Rob Ford Supporters Attack LGBT Demonstrators At Ford Fest: VIDEO

Ford Fest, Toronto mayor Rob Ford's annual barbecue celebration, turned ugly yesterday when gay right supporters were both verbally and physically attacked in the city park in which the event was held.

The CBC reports:

About six demonstrators protesting what they called Ford's homophobia turned up at Thomson Memorial Park in Scarborough, holding signs that called for the mayor's departure from office.

"He needs to be held accountable," said Poe Liberado, who faced loud jeers from Ford fans. "His buffoonery is dangerous, his positions are dangerous and he needs to be taken seriously." 


The mayor's supporters, however, weren't pleased with the anti-Ford sentiment, with a number of individuals getting into verbal confrontations with the protesters.

At one point, a few Ford fans grabbed the signs being held by the protesters, tore them up, and threw them on the ground, stamping on them in the process. One man claims to have been assaulted. Toronto police said they are investigating the matter. 

"Go home," they yelled. "This is Ford Nation!" One man claims to have been assaulted. Toronto police said they are investigating the matter.

Just two weeks ago, Ford cast the lone dissenting vote for a proposal that would support homeless LGBT youth.

There's video of yesterday's violent incident in which Ford supporters assure the gay rights demonstrators with things like "We don't have anything against you guys. We just have different morals." They then proceed to destroy their pro-LGBT signs and repeatedly chant "Ford Nation." Watch, AFTER THE JUMP.

Also, AFTER THE JUMP, is a Global News segment in which gay rights demonstrators describe yesterday's attacks which include one man who was shoved and struck on the head. A Global News reporter asked Ford about the assaults but the mayor has refused to comment.

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  1. says

    “Homophobic Rob Ford supporters” is like “White Klansmen”

    Here’s the deal, folks – Ford is guilty of making sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, racist statements. Over and over again. Perpetuating anti-gay attitudes. Promoting them. That’s why his supporters love him – he’s the embodiment of the worst trash of the outskirts of Toronto – and this shows it. Folks who, I suppose, don’t care about the racist things he’s said about their community, because he’s throwing a BBQ and hates gays. Or something.

    And no, the LGBT protesters didn’t agitate or “start things” – they showed up and their mere existence was enough to start the funnel clouds of hate you see in these pics and vids.

    because “Ford Nation” doesn’t like LGBT people. were the attendees to have been, oh let’s say, non-hateful against the Queer protestors, there’d be no way for anyone to spin it negatively against his camp.

    Alas – there it is. Hate in full force. This is what this drug addicted, abusive boor has promoted in this city. Shame. On. Him.

  2. saywhat says

    per wiki

    The next election is Oct 2014

    If toronto re-elects him then they are crazy. He has admitted to smoking crack cocaine

  3. says

    “Toronto” didn’t elect him in the first place. he garnered no votes in the actual city of Toronto. In the mid 90s there was the much-maligned amalgamation of boroughs – and we became one (ugh) “Megacity” – and what we’re seeing are the anti-gay boroughs, with their contempt for ‘city folk’ electing an anti-city mayor. and they don’t care that Ford smokes crack and makes racist comments about them – he spouts his anti-gay babble, and it makes outer-Toronto’s low-thinkers feel good. The Sarah Palin Effect.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    This sounds like the banlieues around Paris…full of resentments and ??? unemployment. I don’t know about the unemployment…..but suburbs often have that anti inner city resentment that the fun and the excitement is all taken by the bars and the clubs and the tourists of the city. Whereas the suburbs are mere dormitories.

  5. Just_A_guy says

    W t h. Rob Ford smokes crack; what kind of morality does he claim he has?!

    All this as a side issue: a man with his “views” should not be in charge of Toronto.

    Fix it, Kiwi :p

  6. Jay says

    As an immigrant myself I got to say that It is very indecent and arrogant for many of these immigrants to discriminate and threaten members of the communities to which they have immigrated by choice. Not all immigrants are good people.

  7. ratbastard says

    I dunno…that Ford Nation crowd looks pretty diverse and multicultural to me. There’s more to this Rob Ford being popular than meets the eye. I suspect his anti gay posture plays a big part of his popularity among such a diverse group of people. Contrary to what hardcore gay ‘progressives’ (read: leftist) like to promote, most other ‘minority’ groups, especially those from cultures outside the first world, are extremely anti gay, even more anti transgendered, etc. They are generally very conservative, religious, and family oriented people. And among many of them evangelical churches are booming, fulfilling need for extremist views that mainline Protestant and even the Catholic church, don’t fulfill. A good example is Brazil, which has seen a huge drop in the number of identified Catholics, with a corresponding boom in the number of pentecostal and evangelical churches.

    The federal and provincial Canadian governments pushed amalgamation (SP?) of the old City of Toronto and it’s suburbs into a ‘megacity’ because Toronto was losing population and political clout due to especially middle class suburban flight. Before amalgamation Toronto had around 650,000 people, after (today) it has around 2,500,000 people and a solid tax base. They did the same thing with Montreal. I also suspect they wanted to make sure Canada’s main cities remained relevent and to at least appear on paper to be ‘huge’ cities comparable to say Chicago, NY, LA, and other ‘world class’ cities.

  8. ratbastard says

    And then black men gang-banged my dad’s bumbum and he died from the resulting injuries.

    I like to ignore the white faces that encourage anti-gay hate among non-whites because I’m a basement-dweller with tiny wee shrivelly raisins for balls.

  9. ratbastard says

    And then black men gang-banged my dad’s bumbum and he died from the resulting injuries.

    I like to ignore the white faces that encourage anti-gay hate among non-whites because I’m a basement-dweller with tiny wee shrivelly raisins for balls.

    POSTED BY: RATBASTARD | JUL 27, 2014 12:49:21 PM

    The mentally unstable mega troll Little Kiwi, real name Raymond Miller, posted the above.

  10. Jay says

    @RATBASTARD “They are generally very conservative, religious, and family oriented people”

    Family oriented people would support all families. These people are just ignorant and incapable of rising above their cultural limitations. These folks are bigots.

  11. Will says

    Thank god this man only has a couple of months left (fingers crossed). I’m proud to live in a city with an openly gay mayor who isn’t afraid to call out bigots (mayor Jim Watson).

  12. graphicjack says

    @ Will – As far as I am aware, Jim Watson isn’t openly gay, but he is known to be gay by most people and he is a very socially progressive leader. He helped ensure the Village signs on Bank Street got installed after years of stagnation thanks to some opposition from certain quarters.

  13. TetraSync says

    So virulent anti-gay groups get FULL PROTECTION by police when they rally against gays at gay functions.
    Gays and their allies get NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER from police when gays protest functions hosted by anti-gay pundits. Anti-gays are free to completely surround gays, come RIGHT UP to them without police interference, and put their hands on the gays and their protest stuff.

    Have any of you EVER seen once gays take away anti-gay posters’ stuff, rip them up, put their hands on the throats of anti-gay protesters, or do anything seen above without immediate police interference? No!

    Gays would be bashed and arrested by police before that could ever happen. Anti-gay pundits would be shrieking about their rights for free speech and how evil the gays are for interfering with them.

    But what do we see here? The police just WEREN’T PRESENT at a mayor BBQ for Tom Ford?! Or no – they were there, just off somewhere else NOT protecting the gay protesters… This just PROVES that even in Toronto Canada, anti-gays are infinitely more valuable than gays.

    If you’re a gay protester ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, don’t trust the authorities to protect you. Here the Toronto police are saying they’re going to investigate… WHY WEREN’T THEY ALREADY THERE WHEN IT WAS RELEVANT?!
    When I see anti-gay protesters, they get a f***ing WALL of police protection. Where was the police wall for gays?! Evidently when a gay person wants to stand up to bigotry, they’re taking their life into their own hands.

    Well let me say this to the Torontonian anti-gay monsters who may be present on this site: You put your hands on my throat like you did to that old man, I’ll kill you as it will be my only recourse to live, and I’ll tell the world that the relentlessly growing anti-gay crusade and apathetic police drove me to it because nobody would defend me when the anti-gay beast decided it was my turn to get throat-stomped.

    F*** Toronto, f*** their palpably anti-gay police force, and f*** Rob Ford and his growing minions. Thanks Toronto for showing me one thing; you’re just another lowest common denominator bigot “adam & eve, not Adam & Steve” state(province.

  14. TampaZeke says

    I think RATBASTARD is nothing but a hateful troll who has hovered over Towleroad for far too long but I have to wonder if he isn’t the proverbial broken clock on this issue. What on earth do so many racial minority people find attractive in Rob Ford if not his homophobia? It’s a reasonable question that deserves a factual and reasonable response.

  15. Alexander says

    What Rob Ford supporters and Rob Ford have in common? Hatred of gays and love for crack cocaine.