Gay Men Read ’50 Shades Of Grey': VIDEO


Vlogger Neil McNeil recently got a group of gays together to do some dramatic readings from the popular book 50 Shades of Grey. For those who don’t know, 50 Shades can basically be summed up as, “Bruce Wayne meets some chick, and she’s like some secret nympho.” After the guys delve into what are actual passages from the book, everyone seems to have one question on their minds: “Straight people! Why are you reading this?!” 

Watch as the men delve into the world of straight erotica, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. says

    i actually read the “novel” (LOOOSE TERM) last summer just to see what the heck the fuss was all about. without question – it’s the worst-written “novel” that’s ever actually been published. i mean, it’s TERRRRIBLE.

  2. Hislv says

    @ littlekiwi

    It was at first twilight fan fiction published on the net, the writer then changed the names

    Props to you for actually reading it. I couldn’t

  3. David From Canada says

    I love to read, and I looked at the book, Fifty Shades Of Grey, several times in a store. While it had a few merits, it’s mainly a soft porn book for married ladies and single ladies-in-waiting. Not really interested.

  4. MickyFlip says

    It was okay. Granted the writing was a bit under-par and the scenes were hardly salacious in my personal opinion. (Try reading Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. That was pretty steamy.) But it wasn’t too bad.

  5. Pratip says

    If you combined the testosterone present in all of the guys in this video, you would get enough testosterone for one normal male. The first guy with the red hair would only contribute estrogen.

  6. Pratip says

    And I say this because I was raised by parents that mocked and denigrated gay men that were perceived to be effeminate. And the saddest part is that all my faux-macho posturing never made them any less ashamed to call me their son. In fact, they pretend I don’t even exist.

  7. Zlick says

    The only way I’d experience this book is if there was an entire video of the Brit Guy reading the entire thing, with his constant commentary and visual demonstrations.

  8. Samuel Ward says


    lol! Although it does make you cringe a bit to listen to these guys’ whiny little voiceboxes and watch their hands flail about, we shouldn’t forget that there are thousands of normal gay and bi guys on YT uploading vids. The ones with gender problems get the attention bc straight people like to see stereotypical minorities.

  9. Samuel Ward says

    You won’t find any videos of me, though. I’m not only closeted, but I’m incredibly nelly. I wish I was normal. Alas, I’m just homely looking. That’s the norm, right? I hope so!

  10. Pratip says

    lol! Somebody posted something false using my name above. I do not posture as “macho”. I act like myself, a normal male. To present myself like a super macho would be acting out a degrading stereotype just as acting like the deficient males in this video would be acting out a degrading stereotype. Point is not to be a deficient male who acts like 12 yo girl and not to be a pathetic overcompensating macho who acts like ultimate fighting caraicature. Just be a comfortable with yourself as a normal dude.

    And btw I have been out to my parents for 2.5 years. One accepted right away, the other took maybe a year to come to acceptance. I don’t know why someone would say these things under my name or what it has to do with the video, but there you go.

    @Samuel Ward-
    lol. true that.

  11. Samuel Ward says

    Can you show us what normal looks like, Pratip? I want to see if we both look like the same kind of normal. What’s your youtube page?

    What’s a deficient male? Is that what your other parent said to you when they were slower to come around? Who gets to decide what’s deficient and what’s normal? How about you show us, so we can match our normals together.

  12. Pratip says

    Yes. When my dad found out I was gay he called me deficient and he has had a long history of making fun of gay men that are girly, which is why I made my comment about estrogen. You see, the only way I got him to come around was to join him in making fun of those kinds of gay men. It’s like, when a bully hits you if you join him in making fun of someone else then he hits you less. At least that’s what I’ve found.

  13. says

    i would normally watch all the way through this but this is not the type of gay i am. all these men are the stereotypical gay guy. how about getting a gay that has untouched eyebrows and talks like i do. bears reading 50 shades of grey now that’s better.

    i’m not a bear just so you know but bears are manly.

  14. Pratip says

    How is it proper for someone to post fake comments under my name and other peoples’ names? Is this acceptable here?

    My father has always loved and accepted me and he embraced me after I came out. It was my mother who needed some additional time, but after about a year, she learned more about it and is now great. BTW, my father never made fun of anyone except politicians. And I don’t think that the guys in this video are funny. I think it is sad that they think they have to act like girls. They are adult men and should be comfortable with it.

    Now you know more about me, but who is this fool who posts about my family when he has never met?

  15. Pratip says

    I just think we should make fun of gay men who act like girls and are not normal because the best gays are gays like me who are normal and do not act like girls. Because only men who act the way I think they should act are comfortable with themselves. It’s sad that they have to not be like me.

  16. Christopher says

    To Pratip, Samuel and others –

    I apologize for what you have experienced. There is a very strange, angry troll who practically lives here. He posts under the name “Little Kiwi.” His real name is Raymond Miller. He is a failed actor from Canada.

    He has an obsession with effeminacy and transgenderism. Since he is underemployed or unemployed, he spends his days here and around the internet bullying and insulting people. One of his tactics is to threaten violence. Another is to encourage gay people to commit suicide. Another is to post nasty comments under other peoples’ names. Then, he will post a message under his own name decrying the very things that he is perpetrating.

    All in all, he is a classic bully and troll and it is a shame that Towleroad won’t ban him permanently. Unfortunately, you just experienced a bit of what he does. However, I appreciate your contributions and I encourage you all to continue. Don’t let the bully win.

  17. Christopher says

    And by the way, I’m a troll who goes by many names myself and I’m here to obsess over other commenters because I’m emotionally unhinged and a closeted homosexual. I go by the name Ratbastard as well, as you can see I did this morning. I also create various other names to get people’s attention. You know this, because you’re my own creations. I make up lots of things, and then wait to see if people will interact with my various aliases, because nobody ever interacts with me in real life. Thank you for my contributions.

  18. Christopher says

    Thank you, Jesse. It’s really important that we all remember how important it is to dismiss any gay men that are different from ourselves. And consider distancing yourself from the buffet table in the future.

  19. BobN says

    What the heck is it that prevents this site from adopting a modern comment format that avoids all this garbage (even though, I admit, the garbage is sometimes hysterical)?

  20. peterparker says

    The shrill, “Ewww….vaginas are *gross*! I don’t even want to think about them!” meme is not just misogynistic, it is also wildly immature and a complete turn off. Women are beautiful. I don’t have to want to f_ck them to understand…and accept…that other people might. Just like, in the same way, I would hope that straight people would be able to understand…and accept…my attraction to men without necessarily sharing it. We do ourselves no favors when we demean women and/or straight sex.

  21. Markt says

    If they acted their age and presented the material in a more mature manner it would have been funnier and less offensive. I found it extremely offensive – as in misogynistic and even homophobic in an internalized way.

  22. emjayay says


    Why do you persist in using this crap commenting system that does not verify IDs like every other system in existence today, and has none of the other features found everywhere else either? Do you not care about your blog? Is it all a big joke on the readers to you? Why bother putting it together and then let it be ruined?

  23. emjayay says

    What is everyone complaining about. Well, who knows, some spammer or whatever. The British guy is just British. Simon is about average in the stereotypically male spectrum. They are all young. Also, so what?

  24. emjayay says

    What is everyone complaining about. Well, who knows, some spammer or whatever. The British guy is just British. Simon is about average in the stereotypically male spectrum. They are all young. Also, so what?

  25. Markt says

    Emjayay – So are you saying it was funny or insightful? I get that you could listen to 2 of them. The others were – to varying degrees – insincere and somewhat dysfunctional in their understanding of the world around them. They were not presented in a way that made that at all amusing or interesting. As an indicator of the coming generation of gay men it pushed me toward despair.

  26. BrokebackBob says

    The British gent has nailed it about the romanticizing of man “owning” woman.

    The entire book is complete trash
    but is cat-nip for the stupid middle-aged submissive women.


  27. Pratip's Nanna says

    Pratip, I’m going to stick with you being deficient and abnormal. When you stop worrying about other people so much and whether they meet your standards of what is ok, then perhaps we’ll let you into the group of sufficient people. In other words, you’re an insecure d-bag.

  28. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I knew instantly this video would be comprised solely of effeminate men. I find it strange that nearly every American gay internet video/blogger, features exclusively effeminate acting men. I have no problem with it whatsoever – I just find it weird as the vast majority of gay men I know acting nothing like that at all (then again, I’m in Europe…). Either effeminate gay men love vlogging, or masculine gay men do not, or both?

    I feel like it gives people the idiotic idea you ‘can tell’ who is gay and who is not. I’ve even heard gay men say this – ridiculous. It’s super annoying when even gay men!!! assume I’m straight because I don’t have effeminate mannerisms…seriously? -_-

  29. Sigfried says

    HOCKEYJOCK, the irony in your post is that in the US the joke is “Gay or European?” because it is sometimes difficult to determine the difference.

  30. HOCKEYJOCK says

    Siegfried, while you post that joke under the idea ‘haha gays and Europeans are effeminate’ – I initially took it in a different way : it’s hard to tell the difference, because really there is no difference between straight and gay men.

    See, this is exactly what I mean. To me, it seems like in the US, ‘gay’ men are exoected to act a certain way. And certainly American media seems to love only portraying that one, overly stereotypical type of ‘gay’ man. But I just don’t really get it. In Europe I don’t bother trying to tell if a guy is straight or gay, because you just can’t. To give you an example, for each of my boyfriends over here, Americans thought I was joking at first when I told them we were together because they assumed we were straight and seemed shocked we are not. I don’t see why it’s shocking as for me and all the men I’ve dated it’s just normal.

    I think your statement is just part of a fantasy by straight men that any man who takes care of his appearance must be gay. It’s an interesting way to try make men have zero respect for their outward appearance, while hypocritically expecting women to look flawless. I also think it’s a slight dislike of Europe for not really caring if someone is gay and giving gays rights while many parts of the US deny them the same. But go ahead and keep parroting that ‘ironic’, slightly homophobic expression! It makes it easy to identify people who are fond of tired clichés and don’t know really what they’re talking about.

  31. says

    hockeyjock – i think what’s most telling is not about “masculine” men, but a lot of guys who have a self-styled and self-professed “people can’t tell i’m gay” attitude tend to shy away from, you know, proving it. nothing’s stopping those guys from going on youtube and showing themselves in all their glory. yet so many of that specific ilk (i.e. “people can’t tell i’m gay”) choose not to.

    maybe you can buck the trend and put some videos on youtube?

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