GOP Congressman Says U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Obsessed’ With LGBT Rights

SmithRepublican Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey recently told anti-gay hate monger Tony Perkins that American foreign policy puts too much emphasis on the “LGBT agenda” and abortion rights, alleging that the U.S. tries to use its economic and political influence to force other nations around the world to protect the rights of LGBT persons and women. Smith fails to explain why this is a bad thing. From BuzzFeed: 

"I do think that unfortunately there's been an obsession by some within the administration, and that goes for the president himself, to promote the abortion agenda and the LGBT agenda in our foreign policy.” […] 

"These issues are what drives this administration on much of our foreign policy, particularly in Africa. And many of these countries deeply resent it because they are profoundly pro-marriage and profoundly pro-life. But when your foreign aid is being limited or conditioned on those two issues, there are some, but thankfully not many, in these governments who begin to weaken," he added.

He also said of the post-2015 United Nations Development Agenda that "reproductive rights is put in there and the U.S. pushed very hard for it … it could become very, very dangerous to the lives of babies and to the lives, and to marriage.”


  1. gregorybrown says

    The “obsession” is the driving force behind efforts, plans and intentions among “Christian” zealots who spread hatred and bigotry everywhere they go. In a world rife with ignorance, political strife, medical emergencies, uncertainty about food and clean water as well as actual starvation, these people choose to focus on a few lines of condemnation in books originating thousands of years ago among a horde of genocidal land pirates.

  2. KT says

    It makes me feel better knowing that no matter how anti-gay this lunkhead is, he is stuck representing a state with some of the strongest pro-gay laws in the country (SSM and adoption, ban of reparative therapy for minors, strict anti-bully laws, inclusive anti-discrimination laws).

  3. JackFknTwist says

    Promoting equality before the law is now called an obsession ?

    Dear Chris, do read the US Constitution sometime……Equality is an imperative not an obsession.

    Why has the gay tribe not been vigilant, outspoken and proactive in outing these traitors and Neanderthals ?
    There must be a skeleton lurking in their closets ?

  4. TheSmokingMirror says

    Whose obsession?! Anti-gays act, gays react. Anti-gays are offensive, gays are defensive. If anti-gays drop the OBSESSION with inequality, the so called ‘obsession’ with equality will melt away – ghoul.

    It’s not like gays were in Russia, or Africa, or India, or most recently Latin countries AHEAD of the anti-gay crusaders, trying to educate and elevate the consciousness of people. Gays unfortunately only have the power to wait and (try to) do damage control. So whose obsession is this?! – Not the gays. Not when the behaviors of gay advocacy are dependent on the actions of anti-gay crusaders.

  5. JoyZeeBoy says

    I used to live in this a-hole’s district until the Republicans gerrymandered me out and into Rush Holt’s (D-) district instead. Every time I’d call his office or email about some issue important to the lgbt community I’d get a mealy-mouthed non-committal response about how Smith “sought to represent ALL the people of his district” (mostly military retirees living in the pine barrens of central NJ).

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