DJ Joe Gauthreaux, ‘Bye Felicia': VIDEO


When simply dismissing someone isn't enough that you have to do it in song, DJ Joe Gauthreaux brings you his new dance number "Bye Felicia." Unfortunately it's just not very good.

There's a catchy 7-note hook, but that's really all the song has to offer. That, and model Steven Gant's ab muscles. The rest of the song is composed of beats, distortion effects, and sass lines straight out of your standard Insta-Rave Dried Music Mix (just add poppers!)

You can give the song a listen and decide if it belongs on your personal dance playlist AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. A. Ray says

    Ugh, I cringe anymore when I see a music review on here. Do you just not listen to or know of any good artists anymore? I miss the days when you covered talented gay musicians like Aiden James, Doug Locke, or Jay Brannan. Please, please, stop with the “Just Jack” auto-tuned eye-candy-only musicians and look for some true gay talent. I promise it’s not too hard to find if you just look.

  2. Gigi says

    @A. Ray — Did you READ the article before you went into you “I hate this site” rant? Christian said, ” Unfortunately it’s just not very good.” Bye A. Ray!

  3. Marc says

    I’m not sure what inspired the “Here is a track, but it’s not very good” intro to this catchy and fun video. I went in expecting not to be impressed, but I really enjoyed it. And why go after this one track when so many other truly subpar songs that have been posted here go by unscathed? I don’t get it. But if your goal was to make me cheer it on, it worked.