Anti-gay Nut Linda Harvey Attacks Target for ‘Pushing Deviance and Perversion Into Everyone’s Lives’ – AUDIO

On her radio program yesterday, Linda Harvey weighed in on the National Organization for Marriage's ongoing boycott of Target over the retail giant's support for LGBT equality, or as Harvey likes to call it, Target's efforts to push "deviance and perversion into everyone's lives in America."

HarveyIn particular, Harvey objected to Target's pro-marriage equality court brief with the 7th Circuit, which she claimed used "extrememly charged language" by characterizing same-sex marriage bans as "bans" and "discrimination."

Said Harvey:

“Have you noticed how this is how headlines often read these days? They talk about laws on natural marriage as being ‘bans’ on same-sex so-called marriage. And that’s incorrect because people who are male can still marry people who are female. The only obstacle for a few people is the presence of unnatural desires. Those desires can change with a different mind and heart.” 

Isn't that the same line of 'reasoning' behind the bans on interracial marriage in the 20th century? That blacks and whites could marry…just as long as they married someone of the same race? 


[via Right Wing Watch]


  1. TheOtherOne says

    Something the dedicated haters are loathe to understand is that incessant bigotry is itself a perversion of the spirit and intellect, an utter failure of our potential as human beings. They are the soul-sick, the true perverts, for they characterize equality as oppression, oppression of minorities as religious freedom, and love between committed individuals as “sin.” They are wrong, they speak evil, and they do harm. We are right to fight their lies and their sickness. May they some day heal themselves, see the light, and put their energies into something more wholesome and helpful.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    Someone has to remind the public that NOM has a boycott. That shows how effective it is.

    True perversion is wholeheartedly believing you know exactly what’s best for someone you know absolutely nothing about.

  3. SFshawn says

    Why do haters always look as if they haven’t or couldn’t get laid in years?
    Maybe their exterior ugliness is just a genuine reflection of their internal ugliness and hatred? So much self-loathing,so much self-hatred,so worried about “saving” others? They need to save their own ‘souls’ and STFU already. :)

  4. bkmn says

    She would have been a very different person if her husband had eaten her out or even brought her to orgasm once.

  5. jonnathewoodswoman says

    Oh, Linda, I’d suggest a hydrochloric acid enema so you can escape these hellbound heathens and meet your Lord and savior Jesus christ. Hurry!

  6. ben in oakland says

    As always, projection.

    Who is it that keeps talking about deviance and perversion? (Hint: not us).

    who then is pushing it into people’s lives?

  7. john patrick says

    Every time I go to Target, I head straight to the Deviance Department. Then, after I am finished looking around, I go to the Perversion Aisle. Funny thing – I swear that every time I go there, there is a woman walking around those sections who looks just like Linda Harvey.

  8. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    one wants to think she couldn’t possibly be that stupid. But judging from her history, well, one would be wrong.

  9. Gigi says

    She seems like a self-loathing closet case to me. As is the case for many of these anti-gay nutters.

  10. Dave says

    One has to wonder, does she simply wake up every morning and ask herself, “How can I spread hatred today?”.

  11. says

    Dave – it’s just terribly odd, isn’t it? in north america, in 2014, and this woman’s profound willful ignorance has become her raison d’être. she exists to promote anti-gay bigotry. every day.

    that’s her deal. that’s her life.

    and WHY? skeletons in closets and secrets beneath the floorboards.

  12. Sean says

    1st; this is a violation of Target’s freedom of speech, religion, association, and expression. Oh that’s right, that only applies to anti-gay companies.

    2nd; but I bet the blood thirsty Nazi savage whore Frau Linda Harpy – I mean Harvey (the sodomite who is violating 1 Timothy 2:12) was perfectly fine with Target’s LGBT employees serving her, creating her shopping experience, oh and you know designing/inventing/creating the products she was buying.

    3rd; recently Brian Brown wrote this:

    “There are hundreds of documented cases of harassment by LGBT activists against Christians and other people of faith who support traditional values, and scant evidence of such incidents against lesbians and gays. NOM OPPOSES HARASSMENT and violence of any kind against anyone engaged in the public square.” ~ Brian Brown 08/06/2014

    I guess Frau Linda Harpy – I mean Harvey didn’t get that memo, since she has now ordered her cult members to IN FACT harass Target for supporting LGBT rights. Will one of them “accidentally” set a Target on fire like one of NOM’s cult members did to General Mills’ HQ lawn in support of NOM’s boycott?

    Here are some more companies Sodomite Frau Linda Harpy – I mean Harvey and Anti-gay Inc. should boycott:
    Starbucks, General Mills, J.Crew (President &Creative Director is a lesbian), Gap Inc. Disney, Nike, Amazon, Macy’s, Betty Crocker, Kraft (which includes A.1., Capri Sun, Cheez Whiz, Cool Whip, Country Time, Cracker Barrel, Crystal Light, Jell-o, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Miracle Whip, Oscar Mayer, Planters, Stove Top, Velveeta and many more), Honey Maid, Burger King, Nabisco, JC Penny, Sears, Apple, Abercrombie & Fitch, Allstate Insurance, Best Buy, Boeing, American Apparel, Home Depot, Ford, Levi’s, UPS, Pixar, Xerox, Marvel, Rite Aid, Red Lobster, PG&E (which includes Bounty, Pampers, Puffs, Luvs, Tampax, Bounce, Comet, Charmin, Downy, Swiffer, Tide Mr. Clean and many more), Panasonic, Orbitz, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble (which includes Olay, Head & Shoulders, Secret, CoverGirl, Herbal Essences, Max Factor, Nice ‘n Easy, Pantene, Vidal Sassoon, Ivory, Braun, Iams, Pepto-Bismol, Venus, Vicks, Crest, Gillette, Oral-B, Scope and many more) , T-Mobile, Verizon, ESPN, ABC, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, Olive Garden, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, McDonald’s. Intel, Clorox (including sister/brother brands Brita, Glad, Hidden Valley, Pine-Sol), IBM, Hewlett-Packard, YouTube, Groupon, Google, General Motors, Coscto, Coco-Cola, Citi, Ben & Jerry’s, Safeway, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue, Expedia, Barnes & Noble, Johnson & Johnson, Applebee’s, Adobe Systems, Facebook, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Pepsi Co., Walgreens, Marriott, Hilton, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Bertolli, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan & Chase, jetBlue, Mastercard, AT&T, Office Depot, eBay and much much more

    4th; It Gets Better: Target Team Members

  13. jjose712 says

    You must be extremely stupid to after all this years go to the very very absurd argument that gay males can still marry a woman.
    That just shows how lacking in basic comprehension she is

  14. Sean says

    Oh and one more thing:

    I’m guessing Sodomite Frau Linda Harpy – I mean Harvey and her anti-gay cult members were not planning to purchase designs by Target’s 2014 guest fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra:

    You know since he got engaged last November to Seth Weissman, a man:

    And was one of Out Magazines Out100 of 2012:

    Don’t want to be ingrates. Oh that’s right, gays must and will serve and create things for anti-gay dross. Refusing to do so is discrimination and persecuting Christians and so is expecting them to serve and create for LGBT people.

  15. james street james says

    Her face could turn a straight man gay. So that’s one good thing I can say about her.

  16. says

    “The only obstacle for a few people is the presence of unnatural desires. Those desires can change with a different mind and heart.”

    She’s right, you know: if you remove my brain and my heart I would no longer have those “unnatural” desires, because I’d be dead.

    One wonders who removed her mind and heart?

  17. JackFknTwist says

    “Those desires can change with a different mind and heart’.

    Aren’t those called ‘hetrosexuals ‘ ?

    She has stated the obvious as somehow supporting her quack quack quack .

  18. woodroad34 says

    Her response is an hysterical and emotional one; there isn’t a factual or rational/logical build up to that statement. People should look at her and just sadly shake their heads as one would do to a belligerent child and if she persists, spank her little behind and tell her she’s having a “time out” until she can behave herself.

  19. ajax28 says

    Sweet Jesus, Our Blessed Lord and Savior! Am I sick of people talking about “natural law” and “natural marriage”! Last I checked, there were no marriages going on in “nature.” Not only that, but generally promiscuity is the rule in the animal kingdom; monogamy is extremely rare, if it exists at all. Also, same-sex behavior is rampant across most species in the natural world. So my dear sweet Linda, if you’re looking to “nature” to govern our conduct, we should all be running around having sex with as many males and females as possible.

  20. Bernie says

    I don’t even know why I am responding to anything Ms.Harvey says because she is THE most hateful, mean, mean spirited, stupidest, illogical and irrational right wing female in the world!! If you really want comedy, go to Amazon if you can stomach it and look for Ms. Harvey’s book/s…her book/s are very poorly written and of course, are anti-gay……….

  21. Bernie says

    I don’t even know why I am responding to anything Ms.Harvey says because she is THE most hateful, mean, mean spirited, stupidest, illogical and irrational right wing female in the world!! If you really want comedy, go to Amazon if you can stomach it and look for Ms. Harvey’s book/s…her book/s are very poorly written and of course, are anti-gay……….

  22. kit says

    What is it about the concept of marrying the specific person whom you love that is so difficult for these people to grasp? Do they not understand marrying for love? It makes you wonder what their own marriages are based on…

  23. Paul B. says

    Granted, I’m much prettier than she by nature…but, that being the case…did Linda actually pose for this masterpiece or was it just randomly chosen from her “press kit”? Whew, someone forgot to fire up the air compressor and get that paint sprayer out.

  24. radioredrafts says

    She doesn’t realize she’s asking for the unreasonable, and what’s more, she doesn’t want to realize it.

  25. BrokebackBob says

    Do these people have any idea how many people in the world shop at a Target? What idiots. Target could care less and they shouldn’t pay attention to these wingnuts. They need to stay laser-focused on making their IT system impenetrable because THAT can do them more damage (already has) than anything these fools could do.