Bryan Fischer’s Latest Rant: ‘God Will Use The Pagan Armies Of Allah To Discipline The U.S. For Our Debauchery’ – WATCH


The American Family Association's reigning king of nonsense Bryan Fischer took to the airwaves with a new batch of offensive vitriol last week. Citing Sodom and Gommorah, "pagan armies," Israelites, and other Old Testament buzz words, Fischer worked to convince listeners that the United States would meet horrific ends at the hands of radical Islamic groups should our tolerance of "debauchery" continue. With the recent outburst of violence from ISIS, it seems that Fischer spotted a winning opportunity for religious and moral generalization.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Asserting that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are "just like the Gay Gestapo is today" and that America is celebrating behavior that God calls an abomination while persecuting those who stand for God's values, Fischer warned that "God eventually is going to run out of patience with the United States."

And when that day comes, he said, God "will use pagan armies to discipline his people if they turn from him in rebellion and disobedience and descend into debauchery," pointing to the rise of ISIS to raise the possibility that "God will use the pagan armies of Allah to discipline the United States for our debauchery."

Watch as the hate spilleth over, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Matt says

    Why do you guys keep posting these rants? If people want to keep up with his latest lunacies, I think they know where to find them by now. Stop giving hate another platform.

  2. Keith says

    Why do you even post any of his rants on this site? I didn’t listen to it, and just am wondering why you’re giving him the undeserved publicity. It’s what he wants, and I think we should deny giving it to him. [Note: I understand that we should never underestimate those who wish to harm us or work against our equal rights, but this guy has little impact as far as I can tell. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I’ve never seen him on Fox or any other talk show with a large audience.]

  3. thom says

    When is ol’ Bryan gonna get a real job? Broadcasting out of your carport doesn’t lend itself to any credibility whatsoever….Go find a gold-gilded McMansion somewhere in Idaho and show your followers how successful you are and what you are paying for when you spend your dollars to him, Show biz, Bryan catch it!

  4. says

    Wait, what? “God will use the pagan armies of Allah”? So there are TWO gods now? And one Satan? Man, Fischer’s world looks less like the Bible than an episode of “Shahs of Sunset.”

  5. JackFknTwist says

    Huh ?
    Two gods ?
    That’s not counting the Son, a god, the Holy Ghost, a god…and the Father, a god.
    They reduced the number of old Roman Gods!

  6. Rrhain says

    @MATT, @KEITH, because the American Family Association is still taken seriously among those in power, both in the media and the government. Thus, we should be aware of what it is they are doing, especially when they’re crazy since there are people who have very real effects upon our lives who are going to pay attention and carry out their wishes.

  7. Rrhain says

    Hmmm…if god is using them, then they’re not really “pagan” armies…they’re the armies of god. So Islam is right, is that it? After all, when god destroyed Sodom, he didn’t send Egyptians or followers of Mammon or invading Hindu from the east. He sent his own representatives.

    So if god is punishing us with ISIS, then ISIS are servants of god and perhaps Fischer needs to start praying a bit more often.

  8. Bernie says

    it is too bad god cannot come down and give Bryan Fisher a brain! I can’t imagine anyone believing or buying into his nonsensical ranting…….I wonder if Fisher ever reads back to himself what he spouts out…..and, I would NEVER listen to Fisher’s with my ears as my ears might burn off….I do get a kick out reading his idioticy

  9. Bernie says

    it is too bad god cannot come down and give Bryan Fisher a brain! I can’t imagine anyone believing or buying into his nonsensical ranting…….I wonder if Fisher ever reads back to himself what he spouts out…..and, I would NEVER listen to Fisher’s with my ears as my ears might burn off….I do get a kick out reading his idioticy

  10. Keith says

    @RRHAIN. I agree we should pay attention to the FRC and what they spout, but Bryan Fisher’s rants are not necessarily seen, believed in, or accepted by all who are members of the FRC. Tony Perkins is someone with whom we should pay attention, Bryan Fisher and his inanity we should not. That was my point, not that we should ever ignore the opposing forces of equality. But do realize, we give them a platform that reaches more people than if we just ignored them. Don’t forget that little fact as you consider a reply.

  11. anon says

    Just how dumb does one have to be to go for this line of argument? The counter arguments are so easy to come up with it’s silly. Why hasn’t God destroyed the pagan lands already? Isn’t he more cross with them then he is with the Christian nation of the USA? Why are there are so many Christian sects in the US? Don’t we risk God’s wrath by not adhering to the one true faith? Why doesn’t God punish Christian Europe and Canada?

  12. Bill says

    @Rrhain : as a point of order, Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess, mentioned in The Magic Flute.

    What Bryan Fisher apparently doesn’t know is that “Allah” is simply the Arabic word for “God”.

    Regarding the Trinity, the theological idea is that “God” is beyond human understanding and that “God the Father”, “God the Son” and “God the Holy Ghost” are views of “God” that people can sort of grasp – kind of a projection that fits in our minds. The practical idea is that Constantine decided to make Christianity the official or at least an official religion of the Roman Empire. Different Christian sects were spending too much energy and generating too much anger arguing among themselves, so he pulled all the honchos together for a powwow at Nicea. They came up with “The Holy Trinity” as a compromise – the sects had different ideas so with a “Holy Trinity” each representative could go home and say, “our guy’s in there, so we did OK.” It’s a deity designed by committee – at least, that’s how the cynics would describe it.

  13. Bill says

    @anon : maybe it is because “God” launches his smites from wherever he happens to be in the universe, and the smites obey the speed limit (just under 300,000 km/s).

    Question for Bryan Fisher: given that “God” created a universe, the visible portion of which is about 13 billion light years in radius. why would a deity who operates on that scale care about what some guy does with an appendage 15 cm long (on the average) when erect?

  14. andrew says

    Fisher doesn’t appear to actually know much about Religions. Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in the god of Abraham, Yahweh. Fisher doesn’t know or chooses to ignore the fact that the Abrahamic god approved of the plural marriages of many of his favored people. He is quoted in the OT as saying to David: ” Didn’t I give you all the concubines and wives of Saul.

  15. says

    Might just as well ask Zeus to come down from Olympus and save us all! Ignorant Loon!
    People lived their lives just fine before someone convinced them to worship imaginary beings…and if we can survive the barbaric murdering scum on this planet, we will be doing just fine long after we get past all of this man-in-the-sky fantasy nonsense.
    Not. Real. People.

  16. Jack M says

    First of all, there is no evidence that points to the actual existence of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Second, “pagan armies of Allah” is a contradictory term, since pagans and Muslims represent different faiths. What an imagination!

  17. 1♥ says

    He’s a typical Christian speaking the truth about the Bible.
    But of course the reality is that the Bible lies and this is what happens with your faith is based on a lie.

  18. Bill says

    @Jack M : there is some weak evidence for their existence – the area was inhabited and at one archeological site, they found “desert glass” mixed in with the pottery fragments – glass formed from desert sand, requiring high temperatures.

    There was possibly some sort of natural disaster that individuals at a relatively safe distance saw and that motivated the biblical myths. There are “pillars of salt” around the Dead Sea, the result of geological processes – check out for a picture of one. With enough pillars with somewhat random shapes, you’ll eventually find one that kind of resembles a person, hence the “turned to salt” myth in the Bible.

  19. Jerry6 says

    Ah,Yes! Good old Religion. MAN invented GODS (Plural) out of fear of the unknown.
    Man decided that the Sun rotated AROUND the Earth because every one knew that the Earth was standing still. (How could it be rotating? We would all be falling down if the Earth was moving.) Does anyone actually believe that the Pope and all of the Catholic Priests really believe the nonsense we hear every Sunday in Church?

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