Republican and has, in all seriousness, mentioned in interviews she can’t stand Obama. That’s not a crime, but I disagree with her and I don’t see this ‘joke’ as funny. But lately she’s been overly malicious attacking others she has no business attacking (Lena Dunham comes to mind). She has become increasingly shrill and unfunny to me. Is it age? Is it loss of money? Is it lack of growing a fan base? I dunno and I don’t care. I just ignore her and her butchered face that says more about what she thinks of herself and, consequently, the world than she could ever say in words.

  17. raul says

    Of course she is kidding, but who cares. It is the whiff of trying desperately to stay in the room that makes the whole thing creak.

    There are 2 problems with what she said. 1st, it’s not funny. A huge crime for a comedian.

    2nd problem, is the homophobia of using as a joke that the person in question is really GAY. Have you ever heard anyone make a joke where the punchline is that the person is really str8. Never. It’s a joke because it relies on a commonly held trope.

    As a group of people struggling for right and a President doing as much for that community as any other President has ever done, to have his sexual identity questioned is in a wierd way throwing a bit of shade of his efforts, “Why would a str8 man be so interested…” The same way some gay do to str8 male (attractive) supporters. I won’t even get into the “Michele is a tranny” bad joke.

    Then again, there are people here who are too young to remember that Joan, I love my queens, Rivers sat at the right side of Nancy and Ronnie Reagan as thousands of her loved queens died of AIDS. She proclaimed her love for the Reagans as President Reagan stood silent in the wake of these deaths, and when he did speak, he and his fellow republicans, of which Joan counted herself, btw, vilified the sinful behaviors of gay men that was killing them not a virus, or the inaction of the adminstration.

    She in my view is well past her sell by date. Please follow the exits.

  18. Fenrox says

    I like that she said the slur, then immediately walked it back. The T word has been in our culture for a while and it was a “fun” slur to have, like the B word or the R word.

    If JOAN RIVERS can immediately understand to not use the word then everyone else has no excuse. Just stop using it!

  19. Jake says

    @Andy: The reason that we don’t get in an uproar when comics ridiculed Bush in the past is they didn’t rely on gay-bashing or trans-bashing as a means to do so. Most of the jokes and jabs sent his direction had to do with his stupidity and lack of leadership, nothing to do with minority status of any regard. It has little to do with Obama and more to do with the nature of the ‘joke’.

    Also, as a mid 20s gay dude, I honestly had little familiarity with Joan Rivers. Sure, the name rang a (very quiet) bell at first but I had to wikipedia her briefly to put this in context. Thought she was a folk singer actually. Sorta shows her irrelevancy in the end.

  20. oncemorefeeling says

    I wonder where trolls went to defend gay bashers before the Internet?

  21. JackFknTwist says

    This was a joke, right ?
    And she is a comic, right ?

    Then she’s in really big trouble.

  22. Persepctive says

    So we’re saying that Joan Rivers should be able to make a joke about any subject at any time without any consideration for implications or repercussions? I think I’ve heard her justify some of her other borderline comic stylings with that justification–that she’s a comedian, and that comedians as performers/’artists’ should be able to joke and insult with impunity.

    But I have to ask if it would be so funny if she were making jokes about….oh, say…violence against transgendered kids? Or familial rejection of LGBT kids? Or gay teen suicide? Or if she started giving ‘comical’ makeup/plastic surgery tips to AIDS patients who were experiencing facial lipodystrophy? Surely there are some things that even comedians can’t consider fair game.

    On the other hand, I kind of like the fact that the Far Right Teabaggin’ Fundamentalist Evangelical Wingnuts will see Joan Rivers making the same kind of observations that they allege as fact.

    By the way, at 81, her career has been on a ventilator for several years. This may or may not have been a DNR order.

  23. Richard says

    Joan Rivers is an ignorant, irrelevant has-been screaming for attention at any cost.

  24. iban4yesu says

    Yes, it has been established she has always been hateful.

    A Jewess full of hate and then some… does this vile bat ever do Holocaust jokes too?

  25. June says

    Joan Rivers is an insult comic….duh!

    People need to reaccquaint themselves with a sense of humor.

  26. crispy says

    “A Jewess full of hate and then some… does this vile bat ever do Holocaust jokes too?”


    “The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens” – Joan Rivers, Feb. 2013

  27. Craig says

    Just Joan being Joan. She’s made a good living for herself by putting down celebrities for the past 80 years. Apparently some commenters never watched Fashion Police on E!

  28. tallrobert says

    She’s guilty of recycling jokes, nothing else.
    She used the same comments on Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in 1863 and against Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt when she guest starred on the Chase and Sanborn Radio Show in 1937.

  29. Chandler in Las Vegas says

    People don’t realize that with all of her plastic surgery, Joan is the first F2F sex change EVAH! And we know that the transgender get to use the word “tranny”. Leave her siliconed, botoxed, female hormone treated ass alone.

  30. Mick says

    I’m sure her buddy Donald Trump is laughing his ass off with the rest of her fans. Joan Rivers is, and always has been, disgusting trash. That’s why NBC and Johnny Carson made sure she would never get Leno’s position on the Tonight Show. She simply can’t get a decent job anymore. She’s a surgical mess, regulated now to only reality TV where she can continue insulting A list celebrities, who also find her disgusting. She’s yesterday’s trash and today’s bitter whore. I hope this is finally the end of her, and her irritatingly stupid, apron-string clinging, wretch of a daughter.

  31. Tyler says

    Uh, oh. Trannies have another enemy to add to the list. There’s a new enemy added every week. And in this case it’s a woman, so you know they will be extra malicious. Trannies hate real women because it reminds them of what they can never be.

  32. Kevin says

    Joan Rivers hasn’t been funny for a couple of decades at least. Since about the time she lost the ability to form a smile. She looks like she’s been taxidermied. It’s sad, really.

  33. Mick says

    Tyler, the little you know about “Trannies” might fit on the head of your little bitty penis.

  34. Dan says

    Would be nice that she remembers there are children involved, before she opens her scalpled mouth….

  35. petey says

    A lot of you gay guys have no sense of humor. You are drab, lifeless people.

    In any case, why should it offend if Obama is gay? You call almost everything else gay.

  36. Randy says

    Joan is just jealous that her show tanked, and she’s really the no-talent that she fears she might be, and with one foot in the grave, she can’t fix it and is lashing out.

  37. Perfida Limpin says

    I agree with WEARENOTAMUSED. Joan Rivers was clearly joking. I happen to respect and support the Obamas but I didn’t take offense at this joke. We are not in Britain or Thailand so we don’t have a sense of lèse-majesté here. And come on, people can ridicule Bill Clinton and/or Hillary Clinton and we can’t touch the Obamas? Such hypocrisy.

  38. Buckie says

    Haaa, she totally trolled everyone, the right, the left, everyone !

    She is freakin’ HILARIOUS !

    You bunch of crybabies ! Grow up ! LOL

  39. JackFknTwist says

    @ PETEY :

    “A lot of you gay guys…..”
    …. are drab, lifeless people….

    I guess you are not into absurd vacuous generalizations.

  40. Rob says

    Michelle is far from delicate. This is a wince-worthy tweak, something she has made a career out of. She is a grand dame of American humor. Edgy, to be sure, but far from crazy. Rock on, Joan.

  41. Island Planet says

    Again, the only thing offensive about Joan is that she’s been a professional comedian for decades but is not funny. You can see in the video here that she’s going to ‘turn it on’ and say something funny. But the only thing Joan knows how to do is be ‘outrageous’. She never was funny. Just said outrageous (offensive) things. She called Liz Taylor fat for 2 decades in place of writing jokes. She’s a lazy hack, but nothing to get upset about – or to write about.

  42. Liz says

    You miserable Queens! She was making a joke!

    But, she right!!!… Michelle does look like a TRANNY!!!!

    I very disappointed that most of the commenters here suck Obama!!

    He has proved himself to be America’s worst president!!!

    The word is Incompetent!!!

  43. leprechaunvict says

    Seth and TallRobert, lol your comments were right on the money/the perfect comeback to this. I love the Obamas, but everyone needs to calm the f down and take a joke.

  44. Jonathan says

    The operative word is “trying”. She’s not funny. She should die like her face did years ago. I’d kill her myself if I could get away with it. She’s a waste of space and she’s a hideous monster. Take her clone with her.

  45. Leonard says

    So all of a sudden it’s okay for a straight cis women to attack people by calling them gay and refer to the First Lady of the United States a “tranny?” I guess, it’s okay because she “supports” the white LGBT community. Ok, whatever.

    Last time I checked comedy was supposed to be funny.

  46. MikeB says

    She’s lost her mind. I don’t remember any jokes like these about the Bush or Clinton couple. Is this like a play on the fact that a man that supports gay rights is suspect? Or using that old tired stereotype of the angry black woman and comparing that to being a tranny? Does she have any good material left?

  47. Sean Maloney says

    Find me a similar joke on record that she made about the Reagans. (crickets)

  48. Andy says

    Used to love her. What has she turned into for f’s sake? She hasn’t been funny in forever.

  49. tallrobert says

    She is a grand dame of American humor?
    More like the Dowager Countess of American Humor.

  50. kevin says

    CALM DOWN EVERYONE. Jeesh, she’s a comedian and a gay-positive one for decades. “We already have that with Obama” means we already have a President who’s pushing for your rights and recognition. Calling Michelle a tranny WAS a joke. Anyone who is offended has obviously never seen her perform her material.

  51. Anony6 says

    She was not joking

    Joan rivers really dislikes Obama and has been vocal about it at numerous times. If she thinks gay is such a good thing, why “compliment” the horrid obama with being gay.

    The reality is that she dislikes oboma, and used gay within a derogatory context as a means to “slander” him…she was by no means complimenting him.

    People are not upset that a comedian took a swipe at their beloved obama…People are upset that Joan Rivers invoked being gay as a way to degrade someone she does not like.

  52. Anony6 says

    She was not joking

    Joan rivers really dislikes Obama and has been vocal about it at numerous times. If she thinks gay is such a good thing, why “compliment” the horrid obama with being gay.

    The reality is that she dislikes oboma, and used gay within a derogatory context as a means to “slander” him…she was by no means complimenting him.

    People are not upset that a comedian took a swipe at their beloved obama…People are upset that Joan Rivers invoked being gay as a way to degrade someone she does not like.

  53. anon says

    The first rule of comedy is that you must be funny. That’s how you get away with it. Of course, a sense of humor can easily be damaged.

  54. crashstlmo says

    Joan Rivers should remember that it wasn’t that long ago when Jews were told to remember their place, too.

  55. joe says

    calling someone gay or tranny is an insult?!
    consider the source
    i’d consider it a compliment :)

  56. arg says

    Is is me or does Joan Rivers look like Wayland Flowers’ puppet, Madame? I wish I could imbed a pic, you’ll just have to ‘google’ “Madame puppet” and decide for yourselves…..

  57. Kwa says

    Joan is wrong wrong wrong!!!!! She is also a comedy icon. One of my favorite movies, The Swimmer, with Burt Lancaster, is also maybe her first film appearance. The movie is very stylized and episodic, from one pool to another…

  58. John says

    I was never much of a fan of Joan Rivers but I am now. Her comment was never meant to be a joke. Bravo to her for being brave enough to get the truth out! She may be a target now, but it is time the rest of us open our eyes. We in America have all been tricked and lied to by a very diabolical individual who now in the White House.

    Google “michelle is a man” and see the proof.