‘Credence’ Hopes to Bring LGBT Characters to the World of Sci-Fi Film: VIDEO


Director Mike Buonaiuto’s latest project, Credence, wants to bring a different kind of story featuring LGBT characters to the big screen. While the film revolves around queer characters, Buonaiuto wants to tell a story that resonates with everyone.

C16Credence has a universal message that in any kind of tragedy it’s important that couples come together and support one another,” said Buonaiuto in a press release.

The film’s premise is a straightforward one. Amidst a series of cataclysmic, world-destroying storms, the world’s remaining population has turned to evacuating the planet. With limited capacity to transport people to a new, life-sustaining world, only children with the means of affording expensive tickets are permitted to evacuate. Credence follows two fathers’ desperate race to sacrifice everything and save their daughter.

Buonaiuto and his team are currently raising funds via IndieGogo to complete production.

“[W]ith everyone's help we can finish the full film and show the world what it looks like when Sci-Fi is supports equality."

Watch the Credence trailer AFTER THE JUMP

You may recall Buonaiuto's work from his super-viral video for UK marriage equality called "Homecoming" or from his work with the activist group AllOut in two short films – "Invisible Parents" and #LoveAlwaysWins.




  1. says

    Let’s not talk about Towleroad once again trying to shove the Q-word down its readers’ throats. Let’s not talk about the word’s inherently offensive nature. Let’s talk about the inappropriateness of using “queer” as an umbrella term including Gay men.

    The folks who insist on identifying themselves as “queer” tend to have a very specific socio-political mindset. They basically see their gender and/or sexuality as a reaction against heterosexual norms; some of them even insist they chose to be “queer”. What’s more, any number of Straight people now identify as queers! This adds up to a term that is confusing, imprecise and heavy with hipster baggage. Think about about that the next time you want to casually lob the Q-word into a post!

  2. Jack M says

    The trailer looked very nice, but it’s just a story where the family on which the narrative is focused has two male parents rather than a male and female. Other than that, it doesn’t seem different in any other way that would make it worthy of attention.

  3. UFFDA says

    STUFFED ANIMAL, no, stuffy animal. But he’s got a point.

    As for the film, it’s true it will be a very minority film, but it’s something, it’s for the record…and you might be surprised how far it reaches, especially if it is notably good…and the men get rid of their hipster face hair. That little girl is tired of hugging daddies that stick.

  4. Hun says

    I’d go and see this even if it wasn’t a gay couple. The premise is really, really cool. Too bad they’re marketing it as only a gay movie.

  5. says

    film looks like that perfect combo of intimate and epic. count me in.

    stuffed animal can go stuff himself. i’m empowered by self-identifying as Queer ( as well as gay) as it’s an elective identity. There’s nothing inherently negative about it. QUEER – from a different point of view and/or perspective. Unique. Unusual. Unexpected. A deviation from the perceived norm.

  6. Chris says

    Pass…the trailer looks really lame. Give me a scifi feature where the hero is gay and racing across the galaxy trying to save his boyfriend from evil aliens or something. Not crap like this.

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