Adorable Injured Koala Brought Back to Life By CPR: WATCH


Sean, as this adorable koala has been subsequently nicknamed, was recently hit by a car while crossing a road in Melbourne and quickly scurried up a tree before passing out from injuries. Firefighters safely brought the marsupial down with a blanket and an wildlife rescuer on the scene proceeded to administer CPR to the little guy.

The entire rescue was filmed, which you owe it to yourself to check out AFTER THE JUMP

You'll hear in the video the rescuer call the koala Sir Chompsalot – a well-known local koala that rescuers initially assumed was this little guy.

Maybe we can call this one Sir Chompsalot the Second? I think I like that better than Sean.




  1. Hun says

    Great rescuers. Would have been nice if the guy filming had been filming the koala instead of the rescuers’s elbows and helmets though.
    I don’t understand how people can be so bad at filming… We’ve had personal filming devices with viewscreens for more than 10 years now people!

  2. I wont grow up says

    Gotta agree with Hun on this one, great shot of the firefighters helmet. This video should not have even been posted. Glad the little fella survived though.

  3. Duncan says

    I think these last two comments were odd. I think the person shooting the video was more concerned in the Koala making it than his/her filming technique. Yes the rescuers were great. I’m glad the little guy was okay.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Oddly, I’ve never thought Koala bears made actual sounds, or if they did…it wouldn’t be a deep growl like this one. Also, after the growling, I’m surprised the wildlife lady would still put her face near him.

  5. SEB says

    Seems like the person filming probably had the camera attached to their helmet, and so it was focused a few inches above where their eyes were looking.

  6. pt says

    Who is posting this crap? Why did you just have me watch a video where you can’t even see the freaking thing until the last moment? Towleroad weekend editors always suck. :( Yeah, it would have been cute to watch, but it doesn’t really show anything, so it wasn’t really.

  7. Jerry says

    As some naturist comedian noted only a few days ago, KOALAS ARE NASTY. Infant koalas eat their mothers’ diarrhea. And more than half of them have chlamydia.

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