Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee Poke Fun at ESPN’s Coverage of Michael Sam’s Shower Habits: VIDEO


On last night's Daily Show episode, Jon Stewart and correspondent Samantha Bee lampooned ESPN's recent coverage of Michael Sam's shower habits with his St. Louis Rams' teammates by further examining why Sam might not be adjusting to locker room culture as well as he could be. 

Said Bee:

"In fact, he hasn't been getting naked around them at all. John, there's been no grab-ass, no dick-snaps, no ball-cupping. None of the locker room behavior of normal, heterosexual NFL players." 



  1. Roger says

    I cringed this weekend when I saw a female reporter provide an update from an unnamed teammate that Michael Sam wasn’t showering with the rest of the team. Other unnamed players told her that wasn’t true and Sam was just in meetings and doing other things.

  2. Ben in Oakland says

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this last night. The simultaneous obsession with all things homo, the acting out of all things homo by allegedly hetero men, and the repulsion at all things homo is something that needs to be pointed out as often as possible.

  3. BRUNO says

    I went to an all boys boarding school and trust me the shower was the worst place ever, so many ugly penises everywhere, and all the guys that called me faggot always got boners in the shower room.