Cazwell’s ‘Sprung’ Is An Acid Trip of Experimental Awesomeness – VIDEO

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Openly gay rapper Cazwell usually specializes in overly simple lyrics filled with booty-shakin hotties, but he's trying something new in his latest video “Sprung.”

Dubbed an "experiemental art project," the video is full of trippy filters and effects while Cazwell, sporting a high-top afro, spits out especially filthy lyrics about a bathroom blowjob.

Most notably, the sporadically edited video incorporates lots of samples, something that Cazwell hasn’t often done in previous singles like ”No Selfie Control” and ”Guess What.”

Is this the dawn of a new Cazwell?

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  1. peterparker says

    Cazwell exists for me somewhere around the same place on the musical spectrum as Weird Al Yankovic, Tiny Tim, Elvis Herselvis, and Ru Paul. Quirky, mindless, guilty pleasure. But definitely nothing I would take seriously musically. I’d suck his cock though.

  2. Mike says

    “Is this the dawn of a new Cazwell?”

    Um, where have you been? He came out with a very “artsy” video last summer that was pretty much panned on Towleroad. We didn’t like the song or the video.

  3. gc says

    #fail…can we please have a second real album..this is lame

    ..get rid of everyone around you and get back in the studio. OR leave the scene forever.

  4. MickyFlip says

    Is this an actual new song of his? Or just a preview of what he has in store? Feels unfinished. And I’m not quite certain I like the direction he’s going. But maybe this is just a sample? So… I’ll keep open minded till he releases something legit.

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