Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Let the Supreme Court Settle Gay Marriage Issue

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, citing her desire to "preserve taxpayer and judicial resources," has asked state courts to stop considering same-sex marriage cases until the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether states have the right to ban gay marriage.

BondiThe Miami Herald reports:

“Neither this Court nor the Florida Supreme Court can decide this federal issue with finality,” Bondi wrote in a filing late Thursday to the state’s 3rd District Court of Appeal. “The United States Supreme Court, however, ‘has the final word on the United States Constitution.’”

Bondi told the appeals court she expects the U.S. Supreme Court will act soon on the gay marriage issue. She cited filings this week from the states of Utah and Oklahoma asking their gay-marriage cases be heard by the nation’s highest court.

Judges in four Florida counties have overturned the state's gay-marriage ban, but no licenses are being issued because Bondi has appealed each case. Lawyers for the gay couples challenging the state's ban, however, are demanding Florida courts take further action.  

“Justice need not be patient,” said Miami Beach attorney Elizabeth Schwartz, who co-represents the six couples and Equality Florida Institute in the Miami-Dade case. “In my law practice, I see the real-life damage done to same-couples each day because of the failure to allow us to marry or to recognize our out-of-state marriages. For Florida's attorney general to argue that they should continue to wait, asserting both that there is no real urgency and, somehow, the Florida Supreme Court is incapable of resolving the matter statewide is insulting to Floridians and to our judiciary.”


  1. Mike says

    Wait this is a federal issue now? What happened to “let the states decide”?

    Guess that argument only works when they’re winning.

  2. pete n sfo says

    Straight privilege (Gays have nothing to do w/ my life, so I don’t have to care) mixed with political maneuvering… can this 3x married woman possible have the respect of anyone?!

  3. Robert says

    Then let men settle whether you’re a filthy, diseased harlot in need of stoning or a witch in need of burning. Obviously you can’t fulfill your wifely duties, which is why you’ve been married 3 times. It is time a court of tribal elders sit in judgement of her and she face her ultimate punishment. She is not a devout woman, but a sinful whore!

    Or, she can resign for gross incompetence and let someone who knows constitutional law handle this case.

  4. Charlie says

    Why is the root of all female evil always some skinny blond Gretchen with ironed hair and bleached teeth.

  5. RonCharles says

    The reality is that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi realizes that should the Florida Supreme Court rule in favour of gay marriage there, ’tis quite unlikely that any federal court will overturn that ruling. She just wants to have fewer battlefields on which she can lose.

  6. Gregory in Seattle says

    First it was “Let the states decide.” Then state legislatures began to pass laws allowing same-sex marriage.

    So it became “Let the people decide.” Then public initiatives began to pass laws allowing same-sex marriage.

    So it became “Let the courts decide.” Then state and federal courts began to overturn marriage bans.

    So now we are returning to “Let the states decide” as the federal judiciary finds that there is no legitimate basis for prohibiting same-sex marriage. Round and round we go!

  7. theo says

    Can we rise above attacks on her appearance?

    Bondi’s obviously got political aspirations above the AG’s office and is trying her damndest to placate the rabid right while preserving the appearance that she’s “just doing the job she was elected to do.” Call her out on it.

    She’s wrong and on the wrong side of history. Save the snide remarks about her hair and attack her argument.

  8. David says

    It’s a travesty that adults in the USA have to jump through hoops to marry who they want and or be able to leave their assets and financial gains they worked for to whom they wish. People of the LGBT community have spent to much on legal advice, form after form for protection in death or sickness. Being denied a simple request to see an ailing partner in the hospital, being discriminated against to attend a funeral of a partner and being threatened with bodily harm if they try. It makes one think that living outside the USA in a gay friendly country would be better for this turmoil. I hope the Florida agenda also understands the amount of money the LGBT community has brought into the state of Fl. If the LGBT community left, took their money with them, Fl would be broke. Let’s not forget the amount of children that would not be adopted.